Holiday Season Advertising Tips

Make this holiday season your best year yet for awesome ROI’s. Hit the ground running with the top tips any online advertiser needs to kick Christmas and New Year into full swing with the best offers and incentives. This is the Adcash guide to the Holiday Season, and what you need to know to bring in awesome conversions, legendary leads, and more. Let’s get right into it. Starting now!

Run ultra-hot Christmas/New Year sales

Christmas and New Year come in fast and leave just as quickly, so make sure you bring that wow factor into your online campaigns and stand out from the crowd in everything you create online. Make sure you’re running the best deals, promotions, incentives, and flash sales for your ads. Keep them top of mind at all costs and create that vital sense of urgency needed to boost your campaigns to the moon and back! 

Keep the holiday theme strong in your creatives and think out the box with your ads and landing pages to increase engagement and conversion rates! Your audience is well into the holiday spirit, so play into their sense of Christmass wanderlust with themed ads that are quirky, cool, and clever, and carry with them decorations that are right for the occasion. It’s the only time of year when a reindeer and a fat guy in a red suit sell like hotcakes, so make it count! 

Craft a sense of urgency into your copy that further entices your audience to click through and see what lies on the other side of your offer. Phrases and headings in line with “One Day Only!”, “While Stocks Last”, and “Limited Offer” go a long way to securing buyer interest and raising all-round conversion potential. 

Make sure your Call to Action leads your audience to a landing/conversion page that enables them to fill out any required details or fields, be it requesting a callback, signing up for a newsletter, or any other lead generation tactic you’d like to utilize. 

Create multiple ads and test to see which works best

Make sure you’re constantly updating your ads, in line with new and enticing copy, images, layout, and audience optimization. Keep this in mind especially moving into big holidays like Christmas and New Year as customers are looking for holiday differentiators and themed campaigns. Pay special attention to your hyperlinks, landing page directories, and customer reviews/testimonials (if and where applicable). Make sure you put your best foot forward from the start and entice your audience to read further by changing up your layout. 

At the end of the day, youré going to want to go away and see which ad component worked the best by checking your analytics and tracking your gains/losses. Affiliate trackers in line with RedTrack get the job done, allowing you to spend half the time analyzing your results, whilst delivering your affiliate metrics in an easy to grasp format.

Now that you know what works, it’s just a matter of “rinse and repeat” where you’ll take the best components of each campaign, and mix them together to come out with stronger and stronger campaigns. With the right optimization in place, you’ll ace your Holiday Season campaigns from the get-go. A word of advice? Start testing your campaigns at least a week before the day you’re fixing to go live and target a specific region or audience. By the time you start advertising on the buildup to the big day, you’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Find the top ad format for your Holiday Campaign

It’s a sure-fire win to test out different ad formats before going live. Do your research and see which holds the best returns for the occasion your campaign is targeting. Try to use them in combination with one another to widen your net and further your chances of tapping into Christmas/New Year conversions. 

Ready to roll, but not quite sure where to start? We’ve seen great gains over the last year with Push Notifications. They’re cool, eye-catching, and ultra visible on the screen. 

Interstitial ads carry with them a 5-second delay interval, that greatly increases the chances of your ad being seen. They act as a deterrent to the dreaded scourge of banner blindness, and, compared to their format counterparts, the visuals are out of this world and carry with them far more screen space to play around with.

Pop-Under ads are known to deliver great conversion rates and, not to be confused with Pop Up’s, are far less intrusive to the user experience and Google happens to like them too. 

Find what works for you. Test them out in your own time and find the best solution for your online advertising adventure.

Remember to customize your ads accordingly when using different ad formats for the same offer. 

Optimize your ads for mobile! 

Keeping your ads mobile friendly is a big win and one that a lot of online advertisers tend to overlook. Mobile traffic has started to surpass their desktop counterparts in terms of online purchasing power, and given the after-effects of quarantine, more and more people are opting for the convenience of activating transactions via their smartphones and mobile devices. Make sure you’re part of the new wave that comes with mobile traffic and optimize your landing pages accordingly, tasking into though the below best practices. 

  • No important text/visuals get cut off from mobile view.
  • There are now irrelevant cross-links or faulty redirects.
  • Image file sizes are fitted to accommodate mobile devices.
  • All video formats are playable and show no errors.
  • Pages load as quickly on mobile as they would on desktop. 

Head over here and see if your landing page meets Google’s requirements for mobile-friendliness. 

Get to grips with CPA Target Bidding

Forget about manual optimization with CPA Target Bidding. Set your ideal target and let our advanced machine learning algorithms do the job for you! Already, more than 25% of our advertisers are running CPA Target campaigns, and on average they are seeing up to 27% better results. You can read more about CPA Target Bidding right here

Budget for top-notch online advertising campaigns

All the above information isn’t going to get you far if you’ve blown your budget on one or two campaigns with less than average converting potential. Spread your budget into multiple categories, regions, and interest groups when you make use of our automated budgeting feature, courtesy of the Adcash DSP platform. 

Make sure you’ve planned your budget smartly to make the most of your ad spend over the holiday season. Spread it across December, don’t pause your campaigns and remember, that now more than ever, the increased user interest, traffic, and subsequently higher conversion rates might be the one true reason you need to spend a little more in the course of the next few months.

In addition, you can also make use of a range of cool automatic payment options. Take the time and worry out of manually budgeting for your campaigns with an automatic payment solution.  Set a time to place funds into your campaign and see the entire process run like clockwork. Automatic payments ensure that your campaigns will run when they need to and never restart, pause, or delay any potential conversions.

That’s it from us for now. All the best for the Holiday Season ahead and may 2021 be your most profitable online advertising adventure yet!

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