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With travel restricted and most live events postponed, webinars have quickly become the new normal. Wide-reaching, highly engaging, and (best of all) easy to attend, they’re a marketers go-to dose for all things digital, at the click of a button. 

The third installment of Adconf was dedicated to publishers. Helping new and seasoned website owners get to grips on how to best optimize their site, including how to choose the right ad formats and get all the insights they need to further maximize website revenue streams.

If you own, run or manage a website that utilizes paid advertising, then keep reading. 

Some of the things you’ll get to grips with include…

  • Maximizing your website’s revenue and understanding your niche
  • Finding the right balance between website monetization and UX
  • The top SEO tips and advice for 2020

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So without further delay, let’s jump into it, with our first speaker…

Servando Silva (Stream SEO)

Adconf digital conference. Speaker 1. Servando Silva

“Maximize your website’s revenue”

Servando is a highly effective Affiliate marketer, SEO consultant, and blogger. The creator of high impact blogs that help marketers around the world gets to grips with the ad tech sector. Check out Stream SEO, and learn how to effectively grow and monetize your onsite traffic.

Servando joined us at Adconf to unpack the top hacks needed for every website owner to maximize their onsite revenue. You can also check out his other blog, geared specifically to Paid Traffic, right here.

So… let’s get into it. 

Key takeaways from Adconf discussion 1

Every niche has different monetization methods, so, choosing the right one is critical to getting optimal returns. It pays to learn and research as much you can in order to…

“Understand your niche and dominate it!” 

(1) Choose the right ad format for your site. 

“There’s more to the game than just Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates”. In fact, if you know where to look, there is an untapped substratum of ultra high earning revenue streams, just waiting to be uncovered. It all starts with choosing the right ad format for your website. 

In the past, banner ads have worked well,  but have been known to create “Banner Blindness”. There are, however, other formats you can use, like native, push notifications, pop-unders, and interstitials.

Adconf Hint: Why are Interstitials Ads the Ultimate Cure to Banner Blindness? Click here and find out!

(2) Create multiple revenue streams

Also, aside from ads, there are multiple ways to monetize website traffic, including…

🙋‍♂️ Affiliate Programs 

📣 Selling Products 

📌 Lead Generation 

📦 Subscriptions

Myth Busted!!
Online ads are by no means dead or dying. They are steadily adapting to the current landscape, growing in scope, and finding new ways to stay visible, relevant, and, above all, profitable for both advertisers and publishers.  

As of 2020, Ad blockers account for 10% – 30% of traffic only. On top of this, mobile users barely integrate Ad Blockers, leaving a multi-billion dollar consumer base on the table that can skyrocket online ad returns for the publisher. 

Bottom line?
At any given time, you could  have 2/3 revenue streams running simultaneously  

However, with that being said…

(3) Think outside the box when it comes to niches

Verticals that bloggers don’t blog about are usually quite profitable and also carry high traffic demands and the opportunity to place quality (niche-specific) content onsite. Examples include Gambling, Finance, Dating, Adult Content, Downloads, Streaming, etc. 

This, in turn, gives way to high traffic volumes that also carry lower competition in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 

However, it can also be quite difficult to advertise the above niches with traditional ads. Accounts tend to get banned more frequently or not approved at all. 

As a fix for this, a big alternative to using traditional Ad Networks would be to…

  • Use an agile publishing platform such as Adcash 
  • Make use of an Affiliate Program that also only deals with the vertical you are targeting
  • Earn revenue from downloads or app installs over and above just clicks and sales

(3) Adconf tips to optimize your Ad network numbers

  • Ask your Adcash account manager for recommendations. 
  • Test 2 or 3 different ad formats at the same time, thereby gathering data faster.
  • Also, always give your tests a week or more for optimum CPM/CPC

Once you’ve decided on your ad format it helps to split test your banners according to… 

  • Size 🐘
  • Color 🌈
  • Placement ⛳
  • Number of Ads per page 🔴

Therefore, it’s vital to split test ad networks with similar ad formats and, accordingly…

“Update your Java Script codes for faster performance, thus bypassing ad blockers and updates”

Hear more from Servando Silva and get the full Adconf recording right here

And now, without delay, it’s time for round two. 🥊

In the meantime, our own Adcash expert extraordinaire is making his way to the stage. Please welcome…

Emanuele Pezzulla (Adcash)

Adconf digital advertising conference. speàker 2. Emanuele Pezzulla

“Finding a balance between website monetization and UX”

Emanuele Pezzulla is Head of Key Account Management at Adcash. Besides having lit up the industry for well over a decade now, Emanuele oversees a crack team of experts who manage accounts for advertisers and publishers alike. Also, there is never any shortage of exciting new platform features, designed to keep your audiences onsite experience crisp, clean, and ultra-engaging! 

