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How to Ace the Adcash Publisher Platform

We’re back with another Q&A session! This time we’ll be tackling Adcash Publisher platform questions.  We’ll cover topics like full-screen ad placement and profitability tips, selecting suitable ad formats, payment terms, platform filtering, and more! 

Now over to Marouan Bouhachi, a top Senior Sales Manager and a guy that knows the Adcash Publisher platform like the back of his hand. Take it away, Marouan! 

Oh, and before we jump in. If you’re pressed for time, a quick recap will do the job; check out the video below.

Which Ad formats pay out the most? 🖥

When you log onto the platform, you’ve got five different formats to choose from. These are Pop-Under, Interstitial, In-Page Push, Native and Banner ads. 

Our pick for two consistently profitable formats (in terms of overall earnings and fill rate) would have to be  Pop-Under, closely followed by Interstitial. 

Both formats consistently provide higher offer visibility, regardless of niche. In doing so, advertisers are usually willing to pay a premium for them, meaning more robust returns for click-throughs, installs, etc. 

In-Page Push and Native ads act as complementary monetization options when used in collaboration with others.

As a general rule, test out the above in various combinations, and based on the level of engagement you receive from your traffic, you’ll know which to side with moving forward. 

What are the best ad placements? 📍

There’s no generic answer to this question. It really does depend on several onsite factors that you, as the publisher, have control over. 

Every website is different, and the best placements will always depend on how the website is structured.

Factors to consider include the type of content that appears on the site and its general location. User legacy is vital in terms of their previous and current level and consistency of engagement. 

As a general rule, some good ways of regulating ads could be to place them close to and around specific Calls to Action on the site.

Traffic sources are primed to engage at this point in the site interface and may be more likely to click through to an eye-catching offer when it appears in the sales funnel. 

Placing Interstitial ads on transition pages is a good strategy. There is a guaranteed few seconds between transitions where Interstitials will expose the audience to (and hopefully interact with) the offer. 

At the end of the day, it’s all up to the creativity of the webmaster to find the sections on the site that will garner the strongest visibility for the strongest returns on ad placement.

How can I make full-screen ads user-friendly? 🤝

If you’re a webmaster with a quality website and a steady flow of incoming traffic and want to start increasing your earnings, your ads mustn’t discourage traffic from browsing your site.

No audience wants to be bombarded by a sudden spike in ad activity. It needs to be gradual and considered if you’re scaling up your ad visibility.

The trick is to ramp up the full-screen ads working BUT keep the balance between ad frequency and overall user experience. Our new Autotag feature allows you to do just that while combing the three top-performing ad formats. 

There’s a wide variety of publisher platform features that you can use to make this happen.

For example, you can opt to use the “trigger by delay” feature, ensuring that your end traffic source only sees your ads at the times of day you want them to be shown.

Or the time of day when your website carries the most traffic potential. 

You can also separate and filter your onsite ads according to desktop or mobile traffic or exclude specific countries and/or regions from viewing your ads.

You can also try and use the interstitial overlay, which ensures full-screen ads never cover your website entirely, allowing your user experience to stay as engaging and seamless as possible. 

Different options suit different websites. The right tactics are more often than not case-specific. Reach out to your publisher manager or any support team member to find a unique and tailored approach for your onsite traffic demands. We’re always happy to help. 

How do I ensure top placement when I can’t see my ads? 🤔

A website owner’s onsite setup (i.e., options pre-selected in the publisher platform) may carry restrictions that inhibit their own front-end ad visibility.

For example, you head onto your publisher account as a webmaster and insert a few different format tags (say pop-under, interstitial, and banner). You only discover two of the three formats when you check to see if they’re working; rest assured, this does not indicate a faulty tag or some other integration error. 

The most likely cause is that your own unique setup restrictions on your publisher account prevent you from seeing one or more particular ad formats.

For instance, your account does not fall within the base you’re targeting in your setup (i.e., you’re targeting Columbia but based in the United States).

Other factors include the target base you’re gearing your site towards, the browser language, the device, the operating system, etc. 

It does, however, help to check your VPN access and/or AdBlock installation. This may be an additional factor preventing your ads from being shown.

How do I increase my earnings? 🤑

There’s no doubt that everyone wants to increase their earnings. We’ll cover this question from two perspectives—the first relating to traffic. The goal here is to focus on acquiring better-paid traffic, primarily found in tier 1 sources.

This type of traffic has a higher eCPM and better conversion rates. In addition, we can divide this tier one traffic into different kinds of sub-traffic, with certain types working better than others.

For example, social media-centric traffic proves to be more profitable than other types of traffic. 

Then if we look at the same question from an ad format perspective, you can always try to implement different ad combinations onsite. The pop/interstitial dual integration always works a charm. 

How do I check my earnings on the publisher panel? ✅

When reviewing your stats, we recommend breaking them down according to three elements, running according to ad format, zone, and country. We do this to ensure that the information stays accurate and the insights are never biased. 

What are the payment terms? 💸

The foremost thing to know – in Adcash, we offer the following payment types:

  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Tether (USDT)

Payment terms and methods are frequently asked questions and with good reason. We have recently updated our payment frequency and terms settings to make your payments with Adcash more convenient! 

Now you can request payments at any moment!

In addition, we’ve added two new settings! 

New faster payment frequencies – this setting specifies how often the payment requests are created.

  • Monthly – every month, auto-billing starts on the 3rd of each month.
  • Bi-weekly – every second week, auto-billing starts on Tuesdays.
  • Weekly – every week, auto-billing starts on Tuesdays.

New customized payment terms – this setting specifies how fast your payment is paid after the request. 

  • NET + 30 days – Default terms. No amount retained.
  • NET + 15 days – 3% retained from payment amount.
  • NET + 7 days – 5% retained from payment amount.
  • NET + 1 day – 10% retained from payment amount. 

NB! The previously mentioned changes are only related to the manual payment requests. The auto-billing settings remain the same.

If you are unable to request payment, it means one of the following cases applies:

  • You have already requested a payment.
  • Your account balance has not reached the minimum payment threshold (25 EUR/USD).

Check out the complete guide to learn more about the payment frequency and terms updates! 👇

Also, feel free to reach out to your publisher manager to discuss a unique payment solution that fits your expectations. 

That’s it from our side. Feel free to reach out to Marouan personally or leave a question/comment in the box below, and we’ll get back to you soonest. Have a rocking good online adventure!

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