Top affiliate marketing spy tools and why they work

Affiliate marketing spy tools come in all shapes and sizes, but which versions truly stand the test of time? Stick around as we unpack three of the best affiliate marketing spy tools 2022, including leading features, subscription costs, and more.

Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools: Benefits

When you partner with the right affiliate marketing spy tools, you’re sure to get the insights you need to make informed campaign creation decisions. You’ll also know how best to align your products in an ever-shifting market. Below are three major benefits of owning an affiliate marketing spy tool.

Effectively Analyze Competing Campaigns 🌱

Affiliate marketing spy tools give you a unique perspective on what the competition is doing. By pulling real-time data from multiple sources, you can gain invaluable insights into what other affiliate marketers are doing, how they are utilizing landing pages, or CTA’s, and the offers that they’re promoting.

Spend Less Time on Testing ✏️

Leading affiliate marketing spy tools will save you a lot of time on testing different campaign combinations. You’re essentially able to pick up what works and leave out the rest.

Perfect Your KPI’s 📊

Affiliate marketing spy tools analyze, compile and deliver the most accurate data before during, and after campaigns, meaning you’ll be able to adjust your approach to target key metrics that bring in more conversions.

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools. 

We’ve combed through some of the best affiliate marketing spy tools in the industry to bring you three of the best. These platforms are known for their exclusive access to the widest range of add networks, advanced filtering features, as well as 50+ different countries and regions.

1. Anstrex

Anstrex homepage - best affiliate marketing spy tools

Anstrex is a globally recognized affiliate marketing spy tool where affiliates can analyze key metrics and insights across Push Notifications, Native Ads,  Dropshipping, Pop, and more. The site’s current database exceeds 17 million ads and runs across multiple networks that are displayed in 92 countries. Some of the more prominent filters include languages, country, and ad networks, among others. 

Key package prices

Solo Plan for Native only $69.99 per month. This plan includes access to 27 Native ad networks and data from 64 different countries. 

Bundle & Save Plan for Native & Push139.99 per month. The plan includes 27 Native ad networks, 38 Push ad networks as well as data from 92 different countries. 

Ultimate Combo for Native, Push & Pop219.99 per month. This plan has everything you’ll need, including 27 Native ad networks, 38 Push ad networks, as well as data from 92 different countries.

Leading Anstrex Features

From integration with SimilarWeb and a leading landing page download function, here are some leading features that come with a subscription to the Anstrex platform.

Advanced Filtering Function

If you’re not finding what you need in terms of filters, you can opt for the advanced filtering function. This will unlock content category variations and long-tail keywords. 

SimilarWeb Integration 

This is super helpful right off the bat. Not only can you gauge the data coming out of Anstrex, but, with the integration of SimilarWeb, you can also search similar web pages and get more information on the total amount of traffic different websites and pages get. Twice the intelligence at half the cost! 

Existing Ad Archive

When you first log onto the platform, you’ll see a massive “digital wall” of existing ads from past, present, and (okay maybe not future, but you get the picture 🙃) 

This rolling inventory of existing ads displays the date and time the offer was first created, the given domain name, the affiliate network, and where it’s currently being shown. 

Landing Page Download Function. 💡💡

This is a great feature. You’ve done your homework, found what works and now you want to use the best elements for your own campaign. Simply select the landing page you want and click on the “Download and Deploy”  option. 

Now, you can copy, save, and recycle the entire page, including all images, CSS code, and script. Once downloaded, edit the page to your heart’s desire with the built-in Anstrex editor (WYSIWYG)

2. Adplexity

Adplexity homepage - The best affiliate spy tools

If you’re running multiple campaigns and need to make the best data-driven decisions on a daily basis, Adplexity is the way to go. Since 2008, the company has brought 7 standalone spy tools into the affiliate sector, each specializing in a specific traffic source and/or platform.  Below are three of the most popular packages. 

Key package prices

Push Notification Package – $149.00 per month. The plan includes detailed campaign insights, measurable data for 82+ countries, and up to 100 CPA networks.

Native Ad Package – $249 per month. The package includes comprehensive data on the most successful Native ads from around the world, real-time data from 32+ countries, and insights from 9 of the most popular Native traffic sources.

E-commerce Package – $199 per month. The package includes access to over 100, 000 stores with 100 million+ products, insights into the most profitable apps in the market today, enhanced filtering features, and more. 

Filter your searches according to product strength, performance, fulfillment providers, and more. The product/store strength rating feature lets you track the real-time value of given products and the overall popularity of the store. 

Advanced Filtering Features  

Filter your searches according to specialized keywords covering all aspects of the advertiser, publisher, and network. Analyze all the best campaigns like never before, according to GEO, language, device type, and tracking system. 

Multi-Device Functionality

Manage and monitor your campaigns across multiple device types and operating systems, including tablets, and smartphones.


Spypush homepage - Top affiliate spy tools

Spypush is the ultimate competitor research tool for the almighty Push Notification. As popular and well-converting as ever, push notifications are trending up a storm, and no campaign would be complete without cutting-edge data to help perfect and hone your push traffic returns. 

Active in 95 countries, with 24/7 updates and a running inventory of 2 million+ push ads, Spypush is not to be taken lightly. So, what does unprecedented access to the world’s best push notification insights cost? just $49 per month.  

So, what are some of the awesome features you stand to uncover when you start using SpyPush? 

Advanced Filtering 💡🌐💡🌐

The SpyPush filtering options are top of the range and constantly updating and improving on previous versions. Log on and filter your ideal campaign according to…

Specific to your campaign and in multiple languages available.

Device type:
Choose creatives according to desktop, mobile, or both.

Filter and refine your searches according to the longest-running/most relevant ads. 

Choose a combination of ads from 140+ target countries.

Ads display in all major languages and sync according to the geo selected.

Pick and choose from ads that are currently active or inactive.

Filter ads according to the highest number of impressions. 

Downloading Feature 📩⌛📩⌛

Every ad has the ability to be fully downloaded, edited to spec, and used for future campaigns. Pick the most applicable ads that work for you and optimize them to your liking. Always make sure you’re utilizing tried, tested, and successful marketing funnels. 

That’s it for the best affiliate marketing spy tools. We hope this article was helpful.

You’re well on the way to finding the best affiliate marketing spy tools for your own unique brand. If you haven’t done so already, check out the Adcash Knowledge Portal for more Affiliate Marketing 101 Tips, or start converting when you sign up with Adcash. Bye for now.

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