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  5. 5.Wix
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Top Ten Website Builders for 2022

The best website builders are ready and waiting to be unlocked! Forget coding skills, hefty budgets, and design teams. You can now build and run your website in a few simple steps.

Whether you’re an app creator looking to gain market traction, a blogger with a world of thoughts to share, or an SME looking to revamp your onsite presence, here are the 10 best website builders in 2022. 

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What to Look For When Choosing Your Website Builder

A leading website builder should have a user-friendly interface, a variety of different onsite templates, global hosting capacity, and a list of incredible features that make monetizing traffic a breeze. Here are the top ten points to consider when choosing a website builder. 

Easy (Non-Technical) Setup

The best website builders are non-technical, easy to set up, and require no coding skills to get up and running. Make sure there is an intuitive editing tool where you can tweak pages with shortcuts and ensure that all code is pre-populated and doesn’t need to be manually placed. 

Multiple Site Templates

Look for website builders with the widest range of hard-coded templates, including blog interfaces, eCommerce shops, dropdown navigation, background visuals, and everything in between. The more options av available, the better you’re able to tailor your website to your one brand and CI. 

The Ability to Host Plugins

Top website templates are able to integrate with a variety of different plugins. These can be anything from added security layers and SEO trackers to landing page builders, eComm stores, and similar. Make sure you’re always able to onboard the right plugins to further automate your content creation. For a little inspiration, check out  2022s Top WordPress Plugins

Tailored Designs and Creatives

Look for website builders that take background/foreground imagery into consideration, with shortcuts in place to crop, resize, align and integrate with different image banks, editing suites, and similar. Existing templates should have robust editing features where you can change imagery to your site requirements. 

Strong Website Hosting

Make sure your front-end site is hosted on a high-quality domain that ranks well in search engines. Moreover, look for website builders/hosting services that have strong reputations, ensure fast loading times, and carry multiple resources/support channels to get you started.

Reasonable Subscription Fees 

The best paid and free website builders and hosting services usually charge a flat fee to get you started, with a monthly fee for hosting after that. However, be careful of site builders that have too many (unnecessary) gated features that can only be unlocked by upping your monthly payment plan. As a general guideline, small to medium businesses shouldn’t be looking to spend anything more than a $100-140 flat fee and $20-50 monthly site hosting.

Advertising Placements 

Once your site is running and starting to bring in traffic, you can start placing relevant ads for similar products and services. Make sure your website builder is easily able to onboard, upload, and host ads with the least possible hassle. Also, make sure you have the ability to place your ad’s backend code anywhere on the website without restriction. 

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Top Ten Website Builders: 2022

We’ll take time to rate and review ten of the best website builders in 2022. From industry favorites to up and comers, there are the platforms with the best reputations and the widest range of site building features. 

1. Strikingly – Best New Website Builder

Strikingly homepage

Launched in 2012, Strikingly is one of the industry’s top website builders, with a core focus on single-page websites. It’s great for publishers and small businesses looking to create a portfolio/product pages with the least possible hassle. Moreover, It requires no programming skills to get started and the platform allows you to add an online store portal. 

Platform features include: 

  • A built-in analytics portal. 
  • A survey/form builder template. 
  • The ability to track, run and share on social feeds.
  • End-to-end domain hosting. 
  • Intuitive site editor. 
  • A variety of top templates
  • Built-in e-commerce/online shopping portal.

Strikingly Monthly Subscription 

Basic Plan: $0.

Limited Subscription: $8 (monthly).

Pro Subscription: $16 (monthly).

VIP Plan: 49 (monthly).

Visit Strikingly for more information. 

2. Webnode – Leading Online Editor 

Webnode homepage

Created back in 2008, Webnode gives publishers the ability to create visually captivating websites in real-time. The platform uses a simple “drag & drop” website builder solution and is used by 40 million website owners globally.

Platform features include: 

  • Mobile integration for website editing.
  • eComm store integration. 
  • Intuitive online editor. 
  • A variety of different templates and page designs. 
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • The ability to track, run and share on social feeds.
  • Increased storage, based on pricing plan and overall needs. 

Webnode Monthly Subscription 

Limited Plan: $3 (monthly)

Mini Plan: $4.50 (monthly)

Standard Plan: $8.90 (monthly)

Profi Plan: $16.90 (monthly)

Visit Webnode for more information.

3. WordPress – Overall Best Website Builder 

WordPress homepage

From SMEs, and bloggers, to Fortune 500 companies, WordPress has a huge global presence. Their intuitive platform allows publishers to create, host, upload and format multiple websites from one location. Moreover, WordPress remains one of the best website builders because it comes with a host of top publisher tools geared for marketing, analytics, SEO, eCommerce, and everything in between. 

