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“Content focused, no fluff and easy to attend – that’s how I’d describe Adconf. There are a lot of online events these days and Adconf stands out. Instead of trying to replace in-person conferences, it’s built specifically with online in mind: easy to attend and shorter but frequent events.”

Emanuel Cinca

International Digital Marketing Speaker and Founder of Stacked Marketer, Stacked Marketer

Luke Kling

Super Affiliate & Founder

"How to Go From Red to Green with Basic Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals"

Affiliate marketing traffic channels are constantly changing, but the strategies and fundamentals to make that traffic profitable (green) are basically the same. What are newbies missing that experienced affiliates already know? Let’s cover the fundamentals you need to know to go from red to green.

Maxime Chevallon

Chief Operating Officer

"Recap on a Roller Coaster Year: 2020’s Trends, and Main Takeaways for 2021"

Are you ready to take on 2021? It’s time to look back on what this challenging year taught us. Keep calm and tune in to hear our take on 2020’s main affiliate marketing trends and learning points!

Dasha Nazarova

Head of Marketing Communications

"Holiday Season Optimization Rush To Reap The Benefits in 2021"

Do you run seasonal ad campaigns during the holidays? Or wonder how to run them even more effectively?
Join me at Adconf to find out on how to optimize your campaigns, what mistakes you’d better avoid, and discover new hacks and ad strategies for 2021!


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