Top Online Advertising Tools for 2021

So with a promising year ahead, it’s time to unpack a few of the top tools that every online advertiser needs to succeed for 2021. We’ll treat this as a progressing list (that may just get longer by the day), but to start off, we’ll cover two of our favorites from each category. So, without further delay, let’s jump straight into it with…

Affiliate Networks

An online advertiser’s bottom line is only as good as the Affiliate Network they choose to side with. The ultimate intermediary between publishers and advertisers, Affiliate Networks keep the wheel turning and the conversions moving forward.  


A mobile-based CPA affiliate network that’s been in the game since 2011 and going stronger than ever. With more than 2000 mobile offers at their disposal, Mobidea is the go-to portal for high converting mobile traffic. And, with 62% of digital sales having stemmed from mobile in the last few months, it’s no surprise that mobile traffic counts more than ever. Use the top CPA driven advertising methods to grow your overall user base and take your marketing acquisition to the next level! 

Some of the features of the Mobidea affiliate network include:

Post Event Optimization, where the platform automatically gets a series of notifications to help identify unqualified leads and eliminate them, leaving you with the lion’s share of high-quality traffic and conversions. 

Day Parting, which allows your top campaigns to be shown only at the time of day (or night) where they are most beneficial to the end-user, and in turn, maximize your overall profits. 

Fraud Free Traffic ensures only the highest quality traffic is sourced and curated by the platform. Troublesome bots, spam sites, and phishing attempts are officially a thing of the past.

Finding the right offer to go with your traffic has never been easier. Now you can head over to the Mobidea dashboard and instantly gauge the effectiveness of the ad you’re looking for, based on details like the offer number, the vertical it belongs to, the number of accepted operating systems, country restrictions, EPC potential and so much more. 

Click Dealer 

Then, there is ClickDealer. This cutting edge performance marketing platform, provides top online advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers alike, with a wide range of advertising services to fit any situation. Specializing in all major verticals including, E-commerce, mobile entertainment, social networking, and more. With the widest array of sizes and formats for your ads to be displayed in, the potential for increased growth is unparalleled. The results? Increased campaign profitability, of course! 

Just some of the formats ClickDealer specializes in include…

Which contains multiple opportunities to reach your audience, including the highly popular Interstitial Ad.

Where a narrow segment of all social traffic is targeted, ensuring you get the most granular results every time. 

Allows you to utilize a market-tested, user-friendly format that remains highly enticing, organic in its audience interaction, and appealing all around. 

Moving swiftly along to…

Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are the first line of defense for any online advertiser looking to generate a strong ROI, and with so much demand for quality landing page software flooding into the market, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here’s our pick for two of the better ones out there today. 


It’s never been easier to build high-quality landing pages for your online advertising campaign. And now, you can do that every time with InstaPage. The software offers features such as A/B Testing, multiple campaign management, easy page building, and a lot more! From creation to publishing and analytics to tracking. Instapage manages it all. 

Tap into the power of InstaPage today and get access to top features, including…

World-Class Landing Pages
Create relevant, engaging, and mobile responsive landing pages in a few easy steps, with a wealth of formats and backgrounds to choose from. 

Optimize your landing pages for increased conversions with a series of cutting edge A/B testing protocols that ensure you target the right audience straight out the gate, every time! 

Page Loading Time
Capture your user’s attention with super quick landing pages that are able to process and load in the blink of an eye. 

Moving along to a landing page builder for all seasons. This is the magic of…


Capture top leads every time, with ultra high-converting landing pages that can be tailored and optimized to your own unique specifications.  The best part? You don’t have to be a developer to excel with Unbounce. Far from it, in fact. The platform is so easy to use and quickly launches an army of templates in the shortest possible timeframe. The age of fast and affordable landing pages has arrived. Find your right audience today, with Unbounce. 

Just some of the features you stand to get when you log into Unbounce include…

The ability to create your ideal landing page
The platform contains a whole host of customizable templates with the option to implement your own JavaScript and CSS. This puts all the best aspects of the creation process back into your hands and allows you to play around with various styles and formats. 

Skyrocket your ROI
Now you can get the absolute best of cutting edge conversion power with the Smart Traffic feature, as well as the ability to constantly test and refine your pages to know what’s working and do away with what isn’t. Try out different messaging styles, design formats, etc., and see where the majority of your traffic is coming from. 

And last but not least, with so many different templates to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find that one true eye-catching gem that is sure to bring the conversions rolling in. Try out the super simple drag and drop builder and have your landing out the door faster than you can say “ROI Central”! 

Now it’s time to turn the attention over to all things…


With so many competing products, advertisers, sites, and software on the market today, it pays to know if your campaign is converting to the moon and back or getting lost in the endless ether of information overload the world is so accustomed to. That’s where trackers come into play. Get the information you need to up your game and keep your competition guessing. Know what works, and for that matter, how to make it work for you! Every time! 