What’s the rundown on Adcash? 

Short version? Adcash is an online advertising platform that delivers effective ad content to every corner of the earth, with the help of a 100,000 + network of high-quality websites.

Clients: Media buyers, affiliates, publishers, and, likewise ad networks.
Unique users per day: 200 million (and counting).
Geos: Worldwide, with a presence in 196 countries.
Ad Formats: Push Notifications, Pop-Unders, Native, and Display Ads, Interstitials.
Top Trending: Interstitial Ads (By the way, see why they’re better now than they were before)

Furthermore, reach out to one of our team here and we’ll help tailor your impressions! 

Remember! If a video recap is more your thing, you can get the full Adconf recording here

Key takeaways from Adconf discussion 2

Website Monetization. Getting Started…

Namely, the basics of a solid onsite strategy. Firstly…

SEO is Key 🔑

Invest time and resources in SEO optimization. 

Get to grips with SEO optimization right here

Content is king 👑

Constantly update your content in order to keep it relevant and also, interesting to your audience.

Find your niche or vertical and keep your content consistent with it, keeping in mind that above all,  high quality, useful content will promote brand loyalty again and again.

Audiences must be grown 🌱

Understand your audience’s behavior on your site and also tailor your content to their interests.

  • Who are they?
  • Where did they hear about you?
  • How long on average do they spend on the site?
  • Where do they come from?

The more you know about them, the easier it will be to understand what kind of advertising they’ll be more likely to respond to.

The more you know about how your users interact with your site, the easier it is to improve your site’s user experience and subsequently, tap into the ideal monetization strategy for your site. 

Relevant Ads must be shown 🤷

Make sure your choices of ads are aligned to your audience and furthermore,  to your site content.

Below are the techniques and tactics to maximize your ad’s visibility and namely, the profitability of your site.

Adcash Adconf. Digital Advertising conference. Different Ad Format

Nailing the Set-Up! 

These are some of the platform filters we’ve seen the best results from. Also, using these in the right way can give way to higher engagement on the user side and therefore, better onsite performance in general.

Frequency Capping
Fully customize your frequency capping and choose how many times your users will see ads in a chosen time frame. 

Delay Interval
Choose when and how you want to show onsite ads to your visitors, thus choosing a 5-second delay after they’ve landed on site. 

Whitelisting and Blacklisting
Select which categories of ads you’ll choose to display, based on your websites content type, user interest, and audience knowledge 

How to Choose the Right Monetization Partner

Using several ad partners at the same time does not always translate into better monetization. In fact, a mixed array of ads from different sources could harm your web traffic’s user experience. Therefore, when making a decision on this, stick with one ad partner, and research the below. 

  • What ad formats do they provide?
  • What special features does the platform have for publishers?
  • What is the extent and level of their anti-ad-block technology?
  • What are the platform’s fill-rate, pricing, and/or payment options?
  • What is their support team like?
  • What is the ability of the platform for reporting and statistics?
  • What is the platform’s level of transparency and ad compliance?
  • What is the overall reputation of the company 

Make sure your site is always running in line with the Better Ad Standards Coalition and make sure you steer clear of all the Shady Practices of Website Monetization.

Top Monetization Tips from the Adconf Team

  • Choose one network at a time. 

Combining multiple networks runs the risk of affecting your user’s experience and can also damage overall website performance and/or conversion ratios. Adcash will direct you to high quality, well-targeted ads, and free up your time for what you do best.

  • A/B test different ad formats 

This allows you to find the best performing combination for your audience. Furthermore,  always make sure you are utilizing the right keywords and constantly inserting them into your URLs, meta-data, and page copy.

