Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Ad Trackers

Affiliate trackers are booming in 2021 and for good reason! With a flood of competition for advertising space, an ocean of campaigns going live every second, and an army of affiliate marketers behind them working around the clock to generate the best returns, its vital to know what marketing strategies are effective and which are dead weight in a sea of advertising. 

With more options coming to market every month, we’ve compiled our pick for five affiliate trackers that have been leading the charge. Each platform holds its own unique set of cutting-edge automation features, up to the minute campaign stats, and a host of engaging add-ons that cuts a marketer’s time in half. Let’s not waste a second and get straight into them, starting with…


Established in 2014, Voluum is a tailored analytics platform for beginners and pro’s alike. The software allows performance marketers of all shapes and sizes to track, manage, and optimize their campaigns from one platform. The software is slick, easy to use, and visually captivating, with a bunch of different shortcuts in place to double your output. 

Voluum package prices

Option 1: Discover Plan.
Cost: Around $62 (€51) monthly.
Includes 1x custom domain, 1,000,000 clicks, and previous campaign metrics up to 3x months. 

Option 2: Profit Plan.
Cost: Around $138 (€113) monthly.
Includes 3x custom domains, 3,000,000 clicks, previous campaign metrics up to 6x months as well as all automation packages and customizable templates.

Option 3: Grow Plan.
Cost: Around $417 (€343) monthly.
Includes all tracker features, 10,000,000 clicks, anti-fraud software, and 5x customizable domains, with a full year of online data retention. 

*The above costs get cut in half when you sign up for a year subscription and bill annually. 

3 of the top features in the Voluum platform, include…

Eliminating fraudulent traffic 

Fake traffic can harm a campaign in so many ways, including reputational damage, and of course, significantly lower ROI’s. With Voluum, you’ll know you’re always buying authentic, organic traffic from trusted sources. The Anti-Fraud feature combs through an ocean of traffic, cutting out phishing attempts, suspicious sources, and bots.

A platform for different offers

If you’re stuck on what offers to promote in your next all-star campaign, never fear! The Voluum Marketplace API is an integrated platform add-on that pairs affiliates up with the latest and greatest offers, products, and online advertising incentives. Read more about it right here

Traffic gets paired with the top landing pages

Your traffic will automatically and instantly direct to the landing page with the best potential to yield returns. The cool thing about this AI is that it figures this all out based on past campaigns and puts it into practice based on your own unique specifications, pairing traffic source, and offer. 

Get to grips with the Voluum Tracking software.

Right, with Voluum done and dusted, let’s move swiftly along to…


Having been in the game since 2018, this cutting-edge campaign tracker brings a host of different services and features to the table. Save a whole lot of time on tracking and conversion analysis and always have your finger on the pulse of the performance of your campaigns. Get to grips with what works and what doesn’t, with a world of information at your fingertips.  

RedTrack package prices

Option 1: Starter
Cost: $29 (€23) monthly
Includes 3x custom domains, 300,000 clicks, and all the unique features that come with the tracker. 

Option 2: Pro
Cost: $79 (€65) monthly
Includes unlimited domains,  3,000,000 clicks, and all of the suite’s core features as well as third-party integrations, plugins, alerts, and more!  

Option 3: Business
Cost: $339 (€279) monthly
Includes 15,000,000 clicks and all platform features as well as state-of-the-art multi-access points that let you bring your team along for the ride. 

Option 4: Custom
Cost:  $939 (€773)
Includes EVERYTHING! With 50,000,000 clicks, the sky’s the limit with unprecedented access to all the business plan features and a host of tailored solutions and customizations from the RedTrack team. 

Speaking of customized features and platform perks, check out a few below to get you better acquainted with the platform. 

Post Campaign Insights

It’s never been easier to tailor the information you need to your own unique campaign specs. An ocean of insights and customizations are available at the click of a button, including, Date, Offer, Landing, Connection, Date parting, IP, Device, OS, Browser, GEO, Language, Referrer, Stream, SubID, and a whole lot more! 

Landing Page Management

Increased ROI and a consistent, high-quality landing page go hand in hand.  With RedTrack, you can now rotate, replace, and swap out your old and new landing pages as you see fit. This lets you run multiple offers at the same time and get the best of top campaign traction. Added to that, your landers will never be seen by your competitors and will stay safe from malicious attacks by spy bots. Hooray!

Advanced Filtering

Now you can filter your traffic to the moon and back in a bunch of different ways. RedTrack has 18 different filtering options available instantly. Known to boost campaigns and resulting in a positive effect on traffic sources from the get-go. Dig deep and find the ideal audience for your next campaign in real-time. 

Head over to RedTrack and find out all you need to know.

Right, moving along swiftly to…


Track, manage, analyze, and optimize your campaign traffic in quick time with the BeMob suite. Having been around for a while, BeMob is the go-to campaign analysis portal for a host of different affiliates, online advertisers, and media buyers from around the world. With 15 different filtering options, a host of unique and exciting features, and a seamless onsite interface, BeMob is pulling out the stops for 2021! 

