How To Boost Your CTR With In-Page Push

The future of online advertising belongs to In-Page Push! Back in February 2020 (an eternity ago, by today’s ultra-fast ad standards), Google brought out their Chrome 80 update, with an emphasis on curbing the misuse of Push Notification. 

This new restriction made the online advertising community pivot quickly. Therefore, after a little trial and error,  a new and exciting ad format hit the scene. 2021 saw online advertisers and publishers alike monetize traffic and generate top returns with In-Page Push.

What are In-Page Push Ads?

This leading format is the 2.0 version of the original Push Notification. Also, these alert-like ads are meant to mimic the traditional push notification in their design. Firstly, they are well-targeted, engaging, and less intrusive to the overall end-user experience. Additionally, they are able to increase an Advertisers’ onsite performance and a Publishers’ earnings, blending high-quality UX with market-tested returns. 

This format is red-hot, with loads of websites using it to monetize traffic, regardless of the content they’re running or the vertical they’re in. Also, what sets them apart is that they are shown directly to a Publishers’ website (once the advertiser has won the bid).

They also give advertisers multiple targeting options and the ability to reach new audiences.

What are the Unique Features of In-Page Push Ads?

The main way that In-Page Push Notifications differ from traditional push traffic is that they are displayed directly on the page. Additionally, this has proven itself to boost advertiser CTR and overall user engagement without being too obstructing to the site or its content. What are the core features that fall in line with In-Page Push? Firstly. 

  • The format resembles a standard push notification and therefore takes the form of a banner. 
  • It usually appears on the upper right-hand side of the site.
  • A headline, short description, and image are always included.
  • The banner will appear directly on a Publisher’s site once the bid has been won.  
  • Additionally, there is no requirement for onsite users to subscribe to receive them. 
  • In-Page push ads don’t require users to subscribe to receive them.
  • Additionally, they are compatible and run on almost all devices, including Mac and iOS. 
  • A CPC cost model is usually applied.
  • They have multiple targeting options, with the ability to reach new audiences.

Benefits of Running In-Page Push Campaigns

Site Compatibility:

In-Page Push Notifications are fully compatible with all devices and operating systems, including Mac and iOS. Clearly, this broadens the channels and targeting capabilities for a wider range of offers. 

Subscription Free:

Unlike traditional Push Notifications, users do not need to opt-in or subscribe to any display terms or settings. Moreover, In-Page Push is hard-coded into the site’s content on the publisher end, meaning advertisers can rest assured that their offers reach the end-user while increasing CTR’s. 

Maximum Reach:

In-Page Push mimics the same design as traditional Push Notifications but carries far less red tape regarding overall setup, targeting requirements, and site compatibility. Moreover, this means that advertisers get their offers displayed to a wider audience with a stronger chance of generating CTR’s. Additionally, publishers get to monetize traffic with quality offers that convert. Audiences stay engaged with relevant ads that carry onsite appeal without distracting from the site content. 

Instant Display:

When an Advertiser wins their chosen bid, the site will instantly display their offer on-site. Moreover, this means that In-Page Push can generate the widest possible reach in the shortest possible timeframe.  Additionally, this method also separates the serious from the non-serious prospects, whereby every traffic source that sees your ads is already actively engaging with the website and its content, which boosts an advertisers’ chances of making a conversion.

Seamless onsite integration:

In-Page Push Notifications are designed to blend into a site’s unique UX. They usually appear as a banner on the top-right screen of the page, with a short headline, description, and image. Moreover, they stay out of the way but are visually captivating enough to draw the right attention and generate increased CTR. 

Easy to set up

Networks like Adcash and others allow advertisers to input simple targeting parameters such as device type, zone, operating system, keyword, etc. This can be done on the Express platform and usually takes half an hour to set up. The creatives and copy are simple to build, and advertisers can use a host of different Spy Tool’s geared to In-Page Push for inspiration. Try out the Mobidea Push Spy Tool to see what your competitors are doing and get a little inspiration to help you in your next campaign. 

