Slam dunk your online advertising game during NBA

Will the Toronto Raptors be able to defend their title or will there be a new champion by the end of this season? NBA season is starting up again and the viewers are already on the edge of their seats. Advertisers and publishers both have a lot to gain from these games, that’s why it’s time to slam dunk your online advertising game during NBA with Adcash.

Who wouldn’t want to have as many rings as Bill Russell from the Boston Celtics? Those rings are earned though. So, amp up your performance marketing strategy, because now’s your chance to piggyback on the success of the NBA game season.

How to advertise during NBA

We’ve got a huge high-quality sports supply that can boost your ad revenue significantly. If you want your ad strategy to be as good as Lebron James’ NBA preseason vision has been then taken note of the following tips.

Countries to target

The best countries to target during the games are the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Based on the last season’s results, these countries also had great NBA related traffic – Asia: Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand; Europe: France, Poland, Germany, Turkey; Central and South America: Brazil, Mexico.

When and how to run your campaigns

There’s a game every day, so basically there’s no wrong time to run your ads. We do recommend to definitely run your ads around the time of the bigger televised games, which will most likely bring in more revenue. You can check the full game schedule out here.

The key dates of NBA season:


If you’re only targeting our sports verticals then be sure to run your ads with an open budget and no spread during the games. Have a wide enough daily budget to reach the crowds. Our Advanced campaign creation tool allows you to target more granular website verticals making sure that you’ll be reaching the most ideal audience for your sports ads. As shown in the example below:

website vertical targeting options

Ad content

Make sure that your ads have a basketball theme. Be prepared for the games and create eye-catching, even flashy ads with NBA thematic. Sports season allows you to be slightly more out there with your creatives. In addition, use NBA or basketball-related content and designs on your landing page(s).

As long as you tie your product to the theme in a clever manner there are really no limits on what offers you can advertise. E.g. e-commerce ads about basketball jerseys might work as well as news ads promoting your website’s sports section. Nevertheless, sports betting offers are the best match for this traffic type.

nba banner         nba banner 2

Ad formats

Most of our sports supply is on Pop, Banner and Interstitial formats. There’s huge opportunity to get a lot of traffic during the games, thus build up your views before the games take place.

We also recommend using Push Notifications together with other ad formats. Push ads are extremely effective in reaching a specific target audience via attractive offers that grab users’ attention on the fly. That’s why your call-to-actions have to be on point. Including the team names in your Push ads will improve your click and conversion rate significantly. This type of campaign is extremely effective when you’re using them leading up to and during the game. You might also want to increase the frequency of ads show when the event is getting closer.



Payment models

If you’re able to track conversions, use our CPA Target payment model. The extremely advanced automated optimization technology generates the best results based on your conversion target.

In case you cannot track your conversions, we recommend using CPM for Pop-Under ads.

We recommend using CPC for Banner, Interstitial and Push. This will ensure that you’re only paying for the users who show interest in your creatives.

In order to reach the highest quality and volumes of traffic within the sports vertical, we suggest to either double or triple the average bid.

Monetization strategy for the NBA season

Before Drake got involved with the Raptors the team hadn’t made the playoffs in 5 years. Did they get good because Drake became their “global ambassador” or will the #Drakecurse eventually follow the Raptors as well? Don’t leave your monetization results up to chance. Take control and make sure that you receive the best benefits possible.

There’s great demand on the advertisers’ side, as we have a huge amount of advertisers who are interested in sport-related supply and are running related campaigns. Adcash offers the highest eCPM value per user, plus fast and flexible payment options. In terms of formats, some are more popular for sports than others. We especially have a large chunk of Pop-Under ads matching your community’s interest.

NBA website monetization

Use NBA related keywords

Use specific game or NBA related keywords in your content and page URL. However, there’s much more to keyword visibility than this! In order to find out more, please contact our team.

NBA keyword targeting for online advertising


Create a perfect setup for NBA

There’s a fine line between monetization effectiveness and overwhelming your community with tons of ads from many different ad providers. Adcash keeps the high rates up to 10 impressions per user. Having only an Adcash tag with no frequency capping brings much better results than to spam your community with a mixture of intrusive ads from other ad networks throughout the event.

Adcash’s sports-related setups are available on request. If you want to be confident that you’re getting ultra well-optimized ads then please get in touch with your Publisher Manager or our Support team to get the full benefit (read: more 💰💰💰).


You got it! 

Now, all there’s left to do is to get ready for the season. Trust us, that way you’ll be enjoying the benefits real soon. Start and slam dunk your online advertising game during NBA with Adcash. See ya at the courtside seats!

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Hi Ramazan, Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate it. The NBA is always a sure-fire win for online advertising. Especially when targeted to the right GEOs. Catch you at the next game!!

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