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Autotag Case Study, an Absolute Game Changer in Monetization

We are back to talk about the future of monetization! You’ve probably already guessed it –  we will be talking about the Autotag feature 🤩. This time we’ve prepared something spicier- a case study of a Publisher switching from one ad format to Autotag. You will get an extraordinary chance to see the magic “formula” that helps maximize your profits! 

But first, we have a quick question for you, Publisher! 😉 Have you ever been on a blind date? Oh, we’ve been to a few! An unforgettable experience, right? We understood that there is one thing that determines immediately if the evening will be unbelievably fun or extremely awkward… And that one thing is – how much do you have in common?

Today we are setting you up on a blind date with the new Publisher Autotag! 

That is because we know you already have something huge in common: 

The desire to monetize effectively!

“How to find your perfect match?” you may ask… Well… 😌

How would you like to know that there is a feature that knows everything there is to know about your users and how to give them the absolute best online experience, in addition to tailored ads that speak to what they care about? 

What if we said the feature is right here and awaits to change the game for every publisher? You are probably wondering how complicated it can be and how true all this is. No worries, we are here to reassure you – it is accurate and very-very simple! 

We already introduced you to our Publisher Autotag not that long ago 😉 Today we are back with more data and information, which may push you to start using Autotag (if you’re not doing that yet) or convince you of the right choice you made when beginning to use it!

But let’s get to the point!

Before anything else, a quick reminder of what Autotag is!

The Autotag feature is a multi-purpose tag designed 

by publishers FOR publishers to… 

Want to know how our algorithm works? Okay! 

  1. It adjusts according to your preferences. At the highest point, displaying more offers more frequently to your website visitors, thus generating maximum earnings. Or, on the flip side, prioritizing the user experience by showing fewer ads less regularly.
  2. You make the call on how heavily you want your onsite ads to be run and displayed – we, in turn, will comb your audience engagement data to perfect your onsite ad placement.
  3. Autotag now includes state-of-the-art Anti-Adblock technology – this single tag does the work of 3 features: bypassing blockers, maximizing UX, and integrating the best ads onto your site. 

As might be expected, we could’ve gone more deeply into details and written every small thing about the process, but luckily – we already did that! Check out the first Autotag blog and learn more about the most remarkable monetization feature out there!

You waited long enough – we won’t torment you any longer! Case study time. 🥳

A Publisher using Adcash as his primary monetization solution was kind enough to share their data for this case study with us. 

Top geos USA, The UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany
Ad Format Switch from single Pop-Under to Autotag
Website Vertical


Traffic Type

The data provided in the case study is taken from the period January 2021 up until December 2021. Thus we will be able to observe changes for over a year.

Let’s start with some numbers! 🧐 Take a look at the…

CPM table and Earnings comparisons before and after Autotag


At the beginning of the period, the Publisher used one ad format – Pop-Under (from January 2021). The format continued to be used as the primary one until May of the same period when he made the switch to Autotag. 

It quickly became apparent that the Autotag ad format helped maximize earnings. The increase was significant and very noticeable. 

  • Before the switch to the feature, the Publisher had an average of €680 daily earnings. 
  • After the switch, we can observe a jump to €1200 in daily earnings during some periods. Meaning the earnings increased by about 76%.

The targeting region chosen wasn’t a single one but multiple. The top-performing geos were as follows: the USA, the UK, Canada, Brazil, and Germany.

We didn’t say anything about CPM yet. Because here’s what happened to it! First things first, let’s make something clear – CPM (Cost Per Mille is visible on our platform for our Publishers as RPM (“Revenue Per Mille,” or revenue per thousand.) 

Quick reminder – starting from January, the Publisher was only using a Pop-Under ad format and the switch to Autotag was made in May. 

  • January to April/Before Autotag – the average RPM is 2.3.
  • May to December/After Autotag – an average RPM of 3.4, so the increase of CPM is around 47%

What is there left to say? We’ll let you make your own conclusions!

We can only say what we know for sure – this will be an absolute game changer for you

You can always (and we mean ALWAYS) reach out to our team of dedicated publisher managers, and we’ll help you customize your tag to the fullest with tailored setup tips and modified customization features. What are you waiting for?

Contact us at [email protected]

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Onkarabile on Mar 25, 2024 at 12:14 pm

Hi. I'm starting an educational website and I'd like to monetize it using to platform. Because it's still new I'm not sure if there's a minimum threshold as it pertains to minimum traffic

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