8 of the best blog idea generators

Have you been blogging for a while and starting to run dry on topics to keep your audience engaged? Well never fear! There’s always a handy tool waiting around the next bend to breathe some fire back into your blog output. 

Writer’s block can be tricky, and for that matter pretty destructive, especially when your income relies on the number of conversions you can bring in from your blog. The next time you’re feeling high and dry for topic ideas, pull a tool from the list below and watch your ideas take flight and grow! 


Blog Topic Generator, by Hubspot. 

For a short, sharp inspiration injection, you can’t go wrong with the Hubspot: Blog Ideas Generator. Throw in a few keywords and get your results back in an instant. So, how does it work exactly?

Hubspot - Blog Ideas Generator - Screen Grab 1

Head to the homepage and type in up to 5 nouns. We’ll use “Online Advertising” as an example.

Hubspot - Blog Ideas Generator - Screengrab 2

Hit the button and get back 5 blog topic ideas tailored to your keyword. 

That’s pretty much it. The cool part is that the generator pulls an additional 250 blog topic ideas onto an excel spreadsheet. These can be downloaded in exchange for your email address and a little company/individual information.

Other than that, the generator is entirely free. The Hubspot Blog Idea Generator is perfect for more simple blog topics and verticals. If you happen to be in a particular niche vertical, (I dunno, molecular cricket farming or something) then you might need to find a tool with a little more engineering capacity.

Answer The Public 

A slick and simple site, Answer the Public reverse engineers your topic, focusing on the keyword itself and pulling all the top questions/autocompletes related to them. Displaying the questions in a search cloud with an option to download. Answer the Public has a free version and a paid “pro” version. Note that if you’re using it in free mode, it has a limited amount of searches available to you each day. So pick your topics wisely. So, how does it work? 

Add your keyword/phrase to the search box. Hit enter and wait for the data to compile.

Answer the Public - Screengrab 1

A bunch of different questions will pop up relating to your topic, subcategorized into “How, What, Where, Who” etc. They’ll appear as a search cloud, but you’ll have the option to download the information as a CVC list as well. Scroll down and the results will be split into further categories, according to alphabetical order, category distinctions, related searches, and a few other elements.

Answer the Public - Screengrab 2


Free and simple to navigate, this tool is by no means perfect. But, what it lacks in accuracy it makes up for in pure volume. The algorithm pulls popular topics, considered to be quite “clickbaity” but, with 1000+ topic suggestions to scroll through, you may just find what you’re looking for, or at least tap into a little inspiration along the way. So, how does it work? 

Head over to the SEOPressor Blog Title Generator and type in your keyword.

SEOPressor - Screengrab 1

Hit the green button and a list of topic ideas will appear in a pop-up box.

SEOPressor - Screengrab 2

Keep hitting the blue refresh button and find the blog title that best suits your search query. These topics tend to be more geared to “glossy” entertainment blogs, so if you’re writing for a hardcore crypto/finance news portal or similar, you might not find what you’re looking for.

Sumo Blog Topic Generator

More of a headline generator than a topic selector as such, the Sumo Title Generator has a slightly different layout to its counterparts. With built-in selections, the page allows users to get a little more specific with their search requests. So, how does it work? 

Select the type of content you want to generate and fill in the blanks from there.

Sumo topic Generator - Screengrab 1

Using a “How To” guide as an example, personalize your search using the left-hand navigation panel. Fill in elements like “Topic” the “Outcome” you want to get from the article, and some other criteria. On the right-hand side, there’s a drop-down showing the most commonly used title styles, which you can tailor as you fill in the blanks.


Although only being able to generate one blog topic at a time, the Portent Title Maker Tool has a refresh button with a near endless list of other options. Article titles are displayed in such a way where bloggers can see what it will look like on the front end and the interface is as clear and simple as it gets. So, how does it work? 

Head over to the page and type your keyword into the search box.

Potent - Screengrab 1

After hitting the “Generate Idea” button, your article title will pop up, with the option to refresh as frequently as you like.

Portent - Screengrab 2

You’ve also got the option to save your ideas for a later stage, which is super helpful if you’re in the process of creating a content calendar and would like to bank your topics for a later stage.


The brainchild of digital marketing expert Neil Patel,  Ubersuggest is a keyword/topic generating tool with a few cool features and some built on tutorials thrown in for good measure.  

You can use the platform for free but the keyword volume will be limited. For $29USD per month, you can upgrade to the pro plan and get unlimited keyword/ topic ideas. So, how do you get started? 

Head to the platform and add your keyword in the search bar.

Ubersuggest - Screengrab 1

Hit search and a list of related keywords will pop up on the screen in a list. Scroll through the options and find the inspiration you need to start putting targeted blog topics together.

Ubersuggest - Screengrab 2

The results include the keyword’s total volume (i.e how often it’s searched for), as well as its cost per click value (if you’re looking to buy ads online). Check out the SEO difficulty on the far right and see how easy or difficult the word/topic is to rank for. You’ve got the option to export your list to a CSV file and save it for later.

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SEMRush Topic Generator. 

The Semrush suite swings on the more expensive side of SEO, but, if you’re really looking to boost your online presence with well-optimized blog topics, semantically related keywords, and similar, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution. 

Once signed in, you can head to the blog topic generator and do a deep dive into article topics. As mentioned earlier, if you have a technical product or a niche offering that you write about constantly on your blog, the SEMRush suite can help you find the articles that resonate the most with your audience, using split-second machine learning and prediction algorithms. It’s able to do this and a whole lot more through analyzing competitors’ content. So, how does it work? 

Head to the page and type in the keyword, phrase, or competitor URL that you’re looking to analyze. Select the region you’d like the search to cover and hit the “Get Content Ideas” button.

SemRush Topic Generator - Screengrab 1

The results will be split into a series of “cards” grouped into various sub-topics. Each card, once clicked into will have around 50 or so topic ideas to choose from.

SemRush Topic Generator - Screengrab 2

Apart from the topic tool, you can also sign into primary and secondary keywords with the keyword magic tool. SemRush suite plans start from $99 USD per month.

Fat Joe Blog Topic Generator

Another cool (and free) tool is the Fat Joe Headline Generator. Simple to use and with a similar interface to Portent, Fat Joe generates 10 blog topic titles at a time, with the option to access 100 more, when you fill in your email address. Like some of the others, these topic ideas can be downloaded and used at a later stage. So how does it work? 

Head over to the page and enter the keyword you’d like to get article ideas for.

Fat Joe - Screengrab 1

10 article ideas around the topic will immediately pop up for you to pick and choose which suits your blog the best.

Fat Joe - Screengrab 2

You’ve got the option to head back to a new topic and start the search from scratch, or you can generate 100 more titles and start playing around with new blog topics.

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