Ready to fight the Chrome adblocker?

We recently discussed the Google Chrome built-in adblocker feature. As we all know, the update initial Chrome update will come into effect on January 23rd with the built-in adblocker fully in place on February 15th. We’ve put some serious research into this and we want you to know that you can fully trust us to fight for you with the best solutions for both, our publishers as well as advertisers.

Here’s what we know

Ads will be affected on sites that are blacklisted either by the Abusive Experiences report, which will be put into play starting from January 23rd or the Better Ads standards. So far it’s clear that Abusive Experiences will prevent, for example, opening new tabs and windows, while the Better Ads standards restrict advertisements that can be intrusive or annoying for the user experience. Although ads that do not comply with the Google Chrome guidelines will be blocked, Google will notify publishers itself as well if what they display is considered unsuitable.

What next?

Publishers can use this tool to check if they’ve been affected and if their sites have been blacklisted by either of the lists. You can keep an eye on the live deployment of the Chrome releases here. However, we also suggest you start taking action. If you have a publisher account with Adcash and you find your sites blacklisted, contact your account manager or our support team and we’ll personally help you get your earnings back up. If you’ve not been blacklisted – good! – but we suggest you use our ads exclusively. We believe this way there’s a greater chance you won’t be blocked in the future.

In any case – whether you’re already a publisher with Adcash or not yet – we can assure you that we’ll have the best and stable solutions to help you protect yourself and continue serving ads successfully.

If you have any questions or need help on this matter, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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