Introducing global digital advertising powerhouse: we are Adcash!

The core of our business relies on creating bleeding-edge technologies to produce the highest performing ad formats, the best self-service platform in the industry and the most profitable solutions for publishers. The result is that we have a diverse demand and high-quality supply and all our clients can enjoy the benefits of a stable service that brings in money.

Founded by Frenchmen in Estonia, we are now a truly international community. Our headquarters are still located in Tallinn, however, we also have teams working in Barcelona, Spain and Sofia, Bulgaria. The people that work for Adcash are incredibly talented bright minds that are not afraid to move mountains and shake the foundations of the online advertising business in order to create the very best tools for our clients!


Most Successful Company 2015

Aripaev Top 100

Most Competitive SME 2015

Enterprise Estonia

Innovator of the Year 2015

Enterprise Estonia

Most Competitive SME 2016

Enterprise Estonia

1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2017

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Our objective is to get a steady flow of new players into our games to then convert them to paying users. Adcash is one of our most valuable partners in player acquisition, especially on the French and German speaking markets. Adcash has many exclusive traffic sources specialized in gaming that generate some stable volumes of good quality traffic for us. The Adcash team is extremely reliable with an astonishing reactiveness to our requests and great advices on how to optimize our campaigns."
Alexandre Bousquet Aeria Games
We heard positive feedback from network members having collaborated with Adcash and so chose the network as our partner. We have received quick return on investment and look forward to working with Adcash again.
Ingrid Florin Muller Ankama
As a market leader in Browser Games, the quality of the traffic is more important to us than the quantity. Our aim is to acquire an engaging audience that will contribute to the vibrant gaming community. Adcash has been well capable to meet Bigpoint’s goals. The traffic quality as well as the desired quantity match and even surpass our expectations. The great traffic is complemented by the reliable and quick to respond account management.
Thyge Backen Bigpoint Gmbh
Our main objective was to reach as many visitors as possible on an international level. And so we chose Adcash because we knew they had the means to help us achieve those objectives.
Audrey Beau Digital Virgo
Adcash has a high quality network in the most important territories and an extremely high quality service (very professional and experienced account managers).
Andrea Casalinga GameSpree GmbH&Co.
We decided to choose Adcash because we heard from other companies that working with them had achieved success. Indeed, we increased tenfold our visits and were really satisfied. So as we will re-launch Ragnarok Online 2 in Europe at the end of this year, we already know that we will definitely work with Adcash to realize this operation.
Stephane Bonazza Gravity Europe
Adcash provides us with highly scaled, qualitative traffic.
Julian Werner Innogames
Adcash helped us to elevate our browser game marketing to the next level. Adcash is reliable in traffic delivery, communication and returns. Highly recommended!
Monika Guo Koram Games Ltd
We have been working with Adcash since 2011, to promote such games as RiotZone, Allods Online and Gunblade Saga on German, French, Italian, Polish and Turkish markets. We highly appreciate Adcash as one of our most reliable, professional and personally dedicated partners.
Stanislav Koval Mail.Ru Games
Adcash always brings high quality users and large amount traffics. Its geographic location spreads many countries globally and hence it is convenient to directly run campaigns on one media company.
Robin Liu NetDragon Websoft Inc
Adcash is an industry leader that has a proven track record of success. We have received many quality leads through its services.
Sam Ho Suba Games LLC