Platform features include: 

  • Flexible and intuitive scheduling.
  • A dedicated news and blogging portal. 
  • Unlimited pages, posts, and products per plan. 
  • Community management for blog comments and social channels. 
  • Plugin Integration.
  • Enhance domain security and data protection. 

WordPress Monthly Subscription

Free Plan: $0

Pro Plan: $15 (monthly)

Visit WordPress for more information.

4. Squarespace – Modern Website Templates 

Squarespace homepage

Since 2003, Squarespace has helped millions of publishers build lasting brands and onboard new customers in the process. Moreover, their intuitive templates are easy to navigate, interchangeable, and fun to use. Publishers can also host their own unique domains directly from the site. 

Platform features include: 

  • Multiple intuitive, stylish, and modern website templates.
  • A page editor with additional plugins.
  • A large image library with a built-in gallery.
  • Mobile integration and editing capability.
  • Easy navigation/drag and drop management.
  • Zero coding/site-building skills are required. 

Squarespace Monthly Subscription

Personal Plan: $14 (monthly)

Business Plan: $23 (monthly)

Basic Commerce: $27 (monthly)

Advanced Commerce: $49 (monthly)

Visit Squarespace for more information.

5. Wix – Free Website Hosting Service 

Wix homepage

Created in 2006, Wix takes a top position as one of the best website builders, considering its variety of templates, drag-and-drop placement features, and a range of inbuilt apps, graphics, image galleries, and animations. In addition, you can also choose to start a website from scratch and host it directly. 

Platform features include: 

  • A built-in image editor. 
  • A variety of interchangeable templates. 
  • Customizable and intuitive page designs.
  • A free website hosting service. 
  • Mobile integration, viewing, and editing. 

Wix Monthly Subscription

Free Plan: $0

Connect Plan: $4.50 (monthly)

Combo Plan: $8.50  (monthly)

Unlimited Plan: $12.50 (monthly)

Business/eCommerce Plan: $2.50 (monthly)

Visit Wix for more information

6. Weebly – eComm Best Website Builders 

Weebly homepage

One of the best website builders for eCommerce, Weebly has been in the game since 2006 and continues to expand on its wide range of features and services. Moreover, their host of powerful tools help publishers grow their businesses with fully optimized, intuitive site creation and integration. 

Platform features include: 

  • An easy-to-navigate drag and drop feature. 
  • The ability to onboard an end-to-end eCommerce store.
  • Visually captivating, responsive templates. 
  • Intuitive mobile and integration. 
  • A powerful web hosting service. 
  • A full-length web page editor.

Weebly Monthly Subscription

Free Plan: $0

Connect Plan: $5 (monthly)

Pro Plan: $12 (monthly)

Business Plan: $25 (monthly)

Visit Weebly for more information.

7. – Build-in SEO Platform homepage is a modern and fully integrated website hosting package designed to create and maintain a powerful online presence for publishers and advertisers. Its host of built-in tools covers marketing, eCommerce, tracking, analytics, and SEO, while the platform itself offers built-in website hosting. 

Platform features include: 

  • Multiple responsive templates. 
  • Robust site storage capacity.
  • Photo publishing, editing, and uploading capability.
  • A built-in SEO platform.
  • Mobile integration, viewing, and editing. Monthly Subscription

Beginner Plan: $40.42 (monthly)

Explorer Plan: $64.77 (monthly)

Enthusiast Plan: $89.12 (monthly)

Expert Plan: $122 (monthly)

Visit for more information

8. GoDaddy – Intuitive Insights Tool

GoDaddy homepage

GoDaddy was one of the first website builder/hosting services to hit the digital scene. GoDaddy gives publishers the ability to create, and host captivating, effective websites with the least possible effort and next to no coding experience. The platform also has a host of built-in products and services to help boost eCommerce, SEO, marketing, and tracking efforts. 

Platform features include: 

  • A built-in Insights Tool that compares site performance with competitors. 
  • An SEO wizard with keyword/phrasing suggestions to boost ranking potential. 
  • A wide collection of templates. 
  • The ability to track, run and share on social feeds. 
  • A built-in website hosting and domain registration service. 
  • A business email address, free for one year.
  • Easy to navigate, responsive layouts. Monthly Subscription

Basic Plan: $6.20 (monthly)

Standard Plan: $9.93 (monthly)

Premium Plan: $14.91 (monthly)

Visit GoDaddy for more information

9. – One of the Best Website Builders for Publishers homepage

SiteBuilder is one of the leading website builders for publishers