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Henry Whitfield

Global Head of Supply

How to get the most out of YOUR Affiliate Network and Campaigns

We will dive into the dynamic between YOU the affiliate and US the Affiliate Network, providing insight into how to get the most out of that relationship and scale your campaigns. Think of it as adding rocket fuel to your campaigns and avoiding the common mistakes many affiliates make.

Jim Desroches

Head of Performance Advertising

How to run a profitable campaign and maximize your ROI

“Affiliate marketing has been on the rise for the last 10 years. It’s not an easy game and one can easily waste time, money, and efforts on this journey. Yet there are concrete techniques to maximize your chances of running a profitable campaign and improve your ROI. Join us to discover all the tips and tricks you need to know about and skyrocket your earnings!”

Alex Omelyanovich

Chief Marketing Officer

The Importance of Ad Intelligence Tools and How to Use Them

“Nowadays, a spy tool is a must-have to monitor your competitors and ensure that your advertising strategy remains effective in an ever-changing landscape. But is it worth it? Do you need to invest in spy tools and how to identify a good one? Do ripped affiliate campaigns have pros and cons or any risks? How can you make a ripped landing page outstanding? Join us to find the answers!”


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