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Our advertising gurus were…

Emanuel Cinca

Super Affiliate

"How COVID-19 affected the industry. Find out what's in and what's out!"

“After surveying hundreds of marketers and online business owners, Emanuel put together a data-packed 20-minute presentation unveiling the most important trends. Which businesses are thriving? Which ones are suffering? What should you do to adapt as a marketer in a COVID-19 world? Check out the Adconf talk and see what went down.

Evgeniy Martynov

Advertiser Manager

"The new normal: How to navigate the tricky waters of online advertising"

“Our industry faces the challenge of how to best manage our businesses: which turn to take and if these decisions will pay off in the future. When everything is so uncertain, it’s always better to collaborate. As a data-driven company, Adcash is ready to share some stats and show what can be done for advertisers to keep reaching their goals.”

Artur Kaczmarczyk

Head of Partnerships

"Business as usual aka how to stay positive and profitable during the pandemic."

“Tune in to see what opportunities affiliate marketing is offering right now. I will show you what to focus on and what to avoid. The show must go on!”