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Higher ROAS! Performance Tab

Whether on top of your game or fresh out the gate, online advertising can be a tricky, rewarding ride; with a constantly shifting digital landscape and advanced ad-blocker technology, it pays to know the game. 

We know that with the game constantly evolving and the competition steadily rising, the more information you as advertisers have to go on, the better equipped you’ll be to pivot and optimize for maximum impact. 

So, we went to work. Creating and deploying the – Performance Tab! 🤯

Stay with us as we uncover what it is and how it can help make your advertiser experience much more convenient. We will also walk you through the main features and how they can be used, not forgetting about a few tips and tricks! 

Performance Tab 💥

Gone are the days where crucial metrics hide in multiple tabs or spreadsheets, and simply finding what you need to succeed is like climbing your own digital (daily) Mount Everest. 

So, let’s cut the optimizing time in half and dive into three new features on the Performance Tab, designed to:

  • Show you EXACTLY how many auctions in your campaign have participated. 
  • Reveal your campaign Win Rate (i.e., the percentage of auctions your campaign’s bid won and that, as a result, converted into actual ad impressions)
  • ROAS of your campaign. 

But before we get into that, a quick note on Ad Placement Bidding.  

Adcash (like, say… eBay) is entirely Auction Based, meaning the traffic source (ad placement) will always go to the highest bidder. 100% of the Publisher impressions we monetize are selling through auctions. Every single ad we show goes through a lightning-fast bidding process.

In a few milliseconds, we can gather all the bids from our advertisers, pick the highest one, and in doing so, redirect the impression to the highest bid. This algorithm processes up to 300,000,000 impressions in a single day! Indicating that the best possible placements are always upheld about the advertiser’s bid. 

Wow, what a mouthful! We want you to know how successful can you be when bidding for ad placements. And you can do that now with the – 

Auction/Win Rate Feature 🏆

Now you can see just how many auctions your campaign participated in, i.e., the number of opportunities the campaign received, which need to be displayed on site over a given period. (with the overall Impressions being displayed). 

The Win Rate is the ratio between Auctions and Impressions. I.e., if you’ve participated in 10 Auctions and generated 1 Impression, your WinRate would be 10%.

The image above shows 4,274,127 impressions and a Win Rate of 29.07%.

The Auction and Win Rate are additional metrics we’ve now made fully available to advertisers. It’s something that, until now, has not been available to customers. The purpose of making these two new metrics available is to reflect precisely how competitive a given campaign is by comparing it to/against the other campaigns fighting for that same traffic. 

It all comes down to transparency, where you as the advertiser can see precisely how many auctions you participated in, what your overall Win Rate percentage was, and what your coinciding ROAS will be. 

And, speaking of which, now you have the power to calculate and display your Campaign ROAS!

Campaign ROAS

Now, you’ll always be able to calculate and display your own ROAS on the Adcash  DSP platform.


Every time you get a conversion (be it an installation/registration/sale/deposit etc.), using our  “conversion value” tracking parameter, you’ll be able to monitor your Performance Tab and your resulting ROAS. 

Once only available on external tracking software, you can now get instant ROAS metrics at the click of a button. Your tracking and optimization strategy is now easier than ever, meaning you no longer need to cross-reference this data on multiple platforms. 

Keep in mind that while we are working to make your onsite adventure as fun and informative as possible, third-party trackers provide much more information than just calculating your campaign ROAS. They are a vital component of any advertiser’s toolkit. (RedTrack and Voluum being two of the biggest in the market today).

A Big Need To Know! 💯

You won’t be able to see this feature straight from the get-go. The ROAS metric works off your campaign data; to see it; you need to be transparent about the revenue you make and the traffic you’re buying on the platform.

So, every time you fire off a conversion, you would need to tell us the value for that conversion (i.e., the revenue you expect to make). You’ll need to enable the “value=” parameter in your postback tracking URL to do this.

From there, we can use this data to reveal the running ROAS and, in doing so, make your results more actionable and find out which types of traffic engage with your campaign the best! You can find out more about this here. 

So, there you have it. Three new metrics take your online advertising game to the next level. But we’re just getting started, and there’s more than meets the eye regarding the new Performance Tab. 

Select the Best Grouping Options 🤝

You can now filter your metrics according to various grouping options.


You can group all the essential metrics, including Geos, Creatives, Zones, Sources, OS Names, Browser Names, SSPs, and more! Also, you can add a secondary dimension and have better visibility on any combination of metrics, for example, Group by Zone + OS name or Zone + Geo. Finally, you can use the Performance tab built-in filter to narrow your campaign data.

Keep in mind that within that list of grouping options, there are specific points where you can edit your bid straight from the performance tab, based on the additional metrics we provide transparency for:

  • Geos (where you can edit/increase your bid straight from the interface).
  • Zone + Geos (as a secondary dimension).
  • Sources + Geos  (again, as a secondary dimension).

Check out the screenshot below, 600+% ROAS on a zone for which my win rate is 16.84%.

A 17% win rate is reasonable, but with such a high ROAS, there is room to boost the bid to increase the campaign reach and profit. 

Here are a few tricks 🤭

You want to:

  •  Raise your bid as you want to get more traffic because your ROAS and/or Conversion rate is great 


  • Lower your bid because your ROAS is marginally negative and you want to start spending less and eventually turn profitable

How to do it:

  • Edit the bid by clicking straight into the corresponding cell. Enter the desired bid, move away from the cell, and you are done
  • You can do that on Country, Country+Quality Tier level, or zone/source level.

Visit the full supporting article for tips to gain the upper hand when using the Performance Tab.

Full Transparency! In a click! 🤌

And speaking of excellent additional features, remember you can customize your payouts directly from the Performance Tab and exclude any zones or sources you don’t want to continue using.

All these metrics are fully integrated into the tab and give you, as the advertiser, full transparency when calculating your daily/weekly/monthly ROAS.  

And, when coupled with the Win Rate metric, you’ll always be able to pinpoint the zones that generate a consistently positive ROAS. The better the ROAS from the zone, the more incentive you’ll have to keep targeting your campaign to that traffic source, and in doing so, the better returns you stand to gain. 

And, as always, please feel free to reach out to your Advertiser Manager or any member of our dedicated support team, who would be more than happy to take you through the platform and provide tailored tips to meet your specific needs. You can find them right here.

Best of luck on the journey ahead. If you haven’t already, you can set up your new advertiser account right here 👇

and let us know how the Performance Tab works for you in the comments below! 

Bye for now!

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