  • Allow for multiple tests at the start of your campaign.
    To ensure you get the highest revenue from your website traffic, you may also need to run different setup tests, depending on your website and its volumes. Our optimization feature needs at least 48 hours of constant traffic to collect the best results, however, once the formula is spot on, the sky’s the limit! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

For more tips and tricks, visit our Monetization Guide for Publishers

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Hear more from Emanuele and get the full Adconf recording right here

Moving swiftly along, Craig Campbell takes us through 2020’s top SEO hacks. 

Craig Campbell (Craig Campbell SEO Consultancy)

Adconf digital advertising conference. speaker 3. Craig Campbell

“The Best SEO Tips and Advice for 2020”

Craig is the ultimate go-to SEO guru. In a career spanning two decades, Craig’s digital agency has raised the roof on high impact SEO strategy. Having built up a personal brand and international following, Craig’s core focus falls on training and affiliate marketing. When he’s not consulting, Craig also buys and sells digital properties that generate solid returns.

Key takeaways from Adconf discussion 3

Winning websites tend to be triple threats in terms of the revenue they stand to generate. Multiple Traffic Streams for a solid Mixed Digital Strategy include… 

  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Paid Social Media 
  • Forums
  • Video Marketing

SEO still drives huge amounts of traffic and certain sites, if optimized correctly, have the ability to generate the vast majority of income from Organic Search alone. This is where you will make money online. 

“Good on-page SEO starts with having a fast loading website and a solid basis of content to run off of”

Search criteria and ranking within Google tends to change frequently, with new updates to the search algorithms altering the SEO landscape from time to time. The best approach to stay current and to make sure that your content is constantly being ranked is to audit your site on a regular basis. Whether through, Backlink Auditing and/or On-Page Auditing, always make sure to avoid outdated content/keyword and, of course, broken links wherever possible. 

Adcash. LinkBuilding

Let’s talk about LinkBuilding 

First things first, what is it?
Simply put? Links are a whole bunch of web properties pointing to your website, thereby “voting” and sending signals to Google that your site is relevant, and high quality. Google will in turn, (based on the information it receives), rank your page higher or lower based on the content it navigates through, and subsequently send necessary and relevant traffic your way. 

Link Building is important and here are a few easy solutions to grow your SEO output.

Find Broken Link Opportunities
You can do this by going onto a software like AHRefs and auditing other websites with a similar niche to yours. Find out what links are currently broken, reach out to the website owners and notify them of this. Propose that they rather sublink to your site instead. No one wants to link to a dead page and if you’ve got the right content. Flaunt it!

Outreach Tactics
Reach out to webmasters, guest bloggers, etc. by using a variety of automated tools (such as Pitchbox) This tool will do the hard yards for you and also, allow you to send automated outreach campaigns to your community. 

Link Buying
A great way to up your onsite SEO is to buy some high quality/high pillar links from a reputable link vendor. We do however recommend going straight to the source, so as to cut out any middleman, that may be trying to sell you the same links (via email) for a marked up price. There are various link purchasing service providers, such as Links For You, that will subsequently sell you links based on the specific metrics of your site. Again, research is always key when first purchasing links. 

Looking for even more tips to boost your onsite revenue? Check out our Ultimate SEO Guide

Top Tip: Perhaps not always the first link that jumps to mind, Quora is a great place to purchase low cost and targeted traffic almost immediately. Real people from all over the world come together to connect and engage with each other, and in doing so, the opportunity to link audiences back to your own website content is at an all-time high. 

Adcash. Email Marketing Banner

Lastly: Remember to always use your organic social media and email marketing to help market your website content and thereby raise the caliber of your SEO output. Tailor your content to the usual suspects including…

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– LinkedIn

And lastly, when sending mailers to your traffic base, be sure to include the right hyperlinks to direct articles, feeds, and eBooks thereby helping you to boost overall onsite clickthrough rates. 

You can also hear more from Craig and get the full Adconf recording right here


Thanks for joining Adconf. As always, we love hearing from you and we’re always happy to help. Drop us a message right here, or send an email to [email protected] and one of our Website Publishing experts will be in touch.

Bye for now.

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