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Adcash has a customer-first company strategy.

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This is why we’ve created a Knowledge Center. A hub where all your frequently asked questions can be answered.

Browse through the educational video tutorials to find the key to success in online advertising and website monetization.


The Power of Interstitial Ads

Discover the power of Interstitial ads and how to use them for your advertising campaigns or website monetization.

Experts Edge with Henry Whitfield

ClickDealer's Head of International Business Development will take you through lead generation and campaign creation tips and tricks for 2021.

Experts Edge interview with Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell takes the stage in our first Experts Edge video edition. Find out what's the ultimate website ranking strategy for 2021!

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If you’re just starting out on the Adcash platform, then the following videos are exactly tailored for you. This Knowledge Center will hopefully become your go-to information hub. 

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Adcash integrations

How to integrate your WordPress or Blogger website with Adcash? It’s possible with all our ad formats.

Take a look below.


How to add Adcash Banner tags to your WordPress website


How to add Adcash Pop-Under tags to your Blogger website

How to add Adcash Interstitial ads tags to your Blogger website

How to add Adcash Native ad tags to your Blogger website

How to add Adcash's Banner ad tags for your Blogger website