Let’s talk about the new Adcash Site-Under!

About a month ago we released a new version of our highly successful Site-Under format, also known as Pop Under. To reflect on the results this new update has already produced we had a sit-down with our Head of Publishers Tarmo Tammel.

The Adcash Site-Under update included new JavaScript tags that are specifically designed to increase the earnings of our publishers. Our technology is faster and more resource efficient. In fact some of our partners have actually already seen an increase of up to 30% in impressions and revenue. So here’s a recap of our talk with Tarmo about the inner workings of Site-Unders in general and how the updated Adcash version can make real money for publishers.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is a Site-Under?

Site-Under is one of the most effective ad formats for monetizing any website’s traffic. The webmaster just needs to integrate our JavaScript tag on his site. The Site-Under opens in a new fullscreen window behind the browser once the user has clicked on the original webpage. High visibility is why a lot of advertisers set high payouts for such ads. For publishers the CPM payouts for Site-Under are generally much better than for any other display advertising format.

How to use Site-Unders effectively on a website?

This type of ads can be disruptive for site visitors if misused with refreshes and without frequency capping, which is why I recommend for any webmaster to set a frequency capping per user. The most effective is generally 1 impression in 1 hour per user. However, this depends on the website’s bounce rate. Interestingly the Site-Under is more effective when displayed at a lower frequency: this way the visitor is more likely to look at the landing page. If you start bombarding visitors with Site-Unders, the ads will most likely end up being closed even before they load. Keep in mind that it’s good to balance user experience and monetization.

How is the Adcash V3 different from other Site-Unders on the market?

Our newly released Site-Under version 3 tag uses sophisticated technology. We have invested in CDNs for ad serving to drastically reduce latency. Our Javascripts are static and served with the highest possible speed. We drive the visitor to advertiser landing page faster than any other network in the industry today. We have also integrated Adblock bypass in our new JavaScript to further enhance our advantage on other networks. Via Adcash technology we are able to either monetize both Adblock or non-Adblock traffic together or target each set of users separately. Many of our competitors generate 50% less impressions and that’s because they are using outdated technology, essentially wasting the potential of the website’s audience.

What kind of results for our partners has it produced so far?

We had an interesting situation earlier this week actually. A webmaster who had recently switched to the new version of the Adcash Site-Under, expressed concern over immediately doubling their impressions. He suspected that we do not respect capping. However, the surprising increase in impressions is actually simply explained by our ad serving speed and anti-Adblock solution. This particular client now generates nearly 50% more impressions with a 30% increase in earnings in comparison to their previous ad provider.

Now the only question that remains is of course how can you start making the most of this updated technology?

Active publishers displaying the Adcash Site-Under on their website can just log in to our publisher panel and generate updated tags under “Zones” section or contact your account manager for help.

If you are not yet registered with Adcash, we invite you to test our tags for yourself. Sign up here: https://www.myadcash.com/en/register.php

Still wondering why choose Adcash as your partner? We’ve been providing quality services globally for more than ten years already. We have valuable experience and we’ve put time and resources into developing our bleeding-edge technology that sets us apart from the rest.

Tarmo Tammel
Head of Publishers
Skype: tarmo.adcash
Email: [email protected]

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