Creating your First Campaign with Adcash: A Quick ”How To” Guide

So, it is time to create your first campaign. But how can it be done? 

There is a lot to look into when it comes to starting a campaign. In a day and age of tech and the internet, where online advertising is the king, starting can be a challenge. 

Such questions that come up for new advertisers are: how to ace the campaign setup? How do select the correct ads? How to use Adcash for creating such killer campaigns that see many businesses, entrepreneurs, and more generate some serious results!

Lucky for you, we got you covered!

It has never been easier to use Adcash as a way to generate, optimize, and track your ad campaigns, and in today’s article, we are going to show you how to create them. Everything from the right campaign, to setting it all up on the Adcash platform.

There is no time to waste! Let us begin.

Firstly, you need an Adcash Advertiser’s Account…

you will need an account with Adcash to generate the campaign. Our slick technology and systems will allow you to easily get ads with a high SEO ranking and reach the maximum audience engagement possible.

Adcash will also help you with campaign optimization (the process of updating and possibly increasing the performance of the campaign). It can also help to customize the reach and which target audiences it is shown to. All this is done to improve the SEO ranking and audience engagement.

Our services also allow you to test and track the overall performance of the campaigns to ensure you nothing but the best results possible!

To get started, create an Advertiser’s account with the link here, and fill out your account details. The entire process occurs in under 5 minutes, and once it is over, you can create your campaign!

Creating a Campaign with Adcash

Now that you have an account, it is time to create a campaign!

Start by clicking the ‘’create a campaign’’ button on the top right of your home page. This will lead you to the General Information tab. Here you can insert the campaign’s name, as well as which countries and regions to target. 

Afterward, you will have to choose your targeting options. These features allow you to update the target audience further, whether it is the campaign’s supply, content, device, and/or connection.

Next, you can upload your creatives! Whatever your desired ad format type you wish is welcomed. This will be the so-called ‘’face’’ of the campaign. 

Once you select your creatives, it is time to select your budget options, such as your bidding type, your budget, and your capping. But once that is all set, you need to review your ad and Presto! You got yourself an ad campaign with Adcash in no time!

This is just a mere scratch on the surface when it comes to information about setting up your ad campaign, as really, the Adcash interface allows for a streamlined and quick way to campaign euphoria!

If you would like to find out more about setting up a campaign, please check out the webinar ‘’How to Get Started with Adcash’’ by Evgeniy Martynov.

About Creatives and Ad-formats

Creatives and Ad-formats are important to your campaigns. Creatives are the bread and butter of your campaign, while the formatting will decide how it will be viewed. 

You can easily find some amazing creatives online or even make them using sites like Canva or Visme. However, some ad formats will call for a specific size that best suits them. Ignoring this can lead to a messy campaign.

To ensure your ad will be made in the correct format, you can find the ad format requirements here.

If you want to know more about the different types of ad formats, and how to figure out which one is the best, read about how to choose the right ones for your campaign. The link is right here! 

Some Key Ingredients to a Successful Ad Campaign

Before we leave you, here are a few more words that might help you or make you wonder. 

You can make campaigns these days very easily, but very few actually turn out to be outstanding. A few key points can help you create a successful advertising campaign to avoid the lack of interested leads.


Tip 1: Determine a goal

A perfect place to start is to figure out what the mission of your advertising output is going to be. This will help you decide the communication strategy that your campaign will follow and will help structure how it will look as people see it on the internet. 

Tip 2: Maintain a high quality of Ads

Researchers have said that in the past 15 years, the average attention span of a person has decreased by around 4 seconds. 

This is huge in the advertising space, as this means that people are likely to spend less time on day-to-day tasks and media. This means that if you create an ad, which involves creatives, the quality has to be as close to top-notch as possible.

Perfection is impossible to achieve, but focusing on the best possible ads with large lettering and brilliant visuals can help you stand out from the rest of the pack, regardless of the budgeting and target reach.


Tip 3: Test and optimize your campaigns

Once you’re set-up, it is important to commit to some testing. This ensures that the campaign works smoothly and is really the only way to make sure all will work well.

You can easily test your campaigns on the Adcash platform, which will then allow you to (if necessary) optimize if needed. 

Not all ads may work for your campaign, as the SEO ranking can vary from country to country or from user or user. So in the chance that you encounter some stale results, you may need to change it up to get that secret formula. 

You may even feel the need to optimize your campaign after a period of time, regardless of its performance. As our Advertiser Manager, Marouan Bouhachi, said in his Q&A session:

‘’Once the campaign is live and some time has passed, it is essential to optimize further to achieve lasting results.’’

Enjoy the road!

The final piece of word of the day is to just stress that advertising is all a journey. Everyone is bound to make mistakes and learn from making their campaigns. Just remember to enjoy the path to creating your killer campaigns as much as the results themselves!

Thank you so much for reading the article! If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to write in the comments or to check out the Adcash Support Center with the link here

Have a wonderful day!

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