Adcash has some exciting new features!

The Adcash self-service platform is going to be getting some pretty awesome new targeting features (and more) and we thought we’d give you a sneak peek right now, starting out with…

User Interest Targeting

Currently, if you want to target by interest or category, it’s done based on the category of the site itself. So, if you want to reach people interested in Film and TV, you’ll target sites with that category.

User Interest Targeting is a new addition to our targeting options that enable advertisers to target users based on their browsing preferences. This will allow your campaigns to reach users, (already segmented by Adcash) with buying interests that are more likely to convert and maximize ROI.

So, for example, if you want to reach people interested in Film & TV, you can automatically target your ads to the audience who are already affiliated with this sector. You can further combine this with the existing optimization tools, like blacklists and whitelists, to really get your campaigns performing at their best.

So, the moment you start your User Interest campaign, your offer/brand will be exposed only to the targeted audience that you have selected.

Keyword Targeting

This is a new feature that we feel will partner really well with the functionality offered by User Interest Targeting. With the new keyword targeting feature, you can specify keywords and the system will dynamically detect their presence within the URL of a site. If the keyword appears in the URL, then your ad will be displayed on that site. So, let’s say you want to target “cats” (we love cats – and dogs too) in order to promote your cutting-edge, cat management game. Add “cats” to the list of keywords you want to target, the system will then scan the site URL, and if it appears in there, boom, your ad reaches your exact target. Simple, but effective.

CPC Campaigns

Yup, that’s right: our plan is to bring CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns to the Adcash Self-Service platform. The best thing about CPC ads is that, as an advertiser, it gives you more control over your budget because you only pay when an interested user clicks.

The combination of keyword targeting, user interest targeting, and CPC is something we’re really excited about. Together, with the right optimization, these features can be used to produce some fantastic results.


This awesome feature allows you to target your campaigns at consumers who are already aware of your product/brand because they’ve already visited your site. It’s a great way of converting “window-shoppers” into customers. When a user first visits your site they may not be 100% ready to make a purchase, but by tracking them as they visit other pages and displaying your ads throughout the buyer journey, you keep your online advertising campaigns top of mind. So, when they are ready to convert, they are more likely to choose what you’re offering.

Interstitial Ads 

These ads are a leading campaign creative. This newly reimagined format is known as the ultimate cure for Banner Blindness”.

They appear when a web page or app is loading, acting as the transition between content and user activity.

Some of the many benefits include…

  • A 50/50 click through with higher odds of visibility.
  • Full-screen displays for strong engagement and even stronger converting potential.
  • A 5-second countdown window before the ad closes.

Want to know more about the above features and the Adcash Self-Service platform? Head over to

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