How to Ace the Adcash Advertiser Platform (Q & A Session)

Whether you’re first starting, optimizing a campaign, or looking to boost your ROI from month to month, our expert Adcash Advertiser/Publisher manager Marouan Bouhachi has the answer.

He took some time to run through the core online advertising questions popping up this year, as well as how to navigate the Adcash platform better. 

Is video more your thing? No sweat. Watch a quickfire recap below.

What payout types does Adcash accept? 

A common question among advertisers who have just signed up or are looking to generate even higher campaign returns in a shorter time frame.

Our most common pay models include the CPM model (cost per mille), which is the industry standard and most commonly used.

The CPC (cost per click) applies to all clickable ad formats and the CPA Target (cost per action). 

Note that the CPA Target will automatically optimize itself according to the absolute best traffic sources, purchasing at the best price while also considering the campaign’s overall performance and the value of the traffic. 

Find out more about the unique differences between CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns.

What is the Minimum CPM Price at Adcash?

When you create a campaign using CPM as your payout model, the platform will require you to first set up a bid before moving on to the next step.

The system pre-populates the average bid and sets a minimum bidding price that you can’t go below.

The minimum bid is not always the same for all Geos and depends on the campaign targeting restrictions. 

When setting up your CPM campaign, selecting the minimum bid may not always be the best decision.

Especially when trying to reach high-quality traffic sources consistently.

In these cases, higher bids are usually the ones that get top traffic with better conversion rates. 

What should my minimum Adcash campaign budget be? 

There are two different types of accounts that advertisers have access to. The managed account has a minimum budget of $/€1000 and a self-service account, which runs on a $/€100 starting budget. 

If you have a special request for topping up your wallet, you can speak with your account manager/support team. 

We’re always happy to help streamline your online campaign experience to maximum effect.

Which ad formats provide the best ROI? 

It all very much depends on the type of offer that you as the Advertiser are running.

There are five core formats on the Adcash Advertiser Platform that provide top campaign returns.

Interstitials Ads: 

Known to Cure Banner Blindness, Interstitials are a frequently used format, appearing while a web page is busy loading.

They are able to reach the end-user in a clear and distinct way, providing an immersive, tailored, and engaging ad experience. 

Native Ads: 

A highly effective format, Native ads blend into the end site’s content and overall layout. They deliver high engagement rates and top conversions. 

Pop-Under Ads

Creating product awareness in a wide variety of niches and verticals.

Pop-Under ads appear behind a site’s browser window and are the last thing seen before exiting. This ensures top-of-mind placement and captivating messaging. Find out more as to why Pop-Under ads are so effective. 

In-Page Push: 

These alert-like formats are highly targeted, engaging, and less intrusive to the overall end-user experience. They increase onsite visibility and performance, whilst blending high-quality UX with market-tested returns. 

Banner Ads:

The original precursor to online advertising creatives, Banner ads are known for their versatility, strong delivery rates, and top converting potential. 

What are the best verticals to promote with Adcash? 

Adcash runs traffic from all major verticals with worldwide coverage on each. Therefore, it would be tough to choose only one or two.

However, various verticals have delivered consistent results over a long period of time. These being VPN, VOD, Sweepstakes, Sports Betting, Casino Gaming, Software, and App Installs.

Can I manage my own campaign at Adcash ?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Your campaigns are fully self-serviced with a wide range of features and filters to make use of.

You will have the ability to create new campaigns, stop or temporarily halt existing ones and optimize along the way to target specific regions, Geos, operating systems, traffic sources, etc.

You also have full access to campaign data, reports, and other cutting-edge metrics.

Of course, if you do ever need some tailored solutions, a dedicated account manager is always on call to help you on the journey to further boost your campaign ROI. Feel free to reach out to them anytime, right here

How can I optimize my campaign? 

Some advertisers ask their account managers to assist in this process, and some do it themselves based on tested campaign techniques. Once the campaign is live and some time has passed, it is essential to optimize further to achieve lasting results.  As the first point of action, most advertisers will go back and check their zones. This is always a great starting point and something you should certainly do. Still, we always suggest digging further into the available campaign data, breaking it down according to each segment in line with features, especially if you have chosen to run a campaign based on programmatic or RTB sources. You can also choose to check and optimize according to the device, operating system, browser, browser language, sub-sources, or even ISP if we’re talking about mobile-specific traffic. 

As a rule, always try to break down the data into as much detail as possible to get valuable insight to optimize properly further. 

How long does campaign validation take? 

The campaign validation usually doesn’t take a lot of time. Our compliance team constantly works to keep the campaign turnaround time as short as possible—approximately a couple of hours, but most of the time shorter. 

What can I do to fix rejected campaigns?

So this question falls into the compliance side of things. But not to worry. The solution is usually quite simple. Most of the time, a campaign rejection occurs due to a few minor compliance issues. When this happens, you’ll receive an email explaining the reason why Adcash rejected your campaign. You can always contact our support team or your account manager for further clarity or step-by-step assistance in correcting the problem.

How do I track my campaign? 

First and foremost, we always recommend and see a huge benefit in tracking all aspects of a given campaign. In essence, tracking directly equates to better information, and the more you have, the better equipped you’ll be to generate and optimize consistently strong campaigns. Campaign tracking also helps your account manager/support team do a little more on their side to help you on the journey as and where necessary. When it comes to tracking itself, we recommend server-to-server tracking (StoS). While setting up your tracker, you’ll get access to a list of all the trackers the Adcash platform is compatible with, including Red Track and Voluum. There is even an option to choose your own in-house tracker. 

Do I lose money at Adcash in a fraud situation?

Fraud is and will always be a delicate subject that every advertiser wants to avoid and stay on the right side of. Adcash has a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent activity. Having invested time and resources into fighting fraud and shady practices in Ad tech year after year, Our team has become incredibly skilled in stopping potential fraud situations, tackling them head-on, and eradicating any shady practices they come across. 

If you happen to detect any fraudulent activities, we recommend immediately getting in touch with your account manager and support team and sending through a fraud report so we can address the situation immediately. 

The system will immediately send this information to our campaign fraud analysis team. Once it’s confirmed, you will be refunded the amount that was impacted due to any perceived fraudulent activity Something to keep in mind is that Adcash should always provide the full fraud report within 30 days of the incident.

Get to grips and stay clear of the industry’s most used shady practices

That’s it from our side. Thanks to Marouan, and please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the box below. Have a rocking good online adventure, and shout if you have any questions. We’re always here and always happy to help. 

By for now.

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