Convert on Top Traffic this Valentines Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That special time of year where teddy bears and chocolates rain down from the sky and strawberry infused champagne flows like a river. Or, if you’re hopelessly single, you’ve got pepperoni pizza with a side of South Park. 

However you choose to celebrate the month of love, the fact remains that Valentine’s Day is a heavy hitter in global retail circles. In fact, by the end of February 2020, roughly 181.8 million people had bought gifts of some sort for their significant other, or for themselves. Who says an Xbox isn’t romantic? 

So, with one of the year’s biggest online shopping occasions fluttering onto the scene, online advertisers and publishers alike are gearing up to ride the red heart retail wave.  

That said, here are a few advertisers’ tips to get you in the mood… for returns! 

Target the right GEO’s

The great thing about shopping holidays that cater to global audiences is that you can spread your marketing net wide and still bring in some great returns per GEO. 

Some of the countries taking Valentine’s Day spending to the max this 2021 include…

Primary Regions like…

🇺🇸 The United States.

🇦🇺 Australia.

🇩🇰 Denmark.

🇨🇭 Switzerland.

🇮🇹 Italy.

Fast-growing secondary regions like…

🇰🇷 South Korea

🇧🇷 Brazil

🇬🇧 UK

🇫🇷 France

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales

Market the right verticals/products this Valentine’s Day

So, goes without saying that eCommerce will always be the primary driver for Valentine’s Day. But with a year of lockdown behind us and the after-effects of quarantine still at play, there are a few, what we may call “less social” products and verticals at play as well. Let’s check them out, with a few of the big ones including…

eCommerce involving top purchasing categories like…

  • Flowers (go figure)
  • Candy

Then you’ve got Apparel and Accessories, which include…

  • Clothing 
  • Jewelry 

That said, with Gen Z embracing a less traditional Valentine’s Day and, with a little lockdown thrown in the mix, Electronics, VOD, and App Installs have all gained great potential in the last few months. Some keep coming into play, again and again, including…

  • Online Entertainment.
  • Dating Apps and Online Shopping Apps. 
  • Online Gaming and Gambling.
  • VOD and VPN.

Right, moving along swiftly, you’re also going to want to

Optimize your campaigns for mobile. 

40% of the global population will be using their smartphone to browse through and pinpoint a tidal wave of Valentine’s Day specific deals crashing onto the scene. Make sure your campaign is fully optimized to mobile traffic including.., 

  • Keeping important text/visuals from being cut off on mobile viewing. 
  • All images are sized to accommodate different mobile devices and smartphones.
  • All video formats are playable and show no errors.
  • Cross-links and faulty redirects are all eliminated.
  • Pages load as quickly on mobile as they would on desktop. 

Head over here and see if your campaigns/landing page meets Google’s requirements for mobile-friendliness. 

Right, let’s talk…

Which ad formats bring in top returns

So, when you log into the Adcash platform, you’ve got a host of different ad formats to choose from, each carrying its own unique value ads. You can never go wrong with tried and tested favorites like Banner, Native, and Push Notifications. But, if you’re looking for something a little different, why not create your campaign with…

Pop-under ads 

An ultimately effective way to bring in click-throughs and a top-seller globally. These ads are more subtle than their Pop-Up counterparts, whereby they only come up when your audience is done with what they’re doing onsite, appearing in a new tab. They stay top of mind and bring in your readership with a quick, easy to grasp, and visually appealing display. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 Reasons Why Pop-Unders are so Effective.

Then you’ve got…

Interstitial Ads

Widely known for their wide reach, and with a  fixed delay in exit times up to 5 seconds long. This countdown window ensures your ads will always be seen by the end-users. Plus, the formats contain space for eye-catching visuals, displayed on larger browser windows, which may just make your end-user fall in love with super Valentine’s day deals. Find out why Interstitials are the Ultimate Cure for Banner Blindness.

And, last but not least, you’re going to want to make sure you’re crafting and delivering… 

Effective Landing Pages

Firstly and most importantly, the structure of your landing page can make the ultimate difference between an award-winning Valentine’s Day campaign and a well-intentioned attempt that falls by the wayside. Make sure you’re always crafting your landing pages according to the below criteria… 

  • Using strong H1 headlines with a supporting description. 
  • Include a unique selling point that immediately captures the attention of your audience. 
  • Add the core benefits/advantages of your offer.
  • Include eye-catching images that show the product or service in use.
  • Provide proof of concept with customer testimonials, ratings, and reviews. 
  • A final one-liner that eliminates any lingering consumer doubt. 
  • And lastly, a call to action that results in lead generation, conversions, click-throughs, or any other sales metric you are looking to track down and secure.

The best part of creating landing pages is that there is a whole lot of software on the market today that does the hard yards for you. Check out a host of landing page building software including Unbounce, PureLander, and/or InstaPage. Compare and contrast services and find the best solution for your own style. 

Get the full rundown with the ultimate guide to Landing Page Optimization.

Right, moving swiftly along, it’s time to unpack a few key Publisher tips that are sure to send a whole lot of love to your site, with top ads and world-class offers.

Valentines Day Publisher Tips 

An ocean of traffic is ready and waiting to make the most of this one day, free for all shopping, so make sure your site is ready with a host of top converting ads. You’ve only got a limited time to capitalize on the incoming retail wave, so make sure your site is readily visible from the get-go. A strategy you can try in the buildup to Valentine’s Day includes…

Using Multiple Ad Formats. 

During this season you’re going to want to try and compliment your monetization strategy using a range of different ad formats. Try testing out the ones you haven’t used before and seeing which have the potential to bring in higher returns. Chop and change things up as you go. If you are using only pop traffic at the moment, you can complement your earnings with interstitial and vice versa. If you are going after Interstitial traffic, make sure you’re using the Overlay Interstitial Option when setting up your requirements.

Make the most of Consumer buying habits.

If you’re concerned that you might be over advertising or spamming your consumer base, remember that when it comes to big shopping holidays, consumers are a little more forgiving, and a substantial portion of their online interaction revolves around getting competitive deals and price reductions on multiple verticals. So, use a few more formats and switch back to your standard online advertising rollout as soon as the hype has subsided.  

Feel free to reach out to your Publisher Manager any time and they’ll help tailor your setups for maximum returns. If you don’t have a publisher manager just yet, reach out to us here and a member of our dedicated team will make sure you’re getting the best returns this Valentine’s Day. 

Utilize Button Monetization

A really clean and engaging way of improving your monetization strategy is to use direct links to your CTA buttons or banners. These redirects work well in sectors such as forex or as buttons that are placed next to VOD players (giving your consumer the opportunity to watch a video in  HD for example). From here, you can redirect back to your site.

If you’re looking to fully tailor and refine your button optimization, feel free to reach out to your account manager and they’ll help you get this process started. 

Configure your Target Geos according to the best traffic. 

The Adcash Publisher platform gives you a host of different regional targeting options to make use of this Valentine’s Day. You still have a bunch of configuration possibilities and different setups available which will allow you to exclude certain countries. 

These targeting features allow you to monetize your secondary GEOs by placing a halt on your primary locations but not the main ones. The same thing applies to other features like Trigger By Delay, Refresh Rate, and so on. Again, feel free to reach out to us for a tailored solution any time! 

Spread the world and get a 5% lifetime Bonus!

Getting the results you want? Refer other publishers to our platform and we’ll guarantee you earn a 5% lifetime bonus for every new lead. It’s how we say thanks for the support and it’s a way to keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in our world.

That’s it for this short, sharp Valentine’s Day roundup. All the best for the months ahead and here’s to an awesome 2021.

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