BeMob package prices

Option 1: Starter.
Cost: $25 (€20) monthly.
Includes campaign data insights going back 3x months,  250,000 clicks, and the use of the “Sixth Sense”  feature, which lets you simplify and drill down into different campaigns.

Option 2: Professional.
Cost: $49 (€40) monthly.
Includes campaign data insights going back 6x months, 1,000,000 clicks per month, and the use of the Sixth Sense feature for up to 25 campaigns.

Option 3: Business.
Cost: $249 (€205) monthly.
Includes campaign data insights going back 9x months with 10,000,000 clicks per month and the use of the Sixth Sense feature for up to 100 campaigns.

Unlock a world of affiliate opportunities with a host of cool and quirky features, including…

Up to the minute campaign analysis 

Optimize your campaigns in an instant with real-time data analytics delivered straight to your door. These unique tracking features drill down into the core of any given campaign, pinpointing top performers and discarding the rest. With 15 different filtering and tracking parameters to choose from, you’ll quickly take your growth marketing to the next level. 

Manual Bot Blacklisting

A host of filters are put in place to kick bothersome bots out of the picture once and for all. Simply head over to the platform, and manually exclude any fraudulent IP addresses from your campaign.

Landing Pages Testing

Much like their tracker counterparts, the BeMob platform curates and archives your landing pages under one tab. This gives you the ability to optimize and AB test different landing pages and assign values to your different traffic sources accordingly. 

Find out more about the BeMob platform

CPV Lab Pro

This powerful and affordable tracking software came to the market in 2010 and the affiliate community hasn’t looked back since. Now you can track, test, and optimize your online advertising campaigns in one easy to use platform that cuts your pre and post-campaign analysis in half.  

CPV Lab Pro package prices

Option 1: Standard
Cost: $59 (€48) monthly
Includes the use of up to 100 tracking domains.

*Note that there are no licensing fees after the first year, but if you want to upgrade your subscription for further domains, you can These range from $69 (€56) for 5 domains, up to $299 (€245) for 50 domains, and everything in between 

Some of the features of the CPV Lab Pro Tracking platform include…

Advanced testing

Known as the MV Lab, this cutting edge campaign testing tool allows you to dive deep into your landing page for optimum AB Testing. As a plugin to the CPV Lab suite, this tool is instantly accessible when you sign up with the Tracker. 

Advanced Redirects & Cloaking

Keep your host of affiliate links and other information safe and secure and away from your competitor’s spy tools. This advanced cloaking tool allows you to complete a number of tasks without ever picking up any unwanted attention. You can also filter and segment your traffic, sending visitors with specific criteria to different landing pages. You can also eliminate any fake referrers by redirecting traffic to yourself instead of any blank sites. 

Quicktime Integration

The tracking software is able to easily integrate with just about any other software on the market today, including a host of different traffic sources, CPA networks, and more!  Connect your existing networks over to the CPV Lab platform in a matter of seconds and never look back. 

Head over to CPV Lab Pro for more information.


This automated and seamlessly integrated tracker controls, tests, and optimizes your traffic from one platform. Block non-converting sources, cut out the majority of your testing time, and get instant access to a host of powerful analytics and metrics to help you boost your ROI and take your affiliate journey to the next level.

LandingTrack package prices

Option 1: Starter.
Cost: $49 (€40) monthly.
Includes access to 2x domains, 1,000,000 clicks, and the ability of two separate users to access the platform. 

Option 2: Professional.
Cost: $99 (€81) monthly.
Includes access to four different domains, 3,000,000  clicks, and the ability for two users to access the platform.

Option 3: Business.
Cost: $249 (€204) monthly.
Includes access to four different domains, 10,000,000 clicks, and the ability for two users to access the platform.

Option 4: Master
Cost: $449 (€369 )
Includes unlimited domains, 30,000,000 clicks, and the ability for four users to access the platform. 

Some of the LandingTrack features include…

Advanced Optimization

Now you can automatically optimize and test your campaigns with state-of-the-art AI features. Set up your prerequisites for your campaign, plug in the filters, and the system will use past campaigns to generate cutting-edge features like monitoring your daily/weekly budget for you, implementing daily caps, and the like.

Smartlink Feature

This unique feature allows you to promote your offers in one, easy to use link. Set your traffic distribution rules to reach the right audience every time.  This is a sharable link that you can use or send on to any of your affiliate partners. 

Real-Time Analytics

Campaign analytics and day to day reports are sent straight through to you with no waiting time, allowing you to get to grips with your campaigns output as quickly as possible and make the decisions you need to boost the impact and effectiveness of your offer. 

Get more information on LandingTrack right here.

That’s it from us for now. We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck, and please reach out if you have any questions? We’re always here to help make your 2021 online advertising journey the best it’s ever been.

Catch you soon.

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