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Pop-Under Ads: Balancing Results & User Experience

Today, we’re breaking down the ins and outs of pop-under ads to find the sweet spot where they deliver results without making your audience want to close their browser.

That’s right, we’re stripping away the fluff to talk about pop-under ads – what works, what doesn’t, and how to strike the right balance with your audience in mind. Let’s jump into the best-performing ad format for publishers and advertisers alike! 🚀

But What Are They?

In essence, pop-under ads are a type of online display advertisement that appears in a separate browser window, positioned behind the main browser window.

Unlike their more intrusive counterpart, pop-up ads, pop-unders are triggered when a user interacts with a webpage, often upon closing or navigating away from the site. This subtlety is aimed at minimizing interference with the user’s browsing experience.

By appearing in the background, they provide advertisers with an additional opportunity to convey their message without causing a direct disruption to the user’s current online activity.


Did You Know?

In 2023, Pop-Under ads generated over 36 billion impressions on Adcash alone!


Strategically implemented pop-under ads can contribute to increased visibility and engagement. However, finding the right balance is crucial to prevent user annoyance and maintain a positive overall browsing experience. But how exactly should you implement them the right way? This brings us to…

Creating User-Centric Pop-Under Ads (ADV)

It’s safe to say that Pop-Under is an ad format that really is designed to put user experience first — a trend that will only become increasingly important in the advertising space from here on out.

With that in mind, here are some parting tips to creating pop-under ads with user experience front of mind:

Design and Aesthetics

Opt for clean, visually appealing designs that align with your brand identity. Cluttered or flashy ads can contribute to a poor user experience. Focus on clear messaging, high-quality graphics, and seamless integration with the overall design of the website.

Vertical Specific Performance

Pop-Under ads tend to be extremely effective when used across particular verticals. In terms of highest performance, iGaming, tech, and adult traffic yield the lion’s share of impressions when implemented.

Mobile Optimization

Given the prevalence of mobile browsing, ensure that pop-under ads are optimized for various devices and screen sizes. Responsive design should always be a factor for any ad format, but pop-under ads are also more prevalent and effective on mobile devices, so view it as your lead platform.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Adhere to industry standards and guidelines to maintain a positive reputation and ensure compliance with regulations. Be sure to avoid any deceptive messaging, and set a reasonable frequency cap to avoid ad fatigue and avoid coming off as ‘spammy.’

User Feedback and Testing

Beyond just performance testing, be sure to seek and consider user feedback actively regarding pop-under ads. Incorporate constructive feedback into your strategies and be prepared to iterate on the design and delivery based on user preferences.

Pop-Under Ad Example

How Pop-Under Boosts User Experience (PUB)

Let’s zoom in a bit more on the intricate relationship between online ads and user experience (UX).

Studies indicate that a whopping 64% of users employ ad-blockers to circumvent the perceived nuisances associated with online advertisements. The driving force behind this surge in ad-blocker usage is often attributed to factors such as disruptive formats, irrelevant content, and the overall intrusion on the user’s digital space.

Now, here’s where pop-under ads come in. While traditional ad formats may contribute to a less-than-optimal user experience, pop-under ads emerge as a potential antidote. Their subtle entry, triggered by user actions, allows promotional content to be delivered without abrupt interruptions.

Adcash Anti-Adblock Technology

While ad blockers primarily target intrusive and disruptive ad formats, pop-unders take a more subtle approach. By appearing in a separate browser window, often triggered by user actions like closing a tab, pop-unders can get by unaffected if your ad platform has the technology to make it so.

The stats don’t lie—ad-blocker usage clearly indicates user discontent with traditional ad formats. This is where Adcash’s anti-adblock technology comes in. Advertisers can gain a valuable tool to engage audiences effectively without falling victim to the ad-blocker trend.

To learn more about Adcash anti-adblock technology and how to integrate it yourself, head here!


Crafting effective pop-under ads is an art that demands a delicate balance—capturing attention without causing disruption. By understanding the preferences and behaviors of users, utilizing innovative technologies, and staying attuned to emerging trends, advertisers can leverage pop-under ads as a strategic tool in their digital arsenal. Remember — your audience is the alpha and omega of your campaigns.

Now, let’s start serving those pop-unders! 💪

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