Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

As affiliate marketing 2022 fast approaches, it’s time to recap a few high-growth best practices to level up your affiliate game! 😎

If you’ve been running campaigns for a while, then more power to you! BUT, if you’re new to the affiliate marketing space and looking for the fundamentals, the below affiliate marketing “need to knows” are sure to keep you on the right side of rocking revenue. Avoid these affiliate marketing mistakes in 2022, and raise your returns with global best practices. 

Not siding with the right affiliate marketing ad network 🚀

First things first, why do online advertisers and affiliate marketers need an ad network? With millions of offers, affiliates, and sites competing for maximum attention, the process is too much for one affiliate to navigate effectively. Ad networks are curation platforms that place the best ads in front of core traffic sources. 

They intermediary advertisers and publishers, using advanced bidding technology and an existing supply platform network to match campaigns with similar sites. 

Ad networks can cut your placement time in half and take care of the heavy lifting. When researching a new ad network, check out the below points before depositing your first campaign budget. 

  • Do they have multiple, high-performing (cross-device) ad formats on offer? 
  • What are their overall fill rates, pricing, and payment options?
  • Which features, bidding technology, and optimization capability will you be getting?
  • Where is the company placed when it comes to anti-ad-block technology? 
  • How do you receive your ongoing campaign reports and statistics?
  • Does transparency and ad compliance take top priority?
  • What is the overall reputation of the network, and how good is their customer support?

Check out this guide to choosing the best ad network for your affiliate marketing business.

Tackling difficult Geo’s and products 🌐

Once you’ve got your ad network in place, you’re going to need to create your first campaign.

First, you’re going to need to find the best affiliate offers. There are a few ways you can do this. You can browse through an affiliate network like OfferVault or Mobidea, where different products and services are curated onto one site for straightforward navigation, or you can look for affiliate programs in many high-growth sectors. Perhaps even better, speak with your ad network’s affiliate manager and get tailored suggestions for higher returns on ad spend (ROAS). 

Generally, avoid verticals that fluctuate based on trends, popularity, and the global market. Start with verticals and offers always needed, like Nutra, Health and Fitness, eCommerce, and VPN

When targeting countries, start with the regions with the highest consumer spending (Tier 1 countries). Target your campaigns to countries like the USA, France, Germany, Canada, or China

Forgetting to use the right targeting 🎯

A top offer geared to a leading location can still fall flat without the proper targeting parameters in place. The Adcash network and other platforms have a host of cutting-edge targeting capabilities in place that you should always use when setting up a campaign. User Interest Targeting, for example, tracks down the traffic sources most likely to connect with your ads. 

All you’ll need to do is select the vertical you’d like to target (i.e., Nutra, VPN, etc.) and optimize for that particular traffic source. Your ads will then automatically target themselves to the traffic with the highest chance of generating conversions.  

ProTip: Select all supply sources when using this targeting method, and remember to use the “spread” option on cappings to avoid spreading your budget too thin. 

You can take the whole targeting adventure one step further by using the CPA Target Bidding Option to maximize your conversions and lower your campaign spend substantially.  Just set the CPA cost of what you’re willing to pay for each conversion, and the CPA Targeting algorithm will take care of the rest.

Not using the right tracking 🔍

Always make sure you have accurate tracking and reporting in place. You’ll be able to see which campaigns are converting well and which need higher visibility. Platforms like Adcash have built-in tracking features used to analyze your campaign success. You can also go one step further and bring in some heavy-duty affiliate trackers like  RedTrack, or Voluum. These attribution platforms pull up to the second data and analyze competitors to maximum effect. 

Not investing in the right affiliate marketing tools 🧰 

Many other affiliate tools on the market will help streamline your campaign creation, optimization, and output. As a general rule, you should always try and have access to the top online advertising tools. Reserve a portion of your affiliate budget and subscribe to the tools that will make your life easier. They are guaranteed to simplify your life and generate higher returns over a longer timeframe when used right. 

Sign up to affiliate networks with the ability to refine and send top offers your way without you having to go looking for them. Browse through them, see what you like, and find your next all-star offer. 

Landing Page Builders like InstaPage and Unbounce automated your affiliate funnel and send traffic to high-impact landing pages that you can build from scratch in a few minutes. 

Then it’s always helpful to learn from the best and subscribe to a few of the biggest affiliate marketing forums. Check out forums like AffLIFT or STM Forum, and browse through a host of different threads, case studies, and expert opinions to boost your affiliate knowledge base while running campaigns. 

Forgetting to Test Your Campaigns 🧪

It always pays to split test your campaigns. See how minor changes can boost click-throughs.  Try testing the same offer with different content, creatives, and traffic sources. 

The same rule applies to your landing pages. It’s ultra-important to have clear directives and Calls to Action so that you can move traffic through the conversion cycle quickly and effectively. 

Try out the same offer using different ad formats. For example, if you’re running an offer on Native, try testing out the same offer with Interstitial Ads, Pop-Under, or In-Page Push

Check out the competition and see what they’re doing. Take the best elements and use them as inspiration to craft your eye-catching creatives. 

Buying the same traffic twice 🛑

Never waste money on traffic sources that don’t convert. With the Adcash Advanced campaign setup, you’re able to exclude or include traffic segments through different targeting options. To get your impressions at a competitive price and avoid buying the same traffic twice, we recommend blacklisting the details you may have whitelisted in your other campaigns. 

Forgetting to increase budgeting and capping 💻

Strategic capping plays a considerable role in increasing the volume of your campaign and your expected ROI. Cap your campaign for the hours in the day where you stand to gain the most traffic. As an example, if you’re targeting a financial vertical in the United States, you’ll want to gear your ads to show during 09h00 to 17h00 banking hours (GMT-4). If you’re targeting iGaming, it will make more sense to cap your ads in the day and run them in the evening when you know your users are at home surfing the web. 

As far as budgeting goes, the same rules apply. You want most of your budget to go to the traffic source with the highest conversion potential. That’s where cost per acquisition (CPA) targeting comes into play. This fully automated optimization algorithm spreads your budget evenly and generates the best results for your campaign. 

Find out more about CPA Target Bidding or get in touch with us, and we’ll help tailor your campaign to generate the best results in a few easy steps.

Lastly, check your expectations. You’re not going to get rich overnight. The campaign optimization process takes time. Learn as much as you can from affiliate marketers who have walked the road already. Consistently test and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and join an affiliate marketing community to get the upper hand on vital industry knowledge and best practices moving into 2022.

Good luck, and please reach out to us if you have any questions? Anything we can do to make your affiliate marketing journey as painless as possible is time well spent. 

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Geoff Kukard on Oct 25, 2021 at 10:43 am

Wow, killer feedback. Thanks for that Zack. Any thoughts on what to write about next?

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Zack Fausett on Oct 21, 2021 at 3:15 am

Having the right guidence is absolutely critical. A HUGE shout out goes to adcash and the auther Geoff Kukard for this amazing info. Much thanks. Seriously great thing you got going on.

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