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Publishers of any country and size can easily monetize content on all devices.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large publisher, website owner, content creator, ad network, or SSP partner, boost your ad revenue with Adcash. Our advanced optimization technology matches your traffic with high-quality demand and shows the most relevant ads to your users.


Powerful Tools for Publishers

We offer a wide range of tools and features to make traffic monetization easy. Our publisher platform is designed to help you effectively monetize your web and mobile traffic, and maximize your revenue.

Multiple Ad Formats

Deliver the right ads to your users from our high-performing ad formats

Worldwide Coverage

We operate in over 195 countries, so all traffic is welcome

High Fill Rate

With our high fill rates, you can monetize all impressions

Anti-Adblock Technology

Our ads bypass adblockers to increase your earnings

Live Statistics

Track your earnings in real-time via our platform or reporting API

Fast Payments

Get paid quickly and choose from multiple payment options

Unlock your revenue flows

How to get started

Your successful monetization is only 3 easy steps away! Start earning by adding just a few lines of code to your website.

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Sign up & create a FREE publisher account

2. Set up

Place our tags on your site

3. Monetize

Start earning & see your revenue grow

Check out our new feature Autotag!

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Fast Payments & Flexible Terms

Our publisher friendly payment terms allow you to choose from a variety of payment methods. Best of all – you can request a payment with as little as 5 USD/EUR.

The choice is fully yours – choose your preferred payment method and currency (€, $, USDT and BTC).

Payment flexibility

Recognizing the unique requirements of our publishers, we provide a range of payment terms: NET+1, NET+7, NET+15, and NET+30.

Payment on demand

Available to selected partners only – get in touch and our team of experts will be happy to help