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How and where to find the best affiliate offers

What do you need to start affiliate marketing? What affiliate offers should you be promoting and where do you find them? Stick around as we unpack how to find the best affiliate offers. We’ll review a few of the bigger networks to come out of 2022 and throw in a list of the best affiliate programs and networks.

Which Affiliate Network is the Best?

Affiliate Networks are platforms that curate multiple programs in one place. They’re easy to browse through and find affiliate links to some of the best offers. And, while you can go directly to a brand or company’s own affiliate program, affiliate networks curate all your ongoing campaigns in one place, making them easier to keep track of and report on.  Generally, the affiliate networks with the easiest navigation, the widest variety of niches and sectors, and the highest commission levels (earnings per click) are the ones you want to side with. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking to start and scale your own affiliate company from the ground up, then check out the full Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Guide for 2022.

What Verticals Do You Want to Promote?

It’s always good to niche down and find a specialty in a vertical. You’ll also want to target sectors that tie in with the products and services you are passionate about and would like to create content around. Most importantly, you’ll want to identify your target audience and monetize that traffic with relevant offers.

Top Performing affiliate Verticals 2022 

Below are some of the most popular verticals with strong affiliate offers in 2022. Special mention goes to eCommerce, Online Entertainment, SaaS, and crypto/blockchain which performed well throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

Online Entertainment including the below target niches 

🍿 VOD (Video on Demand).

🎫 Sweepstakes.

🎮 iGaming.

✏️ Online courses.

📲 App Installs.

🎰 Gambling.

🖥 VPN.

Online Delivery including the below target niches

🥗 Groceries.

🥡 Fast food.

🛍️ eCommerce products.

Self-Betterment/Nutra including the below target niches

🥒 Sports/Nutritional supplements.

🏃‍♀️Weight loss products. 

🏋🏽 At-home exercise equipment.

Finance including the below target niches

💰 Making money online.

💸 Cryptocurrency.

📈 Trading.

💲Currency conversion.

Affiliate Network

Once you’ve got your vertical locked down and know what kind of market you’re going after, you can start finding relevant offers for your target audience. look to side with a few good Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs. 

List of Leading Affiliate Networks 2022

The more you know about your chosen vertical, the more effectively you’ll be able to advertise a related offer. Do your homework, check the competition and find the subcategories that carry the most popularity. Follow trends on social. See what other affiliates are advertising. Replicate. Refine. Repeat. Here are a few of the best Affiliate Networks to run affiliate marketing for free in 2022.

Impact ShareASale
Mobidea CJ
Rakuten Awin

Affiliate Programs, on the other hand, are free to join and are run by bigger companies. These programs are an additional sales channel where companies pay a commission for sales. Here are a few of the best programs to try affiliate marketing for free in 2022.

ShareASale Amazon Associates
eBay Partner Network Clickbank
Fiverr Shopify
WPEngine Spocket
Target Coursera

Unlock CPA Traffic with Mobidea

Mobidea homepage

As far as CPA affiliate networks go, Mobidea is up there with the best of them. The platform has a host of cool features for both new and seasoned affiliates and runs affiliate offers across Mobile Content, Pin Submits, Sweeps, Coupons, Vouchers, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dating, Games, Music, and more.

Get top Affiliate offers with Offervault 

Offer Vault affiliate network homepage

 OfferVault has a wide range of affiliate offers traffic sources and ad networks on offer. Their search engine stores and itemizes a host of different affiliate offers, traffic sources, and ad networks. The platform’s most popular sectors include Video on Demand, Health and Wellness, eCommerce, Saas, and many more. Added to that, the site’s seamless navigation and decent commissions make it a winner. 

More tips for finding the right affiliate offers

Once you know your target market and vertical, selecting the right affiliate offers to fill your niche and audience need is key. Check out the above option, open an account, play around with products and see which networks give you the best returns on your Ad Spend. If you’d like to dig deeper and find the latest trends and product offerings that convert, then go to the experts. this is where affiliate marketing forums and online advertising platforms take center stage.

Network with other affiliates on STM Forum

STM affiliate forum homepage

One of the largest affiliate communities in the industry today, STM Forum has around 47,000 active threads with 397,000 posts and counting. That’s a lot of knowledge to tap into, and all in one place.  Affiliates of all experience levels can find the knowledge they need to help them become better marketers.

A cool feature of the STM Forum is their “follow-along” thread. Here affiliates share updates on the types of campaigns they’re running, which regions they’re marketing to, and how they’re optimizing/refining their findings. 

They also have an Affiliate Contacts Directory, which lets members get directly in touch with other top affiliates. Find out more about STM Forum here.

Find trending affiliate offers on affLIFT

affLIFT affiliate forum homepage

AffLIFT is another ultra-effective affiliate community widely regarded as one of the top in the industry. To date, the forum has over 40 000 members from all over the world. The forum acts as a guiding light to a whole host of different topics, including campaign creation tips, industry updates, offer selection, and many others. You can sign up for a 6-month membership for around $100Find out more about affLIFT here

Work directly with your affiliate manager 📣

The best advice around profitable verticals and hot offers will come directly from your affiliate manager and/or support team. They have a world of knowledge at their disposal, have been in the game longer than anyone, and know what works from hands-on experience. 

With the above in mind, take the leap and grow your online presence with Adcash. Register your account get access to the best traffic, and campaign optimization tools. Reach out to an Adcash Affiliate Manager for cutting-edge guidance on the year’s top offers.  

That’s it for now. We hope you find that next “unicorn” offer to take your returns into the solar sphere and beyond. 🦄

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