That said, what types of verticals and offers should you be going after to maximize your CTR? 

Leading In-Page Push Offers and Verticals to Target

When it comes to choosing the right offers for your In-Page Push campaign, there are a few verticals that have been performing consistently well since the format was originally introduced. These are,  

🏦 Finance (including Crypto)

💻 Utilities, which include VPN and Antiviruses, as well as Mobile Cleaners. 

🍿 VOD, or Video-On-Demand. 

🎰 iGaming (Casino)

❤️ Dating

🎫 Sweepstakes

In the wake of Covid-19, the world is still steadily adjusting to remote working and communication. Therefore any verticals that target a digital community in a fun, effective, and meaningful way stand to do well in the coming months.

Look for the products and services that people can onboard and interact with from the comfort of their own homes. Look for products that generate and maintain entertainment and communication channels with the outside world (VOD/Dating) and those that streamline and simplify working from home VPN/Anti Virus, etc.).

Additionally, any products and services that offer ways to generate secondary income streams are a strong fit for the current climate (Finance/Sweepstakes, etc.)

Lastly, what are some of the best ways for online advertisers’ to boost their clickthrough rates (CTR’S) and find the widest-reaching exposure on multiple channels? It all comes down to campaign creation, A./B Testing, and targeting. 

Tips for Boosting CTR with In-Page Push. 

At the end of the day, online returns take time and only start to accumulate with the right targeting and optimization tactics in place. Below are a few that these optimization tactics can put into practice immediately.

Generate and interchange multiple creatives:

Consumer interest changes quickly, and a campaign that worked today might find itself falling short tomorrow. Advertisers who generate 3 to 5 different creatives targeted and optimized for In-Page Push can swap out their creatives to meet consumer demand and changes in marketing trends. Always make sure you have an inventory of 3 or 4 campaigns ready to go. Build unique and captivating designs for each and change them out every so often. If budget allows, run a few of them simultaneously and see which generates the highest click-throughs. This brings us to…

Strategically A/B Test your In-Page Push campaigns:

Create two similar (but slightly different) In-Page Push campaigns and run them side by side to see which receives the highest click-through rates. You can analyze the results using a campaign tracker like Voluum or Red Track and build on the most effective version of the same offer. Find out about effective A/B Testing with this handy guide

Use your Ad Networks Inventory:

Partner with an Ad Network that carries a wide inventory of dedicated websites and publishers. Ensure that the network’s Supply Side Platform (SSP) is state-of-the-art and filled with rich content websites. When logging into the Adcash platform, under In-Page Push targeting options, you’ll see an option to use Adcash’s existing publisher inventory and another option to target other inventories. Start with the Adcash inventory and see where it takes you. This inventory has been painstakingly analyzed and approved to include only the best websites. 

Look into multiple traffic sources:

Find a few offers that fall under the above top-performing verticals and see how to optimize them to reach the widest possible traffic. Adcash does carry the option to advertise adult traffic. This option can be effective when placed on the right site, and advertisers can request further targeting tips via the Adcash support center or through a dedicated account manager. 

Run your campaign according to a CPC Costing Model:

CPC is by far the best costing model to run your In-Page Push campaign with. It’s a way for advertisers to pay for actual clicks generated on a given campaign. It’s also a way to track and advertise to the best possible traffic sources. When using the Adcash platform, select the CPC model and start with the suggested average price. Place a frequency cap of 1 click per day in the beginning and grow this over time once your campaign generates the traction you are looking for. 

And, with a few core targeting tips to increase CTR wrapped up, we’ll end off there. Catch you on the next one; thanks for reading, and remember, if, after a while, you find you’re not getting the full effect of In-Page Push, you can change over to your choice of multiple Ad Formats found on the Adcash Advertiser panel. Each has its own appeal and targeting capabilities. 

Check out the full Guide to Ad Formats. All the best on the road ahead, and power to you as we move into (yikes!) 2022.

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