Use Ad Mediation or Get Left Behind

It’s simple; you need to work with multiple networks to maximize your app’s earning potential, which is a product of two measurements:

  1. Fill Rate — the rate at which ads are successfully shown to users.
  2. eCPM — a prediction of how much an ad network will pay per 1,000 impressions.

But, here is the catch…

Working with multiple ad networks can be a headache of migraine proportions. Of course, you can send manual requests to each network, but how will you know that you are choosing the network with the highest eCPM?

One solution is to create a back-end system that automates and optimizes the request process for you. Let’s take a high-level view:

  1. Gather historical data from each network to predict eCPM
  2. Create a request hierarchy with decision logic that is mapped to specific filters
  3. Optimize your request hierarchy according to eCPM and other network data
  4. Automate the system so that it does all of this in as close to real time as possible
  5. Maintain the system and update it whenever necessary, e.g. when you add a network.

Luckily there is an alternative…using a mediation platform

With a mediation platform, you create a “mediation stack” of the ad networks you work with and provide the parameters for how the platform will choose between them. Once the mediation stack is set-up, the platform will send ad requests to the networks according to their relative position until the requests are filled.

diagram sdk

The mediation platform maps the requests against filters, such as geo. It also optimizes the mediation stack for eCPM and other key network data for you. Therefore, you can be certain that your requests are filled with the most relevanthighest paying ads.

Maintenance is simple and usually a matter of clicks. Ultimately, your monetization strategy becomes semi-automated, providing you more time to optimize your app or create others.

Why is Adcash talking about this?

Our goal is to make your monetization strategy as streamlined as possible and don’t think that you should have to choose between Adcash and other mediation-friendly networks. That is why we have recently created an adapter that allows our SDK to be integrated with Admob and Mopub mediation platforms.

Now, you can benefit from Adcash’s global ad network while ensuring that your requests are filled on the rare occasion that we are unable to provide demand for your traffic. Our SDK and integration guides can be found here. Get our SDK today and stay ahead of your competition with Adcash!

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