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How To Run Gambling Offers in 2023

Gambling offers are larger than life and ultra-profitable. According to PR Newswire, the Global gambling and sports betting market will climb up to $516.03 Billion by 2030. We’ll run through our favorite targeting tips, optimization strategies, and creative elements to set you on your way. After we’re done, we hope you break the bank and hit the big time with gambling offers!

These offers include any pastime that involves wagering a stake on a game of chance with the hope of winning money in return. The vertical has an ocean of offers across every conceivable mini-market, including blackjack, roulette, online poker, video slots, sports betting, horse racing, lotteries, sweepstakes, bingo, e-sports, Fantasy League Football, and the list goes on.

With so many gambling offers, how do you narrow the playing field and target the right offers to suitable traffic sources?

Build your Gambling Offer Using the Right Creatives 

Developing and rolling out the right creatives is half the battle won. Your advertising style must match the offer. Be clear and concise. Always lead with a massive offer/incentive to ensure that your conversion funnel gets the player where they need to go in the shortest possible time. Here are a few things to remember when building campaign creatives for gambling offers.

Lead with Bonuses 🤑

What is the cardinal rule about gambling/sports betting offers? Players ONLY care about the offers, bonuses, and incentives they stand to gain from clicking on the ad. Lead with bright, bold, eye-catching rewards that drive home cash numbers. Things like “100% Match Bonus up to $1000“, “$500 Reload Bonus“, or “300 FREE SPINS” carry massive impact in casino/online gambling circles. Lead with the best offers, and you’ll never go wrong.

Boost Credibility 💯

Be vigilant. Scam casinos exist. It helps to differentiate your ads from fly-by-night sites. Add leading casino names, licensing, regulations, onsite payment methods/options, and even the odd contact detail to strengthen trust and drive home credibility.

Use Classy, Fun, or Aspirational Imagery 🖼

Gambling offers are all about color and vibrancy. Potential players are used to seeing (and much more likely to convert on) bright colors, exciting imagery, table selections, happy players, glitzy studios, cascading slots, and similar. You can choose to generate your creatives as… 

Classy/Sophisticated  Use black/gold/purple colors with chic, stylish, beautiful tables/people. 
Fun & Quirky  Use video slot characters on bright blue/pink/green backgrounds.
Aspirational Using piles of cash, private jets, and other wealth signifiers. 

Bring in More Numbers and Amounts 🔢

Sell the experience with number-backed statements. Things like “$100,000 in Bonuses,” “500+ video slots“, or “20,000 players have already won” will always work well and drive home FOMO.

Use Urgency and Countdowns ⏳

Urgency can be a potent tool for running gambling offers. Use statements like “Today Only,” “Hurry,” and similar, place countdown timers or ticking clocks and drive home the message that the offer you’re advertising has a limited window. 

Countdown Offer

Give a Clear Call To Action 👈

Make sure users from your traffic always know where they need to go and what they need to do to redeem your offer. Consider adding a short step-by-step infographic to your gambling offers that move them through the acquisition funnel, from registering onsite to creating an account and making the first deposit. Couple this with a strong, bold, and colorful Call To Action Button, giving your player a directive to “Play Now,” “Sign Up,” “Start Winning,” etc.

How to Find Top Traffic for Gambling Offers

You’ve found your offer, built your campaign, and chosen your creatives. All that’s left to do is find suitable traffic sources. That’s where an ad network comes in. Partnering with an ad network eliminates the middleman and acts as a go-between for online advertisers and websites. These networks place the right offer in front of the right traffic source, using cutting-edge targeting technology, smart bidding, and platform integration. Always consider the questions below before partnering up and working with an ad network. 

  • Which ad formats does the network have access to?
  • What are their fill rates, pricing, and/or payment options?
  • Do they run and specialize in gambling offers and traffic sources?
  • How extensive is their network of publishers and website owners?
  • Do they have unique features and optimization capabilities?
  • How robust is their anti-ad-block technology?
  • Do they have advanced reporting and statistics?
  • What is their level of transparency and ad compliance?

Tips for Running Top Gambling Offers

Check out the campaign creation/targeting tips below for higher conversions on gambling offers.

Find Your Market with User Interest Targeting 🎯

User Interest Targeting is a dynamic and easy-to-use targeting feature on the Adcash platform. It allows online advertisers to segment and target traffic based on their unique browsing preferences. Any users who’ve previously shown an interest in casino/gambling/sports betting campaigns will see similar offers whenever they browse a site. User Interest Targeting is known to produce higher results, with traffic communities preferring to see personalized ads that fall in with their unique browsing preferences. 

