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Things move fast in the ad tech industry. 2022 was an exciting year, yet the trends for 2023 look equally promising. It’s widely expected that 2023 will build on the growth and innovation in ad tech witnessed in 2022. But what about Adcash? Are there any trends we will continue seeing, and what should publishers wait for?

Worries aside! We’re here to give you a heads-up on what to expect in the upcoming year for Publishers, along with some tips and recommendations. Who better than our Head of Sales, Emanuele Pezzulla, would know what to look forward to? After observing trends change, verticals grow, and formats flourish and fail, Emanuele joined us to discuss his predictions for Publishers in 2023. Let’s go!

Is there anything new that happened in 2022 on the Adcash Publisher Panel that we’ll bring to 2023? 

🟡 One of the significant milestones and one of our major releases last year was our New Publisher Platform. We put a lot of effort into giving it a fresh look, making features more customizable and easy to use for our publishers. We believe it will help them enjoy their experience with Adcash even more. Remember that 2023 will bring more updates and features to improve UX and overall monetization efficiency!

🟡 Another big update of 2022 was the development and release of New Customized Payment settings. This new payment logic has already shown excellent traction and consent from our Publishers. Now every customer can choose invoice and payment frequency to fulfill any payout need. Faster payments, multiple payment methods, and new minimum payment limits were made to ensure more accessibility to Publishers’ cash flow. New Customized Payment Settings – is definitely, one of the 2022 power features that will find even higher traction/adoption in 2023. Want to know more about how to request payments on Adcash? Check it out here.

Does Autotag still change the game for publishers?

Yes, it does! Moreover, Autotag was one of the most successful integration types for Publishers in 2022. This format has been solving the main common concerns of Publishers. The main KPIs of Autotag are:

🟡 Ad format selection and placement. The Autotag feature has been developed explicitly with three dynamic and best-performing ad formats in mind – Pop-Under, Interstitial and In-Page Push.

🟡 Higher revenue thanks to a more efficient multi-format monetization. Remember, the Autotag feature constantly changes ad formats based on audience engagement.

🟡 Tons of customization features aiming to provide the ideal setup. To customize your tag, you can always reach out to our team of dedicated publisher managers, and we’ll help you to the fullest with tailored setup tips and modified customization features.  


With the 3 points already mentioned, one of the most extensive updates for Autotag was the addition of our Anti-Adblock technology. Our technology is one of the most advanced in the market and allows Publishers to capitalize on revenue (usually lost by default) from users. Important to say – our Anti-Adblock works for all three formats! So no worries – none of them will be left aside!

If you want to know more about Autotag, you can watch our latest video!

Keep your notifications on: soon we’ll release two guides on Autotag Anti-Adblock integration to make the process clearer for you!

Which offers will bring the most value to Publishers in the upcoming months?

Every Publisher’s website audience is different regarding the site’s actual content. This is extremely important when defining specific vertical campaigns that can be more or less efficient.

Overall, it’s also essential to keep in mind the different global trends that define more generic user interest. Overall in 2023, verticals that would bring more value to Publishers are:

📱 Mobile apps (mobile devices utilities, social apps, etc.)



🖥 Browser extensions

💰 Make money campaigns (Investing, Crypto, etc.)

🎰 iGaming (e.g., betting, casino, poker)

💞 Adult entertainment

🏆 Sweepstake & contests

🌐 Ecommerce

🎮 Games

What are the most successful ad formats for publishers?

Our Autotag logic defines the TOP ad formats in Adcash: Pop-Under, Interstitial & In-Page Push. Full-screen ads represent our top inventory and the highest efficiency in traffic sources monetization.

In-Page Push complements our offering with non-full-screen ad formats, seamless to users, and highly engaging (also thanks to our new template). A must-have, no matter the ad format already in use from publishers.

We have a more comprehensive range of formats in our portfolio; however, we would prioritize the selection highlighted above but never limit Publishers from creating strategic placements for those display formats which are very friendly in terms of user experience (such as Banners & Native ads).

We advise publishers to contact their manager or our Support Team directly to get our placement and format customization expertise.

Any advice for Publishers who are just starting?

The primary advice I am responsible for pushing is “Content is King“!

Especially if we speak about newly created websites – publishers should never make the mistake of rushing toward the monetization strategy at all costs.

Emanuele Pezzulla

Head of Sales , Adcash

🟡 Make sure your website is easily navigable, rich in engaging & up to date content, and well SEO optimized. This should allow you to build a good user base. 

  • About this last point, webmasters should promote their website enough through different communities and channels in line with the website content (e.g., gaming, news, sport, etc.)

🟡 Don’t overload the website with ads from different companies. Website monetization often does not match the logic of the more, the better. 

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 10.24.45
Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 10.24.26
  • Focus on your current network’s services, find the right setup, and A/B test to find the ideal one. Usually, utilizing the same formats from many providers results in bad UX and difficulty in evaluating.

🟡 Use the capping feature to limit the number of ads shown to a user! And make sure to always align with the manager in charge of your account to express your needs and get advice about the best setup to go with.

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 Finally, yet importantly – you can always reach out to your manager or our support team at [email protected]! Have a successful year ahead!

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