How to find the best affiliate offers

Finding the right affiliate offer for your onsite audience is half the battle won for an affiliate marketer. But, as trends come and go, verticals rise and fall, and the world adjusts to a new and different post-Covid landscape, what is the right channel to go down, and where should you even start? 

We’ll unpack a few of the best ways to find effective affiliate offers and generate passive income on the move in 2021. But before we get into all of that, the best starting point would be to check out the verticals that have been generating the most traction recently.

Which offers bring the most value to affiliates?

Most of the world is still stuck at home in the wake of… you know what 🥴, so both eCommerce and online entertainment are two of the biggest verticals to go after right now. 

Online entertainment keeps people occupied and sane, while eCommerce keeps them well stocked on what they normally would have gone out to get. And, as young and old adapt to digital, any services able to fulfill a customer’s needs from the comfort of their own home and in the fastest possible time, are sure to do well. Below is a list of verticals (in order of priority) that you might want to consider going after. 

Online Entertainment verticals, including…

🍿 VOD (Video on Demand).

🎫 Sweepstakes.

🎮 iGaming.

✏️ Online courses.

📲 App Installs.

🎰 Gambling.

🖥 VPN.

Online Delivery verticals, including…

🥗 Groceries.

🥡 Fast food.

🛍️ eCommerce products.

Self-Betterment/Nutra verticals, including… 

🥒 Sports/Nutritional supplements.

🏃‍♀️Weight loss products. 

🏋🏽 At-home exercise equipment.

Finance verticals, including…

💰 Making money online.

💸 Cryptocurrency.

📈 Trading.

💲Currency conversion.

Note: The more you know about your chosen vertical, the more effectively you’ll be able to advertise a related offer. Do your homework, check the competition and find the subcategories that carry the most popularity. Follow trends on social. See what other affiliates are advertising. Replicate. Refine. Repeat. 

Once you’ve got your vertical locked down and know what kind of market you’re going after, you can start finding the offer that best suits the corresponding traffic source. We all wish it were as easy as typing “million-dollar offer” into Google, but it’s going to take some digging to find what you’re looking for. 

If you’re fresh to the game and browsing around with nothing specific in mind, then you can check out Mobidea or OfferVault.

Go after CPA Traffic with Mobidea

If mobile is your bread and butter, then Mobidea might have just the offer you’re looking for. A CPA affiliate network,  Mobidea has a host of cool features that new and seasoned affiliates can make use of.  The company runs campaigns in Mobile Content, Pin Submits, Sweeps, Coupons, Vouchers, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dating, Games, Music, and more.

Adcash - Mobidea CPA Offers

To find the right CPA offer, simply head over to their site, select the “network” dropdown and click into “CPA offers“. There you’ll find a host of the latest CPA offers, with information detailing their various payouts, niches, regions, and total Earnings Per Click (EPC).

To access the above offers and other Mobidea features (like the Mobidea Academy), you’re looking at a $49.99 monthly fee. But, if you’re serious about finding the right offers, this might be the perfect option for you. Moving on to OfferVault

Get Affiliate offers with Offervault 

Spend a day (or a lifetime) checking out OfferVaults insanely wide range of affiliate offers.  Their search engine stores and itemizes a host of different affiliate offers, traffic sources, and ad networks. 

With every offer under the sun, ready and waiting to be uncovered, the process can be a little overwhelming at first. But the mechanics are pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. And luckily, the navigation is quite straightforward. 

Adcash - OfferVault Homepage

The search bar at the top of the page will help you navigate the platform and find the best offers, affiliate networks, and traffic sources. You can filter your findings according to networks, categories, and countries, depending on what you’re looking for.

Adcash - OfferVault - Offer Example

Hit the offer you’d like to explore and you’ll be directed to an information page. Here, you’ll find all the details you need to effectively run the offer, including the offer name, the payout percentage, overriding category, and the region. I found myself advertising protein powder in Russia. 🙂 Once decided you can navigate to the ad network. 

This, importantly, brings us to our next point.

Work with a reputable ad network

It always helps to do your research before siding with an Ad Network or offer.  And the best way to race down the affiliate highway is to have the right network rising shotgun. Ad fraud is common, and the best way to avoid it and keep your bankroll intact is to find the networks that have been around the longest, offer the best support, and utilize the latest platform features.

Some of the things to look out for when choosing the right ad network include… 

  • A consistent ability to create well-targeted ad campaigns.
  • A wide publisher network. 
  • Advanced targeting capabilities. 
  • Anti-fraud technology and the ability to bypass adblockers.
  • The overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) that you as the affiliate stand to gain.
  • Customer support and overall response times. 
  • Real-time reporting and optimization metrics.

This one can’t be stressed enough. 📣

The best advice around profitable verticals and hot offers will come directly from your affiliate manager and/or support team. They have a world of knowledge at their disposal, have been in the game longer than anyone, and know what works from hands-on experience. 

With the above in mind, why not take a shot with Adcash and grow your online presence (and revenue) throughout 2021 and beyond! 😁👌 We’ve been around since 2007, (which, by online advertising standards – is a lifetime).  Get access to the best site placements with a host of diverse and exclusive websites. 

Reach out to an Adcash Affiliate Manager for cutting-edge guidance on the year’s top offers.  

Right, with our Adcash elevator pitch done and dusted, another way to find the best offers is to network with other affiliates. A good starting point would be to check in and sign up to STM Forum or AffLIFT

Network with other affiliates on STM Forum

One of the largest affiliate communities in the industry today, STM Forum has around 47,000 active threads with 397,000 posts and counting. That’s a heck of a lot of knowledge to tap into, and all in one place.  Affiliates of all experience levels can find the knowledge they need to help them become better marketers.

A cool feature of the STM Forum is their “follow-along” thread. Here affiliates share updates on the types of campaigns they’re running, which regions they’re marketing to, and how they’re optimizing/refining their findings. 

They also have an Affiliate Contacts Directory, which lets members get directly in touch with other top affiliates. Find out more about STM Forum here.

Find the right offers on affLIFT

AffLIFT is another ultra-effective affiliate community widely regarded as one of the tops in the industry. To date, the forum has over 40 000 members from all over the world. The forum acts as a guiding light to a whole host of different topics, including campaign creation tips, industry updates, offer selection and many others. You can sign up for a 6-month membership for around $100Find out more about affLIFT here

And lastly, follow the latest trends with newsletters and blogs written by experts in the affiliate space. This will keep you on the front line of what’s changing, expanding, or diminishing in terms of trends, verticals, geos, and features. Portals like Stacked Marketer produce content regularly and will keep you on the pulse of new industry developments. 

That’s it for now. We hope you find that next “unicorn” offer to take your returns into the solar sphere and beyond. 🦄 💫

and, as always, please feel free to reach out to us at any hour of the day or night and leave a comment in the section below. 

Bye for now.

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