Red Hot Verticals: 2022

Red Hot Verticals. As 2022 looms large, we find ourselves at the end of a weird few years. The Covid-19 pandemic arrived quickly, hit hard, and changed buying behavior for the foreseeable future. Overnight, the global consumer market moved online like never before, with one strong message reverberating throughout the world. “STAY HOME!”

That’s just what we all did, and… it shows. According to Statista, In 2020 alone, e-commerce sales worldwide reached $4.28 trillion and are expected to climb to $5.4 trillion in 2022.


Red-Hot Verticals in 2022

These days, the mass majority of consumers have no choice but to find their retail “salvation” online. For the most part, we’re all still working from home (partly at least) and looking for ways to interact with the outside world, keep ourselves entertained, and find a little self-betterment along the way. 

Any product, service, or offer that is able to fulfill customer needs from the comfort of their own home is a sure-fire winner for 2022. For the most part, we’re all a little bored (or is it just me?) and online advertisers from every corner of the globe should be taking this reality and using it to promote offers around online entertainment, ways to stay fit and healthy, ways to make money online, ways to find love, ways to learn new skills and ways to automate.  

Adcash Picks for the Best Performing Verticals 2022 

If you’ve been in the game a while, you’ll be well aware that there are any number of leading verticals to promote in 2022 that drive online entertainment and sociability, while bringing in the best conversions and Returns on ad Spend. That said, after going through our Adcash archive for the last few months, here is our pick for the best 3 verticals expected to rock 2022. 

🍿 VOD (Video on Demand) & Streaming

It’s hard to believe there was a time where you had to record for later, rush around frantically between commercial breaks and wait an eternity for your favorite shows to come on. VOD has changed the game for good. Companies like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and others provide infinite libraries of shows, documentaries, and movies that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. And with the VOD market expected to soar to USD 87.1 billion by 2024, online advertisers are sure to gain some of the highest payouts and conversions along the way. 

Top VOD Ad Formats Interstitial, Pop-Under
Recommended Bidding Model  CPAT (targeting registrations and subscriptions)
Adcash Targeting  Features URL Keyword, Website Categories

📲 App Installs (including VPN, Adblockers and Android Cleaners)

Our second place undoubtedly belongs to App Installs. This market is absolutely massive and gaining traction with every passing year. According to Statista, on average, 250 million app downloads take place every single day with the overall market expected to hit $27 billion by 2022. If you haven’t started already, App Installs are a great way to bring in premium conversions, year on year. Keep in mind that the highest App Install traffic globally has gone to VPN services, and this doesn’t seem to be changing. However, there is a new player in town. Android Cleaners apps, which clear up cache, and eliminate junk files (among other things) will also have a strong pull in the new year. 

Top App Install Ad Formats Pop-Under, Interstitial
Recommended Bidding Model  CPAT (targeting installs)
Adcash Targeting Features User Interest, URL Keyword (for VPN especially)

🎰 Gambling, (including Casinos and Sports Betting, and Sweepstakes)

Our number three position goes to all things gambling. When it comes to gambling, Advertisers have no shortage of offers to run, with sub-sectors including blackjack, roulette, online poker, video slots, sports betting, and more. This ultra lucrative vertical is expected to climb up to $516.03 Billion by 2030 alone and holds some of the strongest traffic of any sector.  Find out all you need to know about Running Gambling Offers 

Top App Install Ad Formats Pop-Under, Push Notifications, Interstitial
Recommended Bidding Model  CPM/CPAT
Adcash Targeting Features URL Keyword, Website Categories

Other Top Verticals for 2022

The above three verticals are sure to boost your conversion flow for 2022 and beyond, but there are some other strong verticals that blend in well with remote work and online purchases. These include: 

Online Delivery

🥡 Fast food. 

🥗 Groceries. 

🛍️ eCommerce products. 

Finance and Investments

💰 Making money online. 

📈 Trading.

💸 Cryptocurrency.

💲Currency conversion.

Health & Beauty/Nutra

🥒 Sports/Nutritional supplements.

🏋🏽 At-home exercise equipment.

🏃‍♀️Weight loss products. 

💄 Skincare, makeup, and cosmetics

Adcash Targeting Tips for 2022 Verticals 

So, with the above said, how do you stand out from the noise and promote the best offers this 2022? We’ll to start with, you’re going to want to side with the Right Ad Network. 

What to look for in an Ad Network? 

It’s easier than ever to partner with the right ad network, but as with any profitable sector, there are always bad seeds to steer clear of. Some ad networks spring up overnight, promising top returns, only to be out the door the next day and never seen or heard from again.

That’s why it’s critical to know who you’re partnering with before signing up for an Ad Network. Track record, credibility, and range of services go a long way to finding the ad network that’s right for you. 

Here are a few core points to keep in mind when choosing the right ad network.

  • Available ad formats provided.
  • Fill rates, pricing, and/or payment options.
  • Special features and optimization capability.
  • Extent and level of platform anti-ad-block technology.
  • The overall ability for reporting and statistics.
  • Transparency and ad compliance.
  • Company reputation.
  • Support team capability.

A Word on Adcash?

Plain and simple? We’re a globally recognized online advertising platform that delivers top converting ads to every corner of the earth, through our own exclusive publisher network and 200+ Supply Side Platforms (SSPs). Register your Advertiser account today and get access to a range of cutting edge Bidding Features, including: 

CPA Target Bidding

If you’re looking to get the most out of your campaign budget, then CPA Target Bidding is the way to go. This bidding feature, readily available on the Adcash Advertiser platform, optimizes your campaign bids based on its Target and CVR to maximize conversion volumes while minimizing costs. In plain speech? CPA Target Bidding lets you maximize your onsite conversions by automating your campaigns. Set up your own CPA Target Bidding strategy, straight from the Adcash platform. 

All you need to do is create a new campaign across any of the above verticals and set a CPA Target price. We’ll then test your offer on various supply sources and pinpoint the best converting traffic segments. CPA Target will then place your campaign on the most relevant sites at a lower CPA (cost per acquisition) than you might have initially set. Get expert tips and real-world case studies for CPA Target Bidding right here

User Interest Targeting 

User Interest Targeting is a dynamic and easy-to-use targeting feature available on the Adcash platform. It allows online advertisers to segment and target traffic based on their unique browsing preferences. For example, any users who’ve previously shown an interest in casino/gambling/sports betting campaigns will be shown similar offers whenever they browse a site. User Interest Targeting is known to produce higher results, with traffic communities preferring to be shown personalized ads that fall in with their unique browsing preferences. 

Keyword Targeting 

It’s essential to use the right keywords when running your campaigns. When setting up your User Interest Targeting, you have the option to use specific keywords that are unique to the offer you’re promoting. So for example, if you’re running a sports betting offer, you’ll want to make sure you’re always targeting the same keywords that website owners and publishers would use, e.g., UFC, Champions League Football, NBA playoffs, NHL Final, etc.

Good luck on the road ahead. Hope you take on the right verticals and ace your campaign creation for the year ahead. As always please reach out to our team and we’ll put to in touch with the right expert to refine and build your campaign to maximum effect. 

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