Adcash vs. AdsCash:

Currently, ongoing issues are occurring in relation to a site called: “AdsCash.” Although it is similar to our company’s name, Adcash is not in any way liable or responsible for the actions of any third parties, such as Adscash. We hope this clears up the misunderstanding and that you are able to take up your complaints with Adscash.


Many people have notified our support team asking for help in regard to these issues. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience; however, Adscash is in no way related to Adcash, and our support team cannot help you with issues related to another company. Please direct any possible complaints or claims to Adscash. 


What is happening:

The “AdsCash” company claims to pay people for watching ads and referring people to do the same. For that, the company collects people’s personal payment details.

Please be aware of whom you trust online and let our team know if you hear about another company misrepresenting itself as Adcash.

Stay attentive!