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This Halloween: No tricks, just tips, and treats!

Halloween, what a magical night… A night when anything could happen. Monsters could be real. Magic could whisper in the air. And your online profits could go up if you mix the potion right!

Don’t know much about potions or witchcraft? And you don’t own a wand yet (ping us in the comments we’ll send you Ollivander’s address)?  Take it easy! #Adcash team is here to keep your chin up and to help make magic happen! 

Halloween can be a very confusing and busy time of the year. We understand that. Advertisers and Publishers are questioning if this is the holiday needed to keep an eye on. To keep the answer short – YES. We’ll tell you what to do and what to avoid. It’s pretty straightforward – promise! Sure, it takes a bit more than a few ghost-and-pumpkin-themed ads to get things moving, but stay with us to get to know it all, as we said – NO tricks, just tips, and treats! 😉

We would like, if we may, to take you on a spooky journey

 toward your frightening success! 👻 Hop on your broom, and let’s go!

While there are dozens of holidays to watch out for, few are as enjoyable or profitable as Halloween. 

Halloween, also known as Día de Los Muertos and All Saints Day, is one of the most iconic times in the US and other countries. It’s not a secret – people love everything Halloween-themed; decorations, costumes, and, of course, shelling out more money than usual for pumpkin lattes and candy. Hence, our first advice would be to not miss out on this time of the year

Mkay, but witch way tips are, and do you have treats? 🧙‍♀️ We do! Voilà, here you go! 

A spooktacular handout by our 

Advertiser & Publisher Managers awaits you! 🎃

Creating magic is very simple. Let’s start with you, Advertisers! 💜

💀 The most crucial thing – stick to the Halloween theme! Do we need to explain here? 😉 The general concept is spooky, so make sure to work in that direction! Make this Halloween Boootiful!

🪄 Using our highly converting Ad Formats – is the best way to bewitch your audience this Halloween. We suggest

  • Pop-Under. Pop-under ads offer huge potential to increase awareness. These ads are less intrusive to your target audience and a great way to optimize engagement on desktop and mobile.


  • Cure Banner Blindness with Interstitial. Interstitial ads deliver high conversion rates. They are an extremely versatile and cost-effective ad format that provides maximum exposure in exchange for minimal investment.

🧛‍♂️ Get the right eyes on your campaign and find the audience that matters most. Try out User Interest Targeting. It’s important to know that targeted ads are almost twice as effective as non-targeted ones.

🎃 Automate your Ads! Eliminate the guesswork and track your returns at the click of a button. Optimize with CPA Target Bidding. 

 Grab users’ attention and increase your visibility this Halloween!

Boo to you now, Publishers! Come this way for tips and treats! 💛

Halloween is here, and it’s time to monetize! 👻

🕸 Keep your Adcash tags live!

Avoid losing valuable engagement & copy the correct code to your site so that you can monetize while you sleep!

🍄 Optimize with the right ad formats!

Keep your online ads casual and fun with Pop-Under, cure user fatigue & banner blindness with Interstitials ads or meet the future of website monetization – Publisher Autotag.

🔮 Halloween is a great time to switch to Anti-Adblock Solution: Make sure you get the most out of your traffic and monetize everything with Anti-Adblock tags!

🌖 Reap rewards with referrals!

Refer a new publisher and get 5% of their lifetime earnings! Spread the word and boost your onsite earnings right here.

There’s no better time to kick your online presence into overdrive with

wicked monetization tips and tricks from the Adcash team! 

No doubt, there are a lot of possibilities to take into account while organizing Halloween times. Make sure to connect with your manager right away to get the most out of Halloween this year! 

Dr. Peter Venkman once said:

Ghost Busters | Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters quotes, Movies

Now it’s your chance to do it this Halloween! 👻

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