How to Promote the Best Gambling Offers

The numbers are in, the wheel is spinning, and the cards don’t lie. Gambling is a BIG business, with no shortage of websites willing and waiting to host offers onsite.  And, there’s no better time than 2021 to ace your online gambling campaign.

Luckily, the art of online advertising is so much more than a game of chance. In fact, there are a host of effective strategies and techniques to help you topple the competition. Run the right campaigns, and stand victorious in the online gambling space. Let’s take some time to check out a few of them, including:  

  • Where to find the right offers.
  • Which ad formats convert the best on gambling.
  • How to target the best audience for your gambling campaign. 
  • Optimizing your gambling campaign for higher returns.

So let’s jump straight into it, starting with…

What are gambling offers?

We’ll tackle Sportsbetting more thoroughly in a later article. For this recap, gambling is the promotion of online casino services by affiliate marketers and direct brands. 

These offers come from casino platforms that host multiple gaming categories. 3 of the most popular being: 

Table games: which include video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and similar. This category can also encompass live casino experiences, which are promoted in digital studios. 

Video Slots: Ultimately, the most popular casino pastime. Slots can be broken down into different sub-categories, including progressive jackpots, new releases, featured slots, mega ways multipliers, and more. Colorful, immersive, and visually appealing slots offers can go a long way. 

Sportsbetting: A massive market with a global footprint. Sports betting comprises multiple markets and betting options, including horse racing and eSports. some of the biggest events include NBA Basketball and NFL Football. Most sportsbooks run 40+ categories at a time.

Why should you promote gambling offers in 2021? 

Let’s take a second to unpack why gambling offers are worth their weight in digital gold. With the world on prolonged lockdown in the wake of Covid-19, people are looking for ways to kill time and keep themselves entertained.

Online advertisers stand to gain top returns with well-targeted gambling offers. With the world being more receptive to online entertainment than ever before. 

And, here’s where Adcash can help you on the journey ahead. Specializing in online gambling and other high-impact verticals, where smart bidding technology places ads on the most applicable websites.

And with 250k+ conversions and 200+ million unique users per day, there’s no shortage of opportunities to reach global audiences. Speak to a team member, and we’ll help push your gambling campaign with top tips from gambling specialists. 

Moving swiftly along…

Payout models for promoting gambling offers.

For any affiliate/brand running gambling offers, the goal is to get new customers and first-time deposits. You can use different campaign payout models to achieve this. The most common are CPM & CPA Target

Both ensure higher competitiveness against other campaigns/advertisers bidding on the same ad spaces (aka zones).

CPM Bidding: As always, this model pays out every 1000 impressions. Therefore, ensuring your ads payout only once they have been seen by a big enough audience. 

CPA Target Bidding: This feature lets you set the CPA cost of what you’re willing to pay for each conversion. The targeting algorithm will then work to match or beat it.

This will allow you to input any bid adjustments quickly and painlessly and find the right traffic source to suit your campaign. Find out what you need to know about CPA Target Bidding right here.

And action needs to be taken by the customer, for the advertiser to recoup returns on ad spend. 

These parameters are usually set at the discretion of the casino. With the two most common being a new registration and/or a first-time deposit to the platform.

Top ad formats for promoting gambling offers?

The Adcash advertiser platform has 5 world-class ad formats to choose from. And, each has the ability to boost your gambling campaign’s traction on site. The 3 most effective being…

In-Page Push 

In-Page Push ads work well for both gambling and sports-related traffic sources. Alert-like notifications that are well-targeted, engaging, and less intrusive to the end-user experience.

As of 2021, a large number of sites are using them to monetize traffic to the fullest. They also come with strong targeting capabilities, giving advertisers multiple ways to increase their ROAS. Find out more about In-Page Push, right here. 

Pop-Under Ads

Pop-Under Ads have minimal disruption and top placements. They run behind the active browsing window and appear when a user is done with an onsite task.

Pop-Unders work especially well when used in unison with a good landing page. Using them in conjunction with a top sporting event or betting tournament will work well to generate maximum exposure.

Add a strong CTA to the fold and you’ll be winning before you know it. Find out all your need to know about Pop-Under ads right here


Interstitials are another way to get maximum exposure for your gambling/sports betting campaign. Their hard-coded 5-second countdown window guarantees a nice delay in exit times.

The full-screen frame lets advertisers get a little more creative, adding striking graphics, bold headlines, and colorful imagery. Cure banner blindness and find out more about Interstitial ads right here

Let’s dig into some targeting tips to make your gambling campaign jump off the screen.

Targeting tips for running gambling campaigns

Know your restrictions: Gambling is a strongly regulated entity, especially in the sports betting sub-sector. Always make sure you can advertise gambling offers or platforms in countries and regions that allow these offers.

Know the compliance factors and the restrictions of each geolocation. Direct brands can run their offers in more countries and regions than affiliates might have access to.

However, also keep in mind that bigger regions might be harder to break into. For this reason,  try targeting a few of your campaigns to geos that carry less competition. 

Test different devices: Test your campaign on multiple devices (Desktop & Mobile). Based on the data you get in the first few days, narrow your targeting down to the devices that work the best for your campaign.

For a better ROAS/CTR comparison, you may want to create two distinct campaigns, with one targeting Desktop, and one targeting Mobile.

Target different supply sources: Run two separate campaigns.  Geared one to Adcash direct supply sources, and the other to all other supply sources.

On the Adcash side, you’ll need to disable the “allow traffic from different supply sources” when optimizing your campaign in-panel.

Then with your second campaign, disable Adcash and keep all other supply sources running. See which tracks the best and target the top performer. 

User Interest Targeting: Make the most of User Interest Targeting by selecting the “gambling” interest. This will target your ads to users who have shown past interest in gambling-related content.

Select all supply sources when using this targeting method, and don’t hesitate to use the “spread” option on cappings to avoid spreading your budget too thin.

Website Category Targeting: In the case of SportsBetting, we recommend you target only the few website categories associated with “Sport.”

How to choose the right gambling offer. 

There is a multitude of different gambling offers that you can promote straight away. But, some are better than others, and it helps to do your research before diving in.

A good gambling offer makes money. But, other factors play a role too.

A simple registration process: The fewer hoops your traffic source has to jump through to get to the registration/deposit page, the better the offer stands to do.

Welcome Offer: Campaigns that carry strong player onboarding incentives always convert better than those that don’t. Look for casino platforms with generous Welcome Offers that will help sell the ad and the site. 

Quality UX: The site you’re sending traffic back to needs to be reputable and fast-loading. Any site with a subpar user experience will not bring in as many conversions. 

If you are on the lookout for your next gambling offer, the best way to find what works is to reach out to your affiliate manager, or Adcash account manager.

Use their experience and find your next top offer today. Reach out to remember the Adcash team for some free gambling campaign strategies and tips. 

Alternatively, you can scan offer banks like Mobidea and OfferVault.

These sites and others like them host thousands of offers for every vertical under the sun. All you need to do is plug in your search criteria and see what comes up. 

That’s about it for now. We’ll cover sports betting and some other top converting niches in the weeks to come, so stay tuned, keep running awesome campaigns, leave a comment, and all the best for the months ahead. 


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