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5 Reasons Why Pop-Under Ads Are Still So Effective

Pop-under ads are taking online advertising by storm. Quick question. How many ads do you see in a day? According to Siteefy, around 10,000. If that’s not information overload, then what is? Here’s the thing. As online advertisers, website owners, affiliates, etc., we depend on online advertising to boost conversions, increase exposure, and generate commissions. 

On the other hand, audiences are dealing with constant (often relentless) ad exposure in every form imaginable and poorly executed, online advertising can feel aggressive and invasive. It’s all about adapting to busier schedules, shorter attention spans, and ad overload on the whole.  

When online ads run on the right website, with the right offer, format, and targeting steps, they’ll compliment the user journey rather than distract from it. 

What to Look for When Placing Online Ads

As a website owner, relevancy is vital. The ad needs to compliment the site with like-minded content and products. So, what makes an online ad appealing in the first place? 

Clear calls to action: Your audience should always be moving to a point where they can find out more about the offer, product, or service, whether a subscription portal, product review, landing page, or similar. 

Place your ads at strategic points onsite: Ensure that your onsite ads appear at the most relevant points on-site and avoid flooding your web pages with too many ads (also known as frequency capping)

Ensure you optimize your banners for mobile: More people than ever are browsing and buying on their smartphones. Avoid cramming too much information into your mobile banner ad and ensure your creatives run seamlessly on smartphones.

Keep your ads relevant: Most importantly, ensure your ads are always applicable to your onsite audience. Register an account at Adcash or other leading platforms, where advanced optimization technology can match your traffic and show relevant ads to your users. Check out ten of the best ways to monetize your website in 2022.

Campaign Monetization: Pop-Under 

Pop-Under ads generate higher revenue for both online advertisers and publishers. By appearing behind a website’s active browsing window, they are less intrusive to your target audience, and they’re a great way to optimize engagement on both desktop and mobile.

Where a pop-UP ⬆️ ad will launch a new browser window on top of the one currently being viewed (taking the reader’s focus), a pop- UNDER ↪️ ad displays behind the main page, creating a new browser window.

Here are five reasons why Pop-Under ads are still so effective in 2022. 

People Prefer Pop-Unders To Most Other Ad Formats.

A while back, WebGlide did a study where they tested different pop-under variables across various sites. 

They split test the visibility of an active pop-under ad and displayed it to half of the site’s traffic, with the goal being to see whether pop-unders caused a decrease in onsite sessions. 

Pop-Under stats

The results? Visitors seemed not to feel impacted by Pop-Unders and saw the ads as a natural part of the online experience. 

Why Are Pop-Under Ads Great For Publishers?

Pop-unders are a sure-fire way for publishers to monetize traffic without compromising their traffic’s onsite experience. There is a higher chance users’ will click through to the offer and make a purchase decision based on product/offer relevancy. 

Not sure how to start monetizing pop traffic? Get in touch, and we’ll send you tailored tips to grow your website revenue and unique traffic base.

Why are Pop-Under Ads Still so Effective?

We’ll briefly unpack the main drivers behind onboarding pop-unders, why they’re still so effective in  2022, and how you can use them to monetize more traffic. 

1. The Ability to Reach the Right Audience. 

Pop-unders can integrate onsite by advertising only the most relevant offers and products. As a publisher, you can monitor frequency capping and select the zones you’d like your ads to appear. 

Since pop-unders target the right audience from the get-go, they automatically have the potential for better conversions.

2. Less Intrusive 

Ads that don’t display immediately tend to convert better. Site visitors need time to complete different actions onsite and are far more likely to engage with ads that don’t disrupt their flow. 

Pop-Under ads blend in seamlessly with the onsite user experience. They appear behind the active browsing window and display when users are done with what they’re doing, meaning more incidental exposure and potentially higher sales. 

3. Eye-Catching  Creatives 

Larger display frames mean more room for incredible creatives. When you set up a campaign with pop-unders, there’s no end to the array of high-quality content and striking visuals you can create. The format’s larger display frames also mean more room on the screen. The more unique and original the display, the higher the chances for increased user interaction and potential conversions. 

4. Top of Mind Placement

Pop-Unders are the last thing a user will see before logging off. The delay in exit times has a strong psychological impact on potential purchasing decisions. If the ad is quality and in line with site content, it will leave a lasting impression on the user. 

Top of mind means first in line for clicks. And, if the ad hits the right traffic, the two can complement each other nicely. Sign up with Adcash and tailor your campaigns to reach the right audience.  

5. Effectiveness and Affordability

No one wants to destroy their campaign budget with ineffective and expensive ads, so finding the balance is essential. With pop-unders, you’ll be able to set aside a decent portion of your monthly advertising spend and get good returns without destroying your budget. 

So, are you sold yet? Want to use pop-under ads to run your campaign or generate revenue for your website? Check out Adcash and get started today. 

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Bye for now!

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Hi Maggie. Thanks for this comment and for some thought-provoking points mentioned.

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Geoff Kukard on Dec 14, 2020 at 2:45 pm

Thanks for your feedback and insight Alvyan. We do offer real pop-under but this depends on the browser where the ads are displaying (whether they will allow for it or not) Advertisers are happy to buy pop up traffic on mobile because the user experience is different from the desktop and doing a pop up is the only way to guarantee ad visibility to the final user. Most of the pop providers are using the same behavior on mobile. If you have time we'd be happy to chat this through in person?

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