The wheel started rolling in 2007 when Adcash was founded by a team of French entrepreneurs in a small suburban kitchen in Estonia. Today we’re one of the biggest players in the online advertising industry.


The core of our business relies on creating bleeding-edge technologies to produce the highest performing ad formats, the best self-service platform in the industry, and the most profitable solutions for publishers. The result is that we have diverse demand, high-quality supply, and a platform that helps you succeed.


Adcash is an online advertising platform for digital advertisers and publishers. We help you and your business promote and monetize products, services, and online content globally and locally.

  • 14+ years’ ad tech experience

  • 200 million unique users per day

  • 195 countries served



We are a truly international community with more than 16 different nationalities. Our headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia, while we also have teams working in Barcelona, Spain, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

The people who work for Adcash are incredibly talented, bright minds that are not afraid to move mountains and shake the foundations of the online advertising business to create the very best tools for our clients!

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Adcash is driven by constant technological innovation. We use a service-oriented approach when developing our applications.

In terms of our tech stack, we offer plenty of diversity. We believe that there is a suitable tool for every problem. Due to high traffic volumes and their volatility, we use bleeding-edge technologies to safeguard your company’s success.