Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season. Why should you keep your ad campaigns live during the festive period?

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s the final call to get your advertising campaigns ready for the festive season. In this blog post, we will share some useful tips on how to maximize your holiday ad spend and why you should keep your campaigns running during the festivities.

Pre-Christmas Online Shopping Spree Traffic 

People are trying to find last-minute Christmas presents for their loved ones, so it’s time to ensure that your ads are visible with increased online spending. The pre-holiday season brings relatively higher ad impressions — typically CTRs rise 100% and conversion rates go up 60%. This means that you should take advantage of this trend and ramp up your ad spend to reap the rewards.

Post-Christmas Traffic Buzz! 

When Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that the shopping is! People have more time to browse online to grab some bargains as the post-Christmas and New Year sales start. However, it’s very common for advertisers to switch off or reduce their online campaign activities just before Christmas Eve hits. They will miss all that post-Christmas online traffic as the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are as busy the rest of the days in December.

However, that’s a big opportunity for YOU as there will be less competition and lower CPMs, CPCs and CPAs! This isn’t the time to lower your marketing budgets and it makes sense to increase your ad spend whilst more consumers are online!

Top 10 Holiday Tips From Adcash 

#1 Run flash sales

If you’re an online retailer, then now is a great time to run flash sales to promote specific products. Flash sales create a sense of urgency, hype and boost in sales.

To increase urgency, add some time-sensitive copy to your creatives i.e. “today only”, “limited stock”, “24-hour flash sale”, “final hours”, “ends tonight”, “for a limited time only”.  

#2 Create multiple ad variations to stand out


Also, update your ads frequently to display your latest promotions and deals.

#TopTip – the more different images you have, the merrier! But don’t forget to test and optimize accordingly!

#3 Dress up your creatives and landing pages

Be creative with your ads and landing pages to increase engagement and conversion rates!

#4 Test and optimize different ad formats 

We highly recommend testing different ad formats as each format has its own benefits. Push Notifications are eye-catching and visible, Native Ads are engaging and the classic Pop-Under ads still deliver great conversion rates.

digital ad formats

Test them all and find the best ones for your campaigns that bring the highest ROI!

#5 Special offers

To attract more users and beat the competition, offer gift cards and bonus offers. Make sure that you mention the deals on your ad creatives and landing pages to catch people’s attention and increase click-through rates.

#6 Run mobile ads 

More than 40% of holiday purchases are completed on mobile. Don’t underestimate mobile ads and make sure you run web mobile ads too!

#7 Mobile-friendly landing pages

If you’re running mobile ads, then make sure that your landing pages are fully mobile-optimized to accommodate mobile traffic. Read more on how to create a great landing page.

#8 Use CPA Target bid type 

Forget about manual optimization with CPA Target. Set your ideal target and let our advanced machine learning algorithms do the job for you! Already 25% of our advertisers are running CPA Target campaigns, and on average they are seeing up to 27% better results than using CPC or CPM.

#9 Budget, budget, budget!

Make sure you’ve planned your budget smartly to make the most of your ad spend over the holiday season. Spread it across December and don’t pause your campaigns.

The increased traffic and higher conversion rates are definitely a good reason to spend a little more.

#10 Use automatic payments 

Advertisers who use automatic payments have better results as campaigns run more smoothly. Without automatic payments, campaigns are at risk of pausing and restarting which can affect your performance.

Don’t wait any longer — start using it now!

Lastly, forget about fraudulent ad traffic with Adcash  

Fraudulent ad traffic is one of the biggest challenges in digital advertising. According to Juniper Research, in 2018, ad fraud cost around $19 bn for online advertisers and they estimate it will reach $44 bn by 2022.

Fraudulent ad activity is often higher during the holiday season, but when you advertise with Adcash then there’s no need to worry about this. We take ad fraud very seriously, and on a daily basis, our advanced fraud filters prevent and block suspicious traffic to ensure clean online acquisition for our advertisers.

With Adcash, you’ll never waste your budget on fraudulent traffic!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t used the Adcash media buying platform yet, then now is the perfect time to give it a go!

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