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Buzzing DMEXCO 2019

One of the world’s biggest digital marketing events DMEXCO 2019 took place three weeks ago. More than 40,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors made this event the meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation. Find out more details in our recap below.

The Adcash team just got back from DMEXCO 2019 that was held in Cologne. As per usual, the event was buzzing – full of amazing business opportunities, top-notch technologies and solutions. For us, there were a couple of brands who were the stars of the exhibition area. YouTube stood out with its interactive booth and Shopify had a very creative booth solution with the coolest bar.

Brands (i.e. Adobe, Facebook) were introducing their latest features and products. For example, Google presented their 2 product updates – new digital targeting solutions that target clusters of people and a content’s context. Both of these updates fit like a glove with the speech that Google’s EMEA president Matt Brittin gave about delivering personalization without personal data. It hits just the right spot, as the processing of personal information has become a popular topic after numerous incidents have shed light on data leaks. For example, the highly popular Face app that had a massive privacy leak.

That’s actually one of the trends where Adcash has been the frontrunner for a while now. As explained in Google’s keynote at DMEXCO, they use a similar clustering system for user interest targeting like Adcash. This method preserves individuals’ privacy and groups people together instead.

Adcash Team at DMEXCO 2019

Top trends of the industry according to DMEXCO 2019

Transparency was the main talking point at DMEXCO 2019. Another thing that was trending amongst the speeches, expo attendees and exhibitors was brand safety. Keeping a brand’s reputation safe while they are active in online advertising is something that we in Adcash do as well. Luis di Como from Unileverdiscussed the progress of the ‘Global Alliance for Responsible Media’ and their search for answers to current challenges in the advertising field.

If we focus on specifics then Push Notifications, Programmatic and Native ads are still the most popular trends in advertising at the moment. That could also be seen by the large attendance of companies who offer those formats and solutions.

Sealing the deal

Our team met up with many of our existing clients to go over their strategies and make sure our clients have the most efficient and result-driven setup. DMEXCO brings together specialists from many various backgrounds and due to that, we got to meet new clients whose companies are active in very different verticals. The Adcash Sales Managers mostly met with clients from gambling and betting companies, software producers, entertainment sites, e-commerce, app owners, affiliates, and agencies.

We’re happy to say that the event gathered clients from all levels. This year there were exceptionally many “green” clients who just recently started working with online advertising and needed to be educated on the entire practice. As a result, our team got to have more fun explaining what the industry is all about.

DMEXCO Adcash Team

A very happy hour

On the first day of the event, we hosted a happy hour in our booth. We’re excited to say that we have continued our cooperation and thus, the happy hour was sponsored by the Vana Tallinn allowing us to lift our clients’ spirits (literally!) with the legendary Estonian shots!

Time completely flew by with all the delicious snacks (hats off to Koelnmesse), awesome drinks and networking fizz.

Adcash Team Cologne Train Station                Adcash team Cologne DMEXCO 2019

What’s next

November will bring a warm breeze, as Tarmo and Natalja will be heading to Sigma 2019.

That means you have various opportunities to meet our expert team. Use this chance to meet up with them and take your online advertising to the next level.

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