The Publishers Guide to Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday! The Ultimate War of the Retailers. Where, for 1 weekend a year, we all get to lose our damn minds!! Caught up in a landslide of super sales/discounts and promos, the world’s top traffic sources are ready and waiting to convert on your websites, drawn like moths to the ultimate eCommerce flame. 

So, you’ve got an endless supply of traffic and an equally massive army of online advertisers looking for the best sites to place their ads. It’s the age-old story of demand, needing supply. And that my friend, is where you come in. With space aplenty for top-notch Black Friday/Cyber Monday ad placements, what do you need to know to optimize your site to bring in the best traffic, and get them to convert. This is a quick Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend monetization guide for publishers. 

Let’s start with the Facts! 

Last year, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend brought in $7.4 billion online. With the world on lockdown and society glued to their devices, this number is expected to spike for 2020! So let’s get straight into it, with…

The Top Products to Place on Your Website 

If your website happens to already target verticals in line with electronics, gadgets, apparel, and other popular products in the retail sector, then good for you! But, if you do happen to have a niche site, there is a list of products that hold universal appeal and can be advertised on any site for maximum effect. These are…

Streaming 🎥
Games and Gaming 🕹️
File & video sharing services 📭
VPN services

These types of products and services can move solid traffic on any website, as long as you stick to a few key guidelines, including…

Utilizing the Right Ad Format on Your Website

Black Friday/Cyber Monday tends to give way to overly-aggressive sales tactics. Where online advertisers utilize ad formats that are disruptive and, some might say, spammy. 

And yes, while it is important to cut through the noise and bring in the most traffic, the last thing you want is to have your regular site users bouncing because your site suddenly looks like an online Christmas carnival from hell, with ads springing up anywhere and everywhere, disrupting your user experience and slowing down the site. 

These two ad formats span the sweet spot between…

  1. Being visible enough to get noticed and interacted with.
  2. Not being so aggressive that they disrupt the entire site’s user activity. 

They are…

Interstitial Ads

Ad fatigue is a real issue on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. There are only so many banners a person can scroll through before they start to switch off. That’s where Interstitials come in. Some might say, the Ultimate Cure for Banner Blindness, Interstitials are designed for maximum visibility and reach. Their fixed (5-second) countdown timer ensures a delay in exit times, and they look really good! Their larger frame brings in better visuals, copy, and graphics. Head over to the Adcash Platform and secure your Interstitial Ads for this coming Black Friday.

Adcash - Black Friday/Cyber Monday - Publishers Guide - Interstitial Ad Format

Pop-Under Ads

Another strong converting ad format to host on your site this coming Black Friday are pop-under ads. A top-seller and ultimately effective way to bring in conversions. These ads are far more subtle than their “pop-up” counterparts, placed in a tab below the active browsing window, and only appearing once the end-user has finished their onsite activity. They seamlessly integrate into the overall flow of the site and keep the disturbance down to a minimum. Don’t believe us? Check out 5 Reasons Why Pop-Unders are so Effective.

Adcash - Black Friday/Cyber Monday - Publishers Guide - Pop-Under Ad Format Image
A  quick side note on regions

Chances are you’ve been up and running for a while now and you know what regions the majority of your traffic stems from. If you are looking to branch out and allow online ads to your site that target a few different Geos, your best bet would be to steer towards Tier 1 and Tier 2 regions. These are the countries and regions in the world with the highest GDP per capita. They’re big spenders and will be actively looking for sites with the best deals come Black Friday/Cyber Monday. These include countries like the United States, The UK, Germany, Spain, France, and many others.

Now, moving on to some specific tips for website owners, brought to you by our awesome Publisher Manager, Veronica Imasheva.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Publisher Tips

Here you’ll find a few key tips to make the most of Black Friday. Use a combination of the below for maximum effect. 

Always Keep Your Publisher Tags Live

If you’re new to the platform, make sure your website publisher tags are ALWAYS live. When setting up your site on the Adcash DSP platform, you’ll need to first copy the Javascript to your website for the ad format you’ve chosen. Once done, this will ensure the right tags are always on-site and that high-quality ads will automatically start moving through to your website. For more information, head over here and find out how you can get this process underway.

Stick with one Ad Network. 

And no, we’re not saying this because we have unchecked abandonment issues. It’s been proven that utilizing one ad network exclusively (especially during major holidays) keeps your user experience top-notch. Different ad networks have different ways of loading and displaying their ads. Too many ads popping up at the same time can and does become a nightmare for onsite quality control. Aside from that, it can affect your conversion rate and slow down your overall site performance. Side with one network and ensure your onsite user experience is undisturbed. Shop around and see what ad network is the best for you. 

Start Testing Your Ads Today 

This is an important one! Black Friday/Cyber Monday is still a week away, and with no room for error during the sale itself, make sure that you are already testing out your ad formats before the time. Allow for multiple tests, analyze the results, and make sure you’re in line to access the best margins from your website traffic. 

Depending on your website and traffic volumes, it’s a good idea to run different setup tests. Keep in mind that our optimization feature needs at least 48 hours of constant traffic to generate the best results. So, give yourself a week of trialing different metrics and, by the time Black Friday/Cyber Monday rolls around, you’ll be set to sit back and watch your onsite revenue climb. 

Going back to the point above of “sticking with one ad network”, why should you as a publisher be siding with Adcash this coming Black Friday? 

Well, we’ll keep the sales pitch short  😁


The Adcash DSP platform ensures publishers get full access to their campaign hosting statistics and earnings. Ad performance can be tracked in real-time day and night, with the resulting metrics constantly updated. You’ll know right from the start, what’s converting and what not. 

World-class Ads and Advertisers

Over the past 12+ years, we’ve built a massive database of online advertisers from every corner of the world. These men and women are filtered specifically for their ability to deliver high-converting, top quality ads on a consistent basis. And, as Black Friday nears, these advertisers will be pulling out the stops, with a massive demand for site space. We’ll match you up with the best of the best and make sure your site gets seen by the world. 

Anti-Adblock Technology

With the Adcash DSP platform in your corner, you’ll never have to worry about ad blockers again. Our state-of-the-art anti-Adblock technology ensures our ads bypass any system and head straight to your webpage. And as always, our ads are consistent with the Better Ad Standards Coalition, staying above board and ensuring that all offers displayed are consistent, filtered, and of the highest possible quality. 

So that’s about it from us. One last thing before we go. 

Spread the world and get a 5% lifetime Bonus!

Getting the results you want? Refer other publishers to our platform and we’ll guarantee you earn a 5% lifetime bonus for every new lead. It’s how we say “thanks for the support” and it’s a way to keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in our world.  

We’ll leave off with a word from our publisher manager extraordinaire. Take it away Veronica!

Veronica Imasheva - Adcash Publisher Manager

“Now is the best time of year to monetize your traffic and up your revenue with our selection of high-quality, converting ads. Our army of advertisers are preparing exclusive budgets and highly-targeted campaigns that are sure to bring in strong profit margins for your website.”

Veronica Imasheva

Publisher Manager, Adcash

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager for additional information and tailored setup tips for your website. New to the publisher game? No problem! Simply reach out to us here and we’ll provide a free evaluation for your website and together, find the best way to increase your online advertising revenue. 

Best of luck for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You know what you need to do. So, get out there and make it happen!!


Team Adcash


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