That said, getting the correct targeting and using the right keywords when running your gambling offer/casino campaign is essential. As mentioned earlier, gambling offers are split across a few core verticals/sub-sectors. When setting up your User Interest Targeting, be sure to not only select “Gambling” as your go-to category but also click on “Sports/Sportsbetting.” This way, you’ll be able to hit multiple players across different preferences.

Multiply Your Campaigns and Payout Models 💰

It’s always best to run two or three offers simultaneously. You’ll be able to Split Test your campaigns quickly and efficiently, seeing what resonates with your audience and throwing out the rest. Over time you’ll refine your gambling/sports betting campaign to its best possible version. We recommend you mix and match your ad formats and payout models to see which brings in the most traction when running these offers. Try running one campaign on a CPM model using Pop-Under (with three bids per country) and another with CPC, using Interstitial and/or In-Page Push.

Target Your Gambling Offer to Mobile 📱

Over the last few years, the global Online Gambling and sports betting community have been wagering funds and playing from their mobile devices more than ever before. A new generation of players who play exclusively from their smartphones are springing up. Be sure to target your campaigns to mobile devices to generate more traction and get more hits from prominent traffic sources.

Use the Right Gambling offer Ad Formats 🎰

We’ve touched on this point above, but specific ad formats work exceptionally well for Gambling/Sportsbetting offers. Combine these with the right creatives, copy, and CTA’s, and multiply your chances of hitting a conversion “jackpot.” Here’s our pick for the top 3 Ad Formats to use when running Gambling offers.

🟣  In-Page Push  🟣

These alert-like ads mimic traditional push notifications. In-Page Push ads are well-targeted, engaging, and less intrusive to the end-user experience. They also have multiple targeting options and a heightened ability to reach new audiences. 

🟣  Pop-Under  🟣

By appearing behind the active browser window, Pop-Under ads blend in and integrate with the onsite UX, staying out of sight until a user logs out of what they’re doing. And, as the last thing seen before logging out, they stay top of mind for the future. 

🟣  Interstitial  🟣

Appearing while a website or page loads, Interstitial ads can reach traffic with an immersive, tailored, and engaging ad experience. The ad also has a hard-coded 5-second countdown window, meaning a guaranteed delay in exit times and higher conversion capability.

Target the Right Geos 🌐

Depending on the gambling offers you’re promoting, you could target Tier 1, 2, or 3 geos. Tier 1 Geos are countries with the highest purchasing power and GDPs, like the UK or the USA, while Tier 2 Geos fall in the middle, with countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, or Russia forming part of this category. On the other hand, Tier 3 Geos belong to developing countries throughout Africa, Central America, and parts of Asia. 

Always position your offer in line with the purchasing power of the region you’re targeting. Casino lotteries do wonderfully well in developing countries, while progressive jackpots and welcome offers with a strong buy-in may perform effectively in Tier 1 regions. 

💡Tip: The online casino market is booming in India (Tier 3) and Japan (Tier 1).

Target CPA Bidding ✅

If you want to get the most out of your Gambling offers campaign budget, then activating our CPA Target Bidding is the way to go. This bidding feature, available with a few clicks on the Adcash Advertiser platform,  optimizes your campaign bids based on its Target and CVR to maximize conversion volumes while minimizing costs. In plain speech? CPA Target Bidding lets you maximize your onsite conversions by automating your campaigns. 

You must create a new gambling/sports betting campaign and set a Target CPA price. We’ll test your offer on various supply sources and pinpoint the best converting traffic segments. The Target CPA will place your gambling/sports betting campaign on the most relevant sites at a lower CPA (cost per acquisition) than you initially set. Get expert tips and real-world case studies for CPA Target Bidding right here.

Develop Strong Pre-Landers for Gambling Offers 💪

Using the right pre-landers is a surefire way to solidify your conversion flow. Ensure the advertising funnel is clear and distinctive, and get your players over to the signup page as quickly as possible. Things to note in a quality landing page include: 

  • A solid H1 headline with a supporting description. 
  • A unique selling point that immediately captures the attention of your audience. 
  • The core benefits/advantages of your offer.
  • Eye-catching images that show the product or service in use.
  • Where applicable, a video demo showing how the product or service works.
  • Proof of concept in the form of customer testimonials and ratings
  • A reinforcing statement or one-liner that eliminates any lingering doubt. 
  • And finally, an ultra-strong call to action results in lead generation, conversions, click-throughs, or any other sales metric you want to track down and secure.

Check out this guide to Landing Page Creation for further tips and helpful tools.

As always, feel free to reach out to us for tips and tools to scale your campaigns with industry-leading tracking and optimization strategies. We’re always happy to assist. 

Spin into red-hot conversions on the Adcash Advertiser Platform, and catch you on the next one. 

Bye for now.

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