Successful Publisher Guide 2021 (with Emanuele Pezzulla)

With 2021 in full swing, It’s time to get to grips with all that’s trending, bending, and mending in the world of publishers, website owners, and Adtech in general.   

This Q&A session will get to grips with what every publisher, new and seasoned alike needs to succeed in the upcoming months, including…

  • How to choose the right ad format for your website. 
  • New and exciting verticals getting traction in 2021
  • The overall state of the industry in 2021.
  • Cool new features and optimization tactics.

And who better to help bring home the revenue than the Adcash Head of Key Account Management, Emanuele Pezzulla. Having seen trends come and go, verticals rise and fall, and formats fly and falter, Emanuele sat down to share his take on what lies in store for Publishers in 2021.

What has been the impact of Covid-19 on Adtech?

Covid-19 brought a wave of new variables to a sector that is, by nature, already dynamic, agile, and constantly changing. 

The pandemic is having both a positive and negative impact, based on the verticals being targeted. For online advertisers, this would be the products/services they’re marketing, and on the publisher side, the traffic sources that are identified by their website content. 

Not surprisingly, with the world being urged to stay at home, in-person product purchasing took a steep decline as well as any travel/tourism-related verticals. 

But on the other side of the coin, with more people than ever going fully digital, web services of all kinds have seen rapid growth. Additionally, services like a door to door food and product delivery have continued to spike. 

At the end of the day, the way we live has changed drastically (at least, for now), and, as a result, the need for human connection is more important than ever. Whereas previously sports games, beers with friends, or nights at the cinema were all on the cards, now, for the most part, we shop, bank, communicate and interact with one another fully online.  

Any campaign, vertical, or website geared to this new norm is sure to keep thriving in the months to come.

Which offers bring the most value to Publishers?

Online services are booming, so any application/product or service that is able to fulfill customer needs from the comfort of their own home is sure to do well. Also, People are primarily looking for sources of online entertainment, ways to stay fit and healthy, and ways to make money online. eCommerce and online delivery have skyrocketed in the past months and continue to be a driving force. And, Some of the best offers circulating at the moment, include…

Online Entertainment verticals, including…

🍿 VOD (Video on Demand).

🖥 VPN.

✏️ Online courses.

📲 App Installs.

🎮 iGaming.

🎰 Gambling.

🎫 Sweepstakes.

Online Delivery verticals, including…

🥡 Fast food.

🥗 Groceries.

🛍️ eCommerce products.

Self-Betterment/Nutra verticals, including… 

🥒 Sports/Nutritional supplements.

🏋🏽 At-home exercise equipment.

🏃‍♀️Weight loss products. 

Finance verticals, including…

💰 Making money online.

📈 Trading.

💸 Cryptocurrency.

💲Currency conversion.

How is Adcash combatting Adblock in 2021? 

Harmful advertising is a real thing, and users will always try their utmost to protect themselves from a bad user experience, including phishing, spam content, and other malicious practices.

The bottom line is that harmful advertising is no different from fraud. Whether a network allows advertisers to run phishing campaigns and/or clocking campaigns, these are not only harmful to the end-user but to the industry itself. 


That said, Adblock has become too aggressive and as a whole, the criteria are too broad in deciding which ads could compromise the user experience. For publishers who uphold a seamless user experience, this can be harmful in generating the best possible returns.

We need to have a solution in place that allows publishers to effectively monetize their traffic, and for every update made to limit the number of ads shown on the publisher’s given website, Adcash and other reputable networks has the responsibility to offer effective solutions, showing the right ads to the relevant user, without running any bad advertising.

What are the ad formats bringing the most value to publishers?

There’s never really a straightforward answer, as ad formats should be selected by publishers based on their website’s content, vertical and overarching UX. 

Publishers need to be aware of how users are interacting with their websites. How much time they’re spending onsite, how often they log in, which hours of the day carry the most traffic etc.  Publishers need these insights to better understand which ad format blends in best.

