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Adcash Advertiser Newbie Tips

Just started advertising with Adcash and can’t figure out which way is up? With our newbie tips, you’ll be a platform maestro in no time flat!

To kick things off, we should make something super clear — your Adcash journey isn’t one you’re walking alone. As an Advertiser, you can progress as a dream team duo with a personal Account Manager. They’ll often reach out to you directly once you spend at least 1,500 USD/EUR per month, but you can also take the first step by connecting with them through customer support, the chat function on the website, or our Telegram group!

If you’re reaching out for the first time, the best things to mention are the product you wish to advertise, your budget, or any other core factors you feel are important for understanding your campaign objectives. Also, remember that if you feel your results are ever less than desirable, you should always contact an account manager. Chances are they’ll be able to look into any setup issues and get you on track for major success with a tailored solution.

⚡️ Performance Tab ⚡️

Now, let’s move on to some more technical aspects. When setting up a campaign, setting up tracking alongside is an absolute must. Why? Without it, you won’t be able to see how well your campaign is performing, which, as you can imagine, can result in less optimal results.

Take a peek at the Performance Tab down below!


When it comes to tracking, we work with soft KPIs. For example, installations, registrations, and lead generation. This is because hard KPIs on this front can negatively impact CPM. For example, if you were to track direct sales, someone might register today and then buy tomorrow or next week. This consideration to conversion time may make the conversion journey get lost due to the duration of this period.

To activate tracking, follow this guide.

💰 Budgeting 💰

Let’s talk money! When setting a total daily budget, your campaign won’t necessarily spend the entirety of it. Let’s say you have it set to 10 USD to be safe. If your campaign needs to explore bid zones, for example, it may not have the room to do this, as it’s acting with the 10 USD limit in mind. A good minimum budget to start off with is 30+ USD per day, as this gives testing some breathing room, but ideally, we’d recommend upwards of 100 USD as this is your best bet.


There’s no need to input a daily budget and daily impression target. Just select one. More on that here.

Also, keeping an eye on your wallet balance is always a good idea. When a campaign runs over an extended period, it’s important to have some surplus budget in the case of weekends or important events when further budget spend may be more favorable. Otherwise, your campaign may fall into ‘Standstill’ status and won’t reap the benefits of traffic peaks due to insufficient funds.


When running a CPM campaign, choose a 3-tier bidding system to pay in line with the quality of traffic.

While we’re still on the topic of budgets, we’d like to mention that inputting a bid amount below the average should be avoided. The Adcash platform uses an advanced bidding system to buy traffic from particular zones. Ultimately, this means that a lower-than-average bid can result in limited traffic and by proxy, a less successful campaign. We suggest setting it to 10-20% above the average bid rate on this front. 

🌍 Geo Targeting 🌎

At Adcash, we’re all about global coverage, so optimizing your geo-targeting precisely is a factor we really care about.

When selecting countries to target with your campaigns, remember that some, the United States for example, have a higher bid rate than others in geos such as Asia due to inventory. When combining higher and lower bid geos within a singular campaign, the budget will inevitably be spent unevenly between them for the sake of result optimization.

This can also deplete your budget early if you have too many countries added to the campaign mix. It’s much more efficient to divide your campaigns by geo to create a much better overview of creative performance in each area in a much fairer and more equitable way.

As with everything else, your account manager can guide you on separating the countries you want to target.

🖥️ Ad Formats 🖥️

There’s no way we could put together this guide without discussing ad formats, especially since we have quite a few available for your advertising arsenal, which all have their opportunities to shine.


In the early stages, test multiple ad formats to get an understanding of the performance of each, and better insights into which resonates best with your end user.

The handy-dandy Performance Tab we previously mentioned is most useful when you’re not mixing multiple formats withing a singular campaign. Instead, choose one ad format for each campaign you run via the Creatives tab, even if the URLs for all of them are identical. A good way of going about this is by creating your initial campaign, duplicating it, and switching out the ad format type within the duplication.

🟣 Conclusion 🟣

At the end of the day, we want your campaigns to perform the best they possibly can. Your success is our success. By following these tips, getting familiar with the Knowledge Center, and maintaining a great relationship with your account manager, little can get in the way of your advertising journey being nothing short of legendary!

We’re a team on this, so provide your creative content and goals, and let us provide the guidance, tools, and advice. To steal from a line from the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ — “If you build it, they will come.” Believe us, they will! 🙌

If you have any questions or need suggestions, message your Account Manager or leave a comment below — good luck!

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