How to use the hottest sports events of summer 2019

Many different major sports events are taking place this year. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of the hottest sports events of summer 2019. All you need to do is set up your campaigns or website accordingly and reap the benefits. Take a look below to get a FREE sports calendar and top tips from our team.

The packed sports schedule can benefit both advertisers and publishers. There are various ways to leverage the popularity of sporting events and this is why we wanted to make things as easy as possible. We’ve created a little checklist for advertisers and publishers that can significantly increase their performance and profits.

First, let’s start with what’s actually happening. Events like Cricket World Cup, Copa America and UFC are just some of the big events taking place this summer.

Hottest sports events of summer 2019:

Summer sports events calendar

How can advertisers target sports traffic

User interest targeting is a must 

Usually, when people watch sports they’re interested in that specific field of sports not only in one match or game. That’s why targeting people with content based on a certain sporting interest is a great way to optimize ad performance around an event. Showing ads related to the users’ interests as well as the sporting events they’re watching can increase the likelihood of conversion as much as 5 to 7 times. 

According to sports advertising 101, using specific sports-related messaging when advertising around particular matches is a must. In order to succeed and make sure your content stands out during the hottest sports events, certain steps have to be taken. Advertisers need to ensure that they’re showing unique and relevant content to complement the user’s experience. For example, promoting basketball-related content to an American audience during this NBA season will ensure that brands are well-positioned for their target audience.

When using our user interest targeting tool, do select all supply sources. Also, make sure to use the “spread” option on cappings to avoid spending your budget too quickly. If you’re targeting the sports site categories then leave the spread option unticked to get the best results!

Adcash tip

The best ad formats for sports 

Sports events are nowadays watched through a desktop on various streaming websites. Due to this trend, it’s smart to combine different ad formats, as that will ensure maximum reach at all stages of the event.  

All of Adcash’s ad formats deliver great results with sports ads. Nevertheless, we’ve seen an increase in Push Notifications presence during sporting events. This format works really well! As it offers a quick and direct way of reaching the target audience with key alerts or call to action messages at crucial times before or during a sports event.  

It’s essential to have the right balance between direct and more subtle ad formats. That way advertisers can ensure that they’re displaying the right content to an ideal audience. Thus, have more successful campaigns.

Adcash Push Notifications

Know your people

Another important aspect of getting sports campaigns just right is the location. Leveraging our DSP to programmatically exchange ad inventory between advertisers and publishers provides a turnkey solution. It helps both sides to gain maximum exposure around specific sporting events in real-time, regardless of the location or time zone. 

A brilliant example of this is the Toronto Raptors’ history-making appearance at the NBA Finals back in June. For the duration of the play-offs, user data indicated a huge increase in the impressions to registrations and registration to deposits rate amongst Canadian-related sports betting campaigns. With the whole country celebrating the success of the team, the event caused a significant increase in engagement with sports betting ads. As well as, the subsequent growth in deposits – a major win-win for both the user and advertisers.


Timing is everything

Knowing how to time your ads is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, regarding sporting events. The build-up to an event can take time, sometimes even weeks. So your message should get to the end-user as soon as people start talking about it. Let’s look at UFC for example. Khabib vs McGregor’s highly anticipated fight last year saw advertisers promoting betting offers or content for a couple of weeks prior to the main event. 

As the event comes closer, the content and call to actions should become more noticeable and the reach should be expanded as wide as possible. Take note that relevant traffic rates increase during the event itself. That’s because numerous advertisers want to reach the same user at peak times. It’s important to free up the highest budgets and increased rates available at peak times. In addition, you should increase the frequency of your ads to get maximum exposure. Having said that, it’s crucial to pause these campaigns as soon as the event has ended.

When it comes to frequency capping, you can rely on our defaults. In the ‘budget’ step of your campaigns, select ‘weekly distribution. From here your campaigns will only run during relevant sporting events. Unless you’re looking to use pixel tracking, we would strongly suggest opting for CPA Target bidding for optimal results.

Adcash tip

Working closely with our supply sources and their expansive networks, advertisers can utilize the programmatic channels to navigate the ‘hype’ around global sporting events. Thus, making sure they’re striking success in terms of both ROI and strengthening attitudes towards their brand amongst consumers.


How to increase your monetization revenue with sports events 

Sports events can increase publishers’ earnings significantly. All you need is the right strategy. When taking the necessary steps, publishers can get more targeted high-budget campaigns, higher payouts and special offers related to their website’s content. Getting benefits from the sporting season is really easy, you just need to take some simple steps.

Using certain sports-related keywords in the content and page URL helps to target offers and get good results. Take NFL for example, if you mention it in your website slug or have NFL related content on your site then Adcash will send you NFL related ads. 

Working exclusively with one network will increase your earnings, as shown below. Networks can offer more flexibility with premium payment conditions and rates. Plus, this will ensure great user experience, as you won’t be overwhelming your users with a ton of ads.

Exclusive publisher partnership


Last but not least, make sure that your tags are integrated correctly. It will ensure that all your ads will be shown and you monetize efficiently. 


Ace your online advertising strategy

Make use of the hottest sports events of summer 2019 and ace your advertising or monetization game! To learn more about our range of services, get in touch at [email protected] or sign up on our platform. Good luck! 😉

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