Adcash has a wide range of ad formats to choose from. Known to be one of the top monetization players for full-screen ads, our 3 top-performing formats include…

Pop-Under Ads

An ultimately effective way to bring in the highest publisher RPMs, these ads are less intrusive than other pop formats, activating once the site user is done with the action they’re completing. They blend into the flow of the site and convert to maximum effect. They can also be tailored and optimized according to their display frequency. Check out 5 Reasons Why Pop-Unders are so Effective.

Interstitial Ads

With larger display frames and high-quality visuals, Interstitials Ads are designed for maximum visibility and reach. Choose between the full screen or overlay option and keep the composition of your site at an all-time high. The ad has a hard-coded 5-second countdown window, meaning a guaranteed delay in exit times and a stronger potential to monetize with. Find out why Interstitial Ads are able to Cure Banner Blindness

In-Page Push

We’ve updated our push notifications and now offer In-Page Push as a leading online ad format!  This format is red-hot, with loads of websites using it to monetize traffic, no matter the vertical they’re in or the content they’re running. In-Page Push campaigns are well-targeted, blending a seamless user experience with top returns, making it a vital component to every publisher’s arsenal. Give In-Page Push a try today and let us know what you think right here

Anything new happening on the Adcash Publisher Panel? 

We’ve now added a lock-tight 2FA security protocol to the Adcash platform. You can now log in to your account via Google Authenticator or through a unique code sent to your email. This gives your account that added layer of security. 

We’ve got a new pop-under tag (site-under V4). This is a lighter version of the previous pop-under tag, simplifying and shortening the line of code, for easier integration with the same great results. 

Quality ads in an instant

Our display results are getting faster with every update, meaning your site’s visitors are able to see top-quality ads in an instant! Fewer time-outs give way to more opportunities to drive conversions from your site. 

As always, feel free to reach out to us for any tailored publisher solutions and setup tips. We’re happy to help and will always guide you on how to make full use of any new features or macros you may have questions about. 

Also, the ultimate game-changer in online advertising has landed down at Adcash.

Welcome to the Age of Autotag! 

The Autotag feature is a multi-purpose tag, designed by publishers FOR publishers to… 

  • Integrate 3 top ad formats seamlessly onto their websites.
  • Free up time that would have otherwise been used on testing. 
  • Maximize UX by showing only the most relevant and engaging offers to site users. 
  • Increase overall onsite revenue by thinking three steps ahead of the competition. 

The tags Monetization Goal gives publishers full control over their visitor’s onsite experience, adjusting the impact of the algorithm to the user experience, earnings, or a combination of both.

Autotag Monetization Goal

Read more about the New Publisher Autotag Feature and boost your monetization sky-high!

Any advice or tips for Publishers who are just starting out?

Dont focus too much on trying to monetize your website at all costs right away! Start with generating traffic to your site and from there you’ll have a solid base to focus on the right monetization tactics.

Identifying which vertical you’d like to market to is your ground-zero starting point. Based on their own content, publishers should make an effort to strongly identify the corresponding website vertical. 

From there, you need to identify your audience. Who are they? Where are logging in from? Where they are dropping off? Ask and find the answers to these types of questions and you’re already halfway there!

Generating Top Content 

Then, it’s all about generating a solid flow of content that is unique, engaging, and informative to your site traffic. What type of content is your audience logging onto the site to find? What types of questions/content or services are they asking for and how can you provide these answers in the clearest and most engaging way possible. 

Keeping with content, it’s now time to optimize for better search results. Use the right SEO Tools and keyword generators that are directly in line with your vertical. Try using niche and/or long-tail keywords not searched for as often for better chances of ranking higher. 

You need to grow and nurture your online traffic before you can start to generate returns. To dive a little deeper, you can check our guide on How to Grow Your Website Traffic in 2021

And lastly, talk to other publishers who have already been where you are and come out on top. You can find them on various world-class forums like AffLIFT, or the STM Forum.

Aaannndd, last but not least, remember you can always reach out to us here for any Publisher related queries. And if you like what we’re doing…

Spread the word and get a 5% lifetime Bonus!

Are you getting the results you’re after? Refer other publishers to the Adcash platform and we’ll guarantee you earn a 5% lifetime bonus for every new lead. It’s how we say “thanks for the support” and it’s a way to keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in our world.  

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

All the best for the road ahead and see you soon!

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