The go-to performance marketing analytics software for digital advertisers and marketers alike. Put the power in your hands when you track, manage, and optimize your paid and organic traffic sources straight from one super easy to use platform. With a host of constantly updated features and algorithms in place, Voluum is a force to be reckoned with in online advertising today.

Speaking of awesome features, just some of the perks that come with being a member of the Voluum team include…

Cutting Edge Traffic Distribution
Based on the unique information of a given user, this intelligent system diverts traffic to the best performing landing pages and offers, to ensure top-converting traffic. The feature does this by analyzing the previous data of a given campaign, so when a new visitor comes online, it places them into a funnel that yields a higher chance of potential conversions. This all happens in an instant. 

Fraud Prevention
Never lose money on fake traffic again. The platform works around the clock, every second of every day to ensure that suspicious visits of all forms and variations are stopped in an instant.

Mobile Alerts
Monitor your advertising campaign performance from anywhere in the world and at the touch of a button with a series of handy mobile alerts that get sent straight to your pocket. Whether it’s some noticeable spikes in conversions, budget notifications, or monthly reports; you’ll always be kept in the loop.

Now it’s time to check out the best of…


Your one-stop destination for all cutting edge media buying/online advertising activities. Never be in the dark again with this industry-leading ad tracking and conversion attribution solution. Increase your optimum efficiency and coinciding revenue tenfold when you stay on the pulse of your campaign’s own unique performance metrics. RedTrack gives you the most accurate data for each impression, click, and conversion, and all at the click of a button. Monitor the performance of your campaigns and save hours of tedious legwork and research.

Some of the features of the RedTrack platform include…

State of the art Campaign Tracking and automation
Get to grips with how your campaign is performing with handy overviews of metrics including overall clicks, ad impressions, conversions, and more, with an entire suite of tracking capabilities designed to make your online advertising journey smooth as can be. You can also use several other custom domain URLs for different forms of event monitoring.

Minute by Minute Reporting
With an extensive range of reporting options and multiple data attribution points, you can now see how your campaign is doing in terms of its overall conversions, creatives, and landing pages, among others. You can also track events across all traffic sources, and monitor the results from a multitude of different affiliate networks.

Advanced Landing Page Management
This top of the range landing page management system allows you to rotate your different landing pages and run multiple offers to gauge which are most effective and refining as you go. And, of course, with security being the ultimate aim, all landing pages are protected against spy tools, other bots, and even your competition.

Spy Tools

Let’s face it. An entirely original campaign can be hard to come by. With an ocean of ingenious ideas put out to the market daily, it sometimes (well, always) helps to know what the competition is doing. A CTA here and a keyword tweak there. And, before you know it, a few common campaign components give way to extraordinary conversions. So, watch and learn with these Spy Tools. 


With a fully accessible database of 17 million+ ads, spanning 48 networks and encompassing  92 countries, Anstex is the go-to Spy Tool destination for advertisers who specialize in Native and Push traffic to promote their offers. The method is as plain and simple as it gets. Head over to the site, analyze what works (and what doesn’t), and give your competitors a run for their money with the ultimate campaign boost. 

Some of the top Anstrex Features include…

Legendary Landing Page Ripper
Ah yes! The Landing Page Ripper, the go-to for any seasoned affiliate and a sure-fire way to know what works and what doesn’t. Get screenshots of top converting landing pages and see what you can use in yours. You can also automatically edit this landing page to your liking with the “Download and Deploy” option. This nifty feature automatically uploads the entire landing page to your server, complete with CSS, images, js, and more. From there… it’s yours to make it work. 

Alexa and SimilarWeb Integration
With this being the age of voice search, Anstrex now also has the ability to filter and sift through ads based on their own unique ranking, in the eyes (or rather, voice chip) of the all-powerful  Alexa. This allows you to know instantly which creatives and/or domains have top position rankings according to the niche you are targeting. Added to that, you can also get instant access to the SimilarWeb plugin, which lets you find similar pages within your given niche that are also ranking at a high capacity. 

Advanced Filter Options
With a host of filtering options, you’ll always be able to find the right campaigns to derive the most information from, whether you are focused on a common product category or some far-flung niche that no one’s heard of yet. Anstrex knows what you’re after and presents it to you in an easy to use filter feature, including, but not limited to…

  • Category Filter
  • Ad Network Filter
  • Language Filter
  • Country Filter
  • Affiliate Network Filter

Moving swiftly along to the many wonders of…


Seasoned affiliates around the world recognize this gem as being top of the game when it comes to competitor insights. With a wide range of specialties in multiple different traffic sources and platforms, Adplexity contains a wide variety of different spy tools that exclusively cater to every campaign imaginable. With a presence in 75 countries and a host of 40+ traffic sources, Adplexity is an online advertiser’s dream!

Some of the many features of the Adplexity platform include…

Advanced Filtering Options
As with their Spy Tool counterparts, Adplexity prides itself on tailoring your search criteria to the tee. With their range of advanced filtering options, you can sift through the noise and find the campaigns you most resonate with, in the shortest possible time frame. Search for campaigns according to different…

  • Keywords.
  • Categories.
  • Ad types.
  • Publishers.
  • Advertisers.
  • Traffic networks.

100+ Affiliate Networks to pick and choose from
Search for your ideal campaign based on the category and find which of the wide variety of affiliate networks hold the right results. You can also dive deeper into the offer itself to uncover (and test out) the best variety of creatives, landing pages, traffic networks, and more!

Up to the minute Statistics
Every time you find an offer that’s worth pursuing, you can check out the various metrics displayed, allowing you to get real-time insights on the overall performance of a given campaign. Split your information and gauge statistics according to different trends, targeted devices, top publisher placements, and the coinciding traffic sources being used. 

And last but not least, as we reach the end of our recap into the wonderful world of online advertising tools to make 2021 sparkle and shine, let’s take a look at the core building block of any solid campaign. That of course, being…

SEO Tools

Any campaign that’s worth its weight in digital gold has to, and I mean HAS TO, be acknowledged by Google (and a few other key search engines). If your campaign is not ranking, it will not be seen and likewise, if your campaign is not seen, it’s certainly not ranking (a little virtual paradox to keep in mind). So, how do you rank? Well, the good news is that SEO tools these days are so advanced, they tend to do most of the legwork for you. Here are two of them.


If you haven’t heard of these guys, you have now. SEMrush is one of the top SEO tools on the market today and the undisputed don of all things digital. It is a tool that works around the clock to improve your site’s online visibility, discovering marketing insights along the way and providing you with an almost endless list of tools and reports to help you step up your SEO, in line with keyword research, campaign management, marketing insights, and campaign rankings. 

Some of the features in the SEMRush platform include…

Position Tracking Tool
Improve your search rankings straight out the gate with this nifty tool. Track your site/campaigns position for a host of different keywords and group them according to various high impact tags. 

Competitor Research
This tool gives you a window into what your competitors are doing in terms of their own SEO. It shows you where they are currently ranking on Google and for what. This gives you a unique opportunity to pinpoint and target similar (or identical) keywords, which in turn gives you the potential to rank higher and attract more users to your content. 

Keyword Magic Tool
One of the most comprehensive keyword research tools in online advertising. This tool allows you to pinpoint new and exciting keyword opportunities to use in your latest or upcoming campaign. This tool has a built-in competition score, so you can identify keywords that are a little more niche and would ultimately rank better.

Surfer SEO

A go-to platform for all things SEO, specifically known for its ability to assist in fully optimizing written content. The Surfer SEO tool automatically analyzes your site or campaign content by sifting through 500+ on-page signals. From there, it provides you with the metrics to rank higher and optimize for better keyword placement. The platform also has a fully integrated keyword research tool with the ability to analyze and recommend page 1 SERPs for the specific words you are targeting. 

A few of the features that make your SEO optimization a whole lot easier include…

The SERP Analyser
The platform’s signature tool and a game-changer in “Do it Yourself” SEO for the masses. The SERP Analyzer feature breaks down your  SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and refines them according to the keywords that carry the most in page traction. The SERP feature gives you access to a host of different insights, including. 

  • The average word count.
  • The keywords frequency on a given page.
  • The page speed.
  • The character count in title tags.
  • The potential of the given Alt text.

Sentiment Analysis
So, this is an interesting one and a must-have when running campaigns in different regions. The Sentiment Analysis feature identifies natural language and implements it across all content. It uses cutting-edge algorithms to predict and replicate different regional figures of speech, dialect restriction, and the like. Now you can see if the content you’re putting out is construed as positive, negative, or neutral. Granted, this doesn’t help much in the way of hardcoded SEO gains, but it can go a long wait to knowing whether your speaking to the right region and how the audience is reading your messaging, especially if you have limited characters or space to play with.

And then you’ve got the…

Content Editor Tool
In a nutshell, this awesome feature allows you to outline and write content that’s entirely optimized for a host of different search engines. Once you’ve written your content, a built-in crawler will scan the content for LSI keywords, and where applicable suggest them. LSI’s are basically signified, that alert search engines that the copy is genuine, original, and that it’s been written with a keen knowledge of the given subject. All very good indicators for Google. It’s as simple as that really. The tool will give you the exact keywords you need as well as analyzing page 1-5 search results for further insights. All that’s left then is for you to add them in and presto! You’re an SEO whizz before you even know it.

Phew! That’s it for now. With so many online advertising tools on the market today, we’ll refine this list as we go. What’s important now is that you hit the ground running in your 2021 online advertising journey and rake in bigger and better ROI’s as you go. 

Let us know how it’s going? We’re keen to hear it, and as always, you can reach out to us any time of the day or night for questions, queries, and heck, just to say hi! 

Wishing you the best for 2021 and a profitable road ahead.

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Geoff Kukard on Mar 04, 2021 at 11:29 am

Hi Denise. Only a pleasure and thanks for the comment. Yup, Semrush is a gem!

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I am personal user of Semrush, its very nice tool. Thanks for the information.

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