The future of website monetization

The Autotag feature is a multi-purpose tag designed by publishers FOR publishers to harness the full power of a dynamic ad placement algorithm that lets YOU call the shots in a single click!

One tag rotates 3 dynamic ad formats known for high engagement rates: Pop-Under, Interstitial and In-Page Push.

1. A single line of code

2. Includes 3 world-class ad formats

3. Dynamic ad placement

Age of Autotag


The ultimate 3-in-1 solution and the future of website monetization!

Comprising 3 top-converting ad formats: In-Page Push, Pop-Under, and Interstitial, all housed in one easy-to-integrate tag. Delivered on-site according to cutting-edge user engagement insights.

Autotag contains a Monetization Goal that lets you adjust the frequency and consistency of ads displayed on-site. This helps website owners find the perfect balance for increased overall earnings and a quality end-user experience.

This format is only available for website monetization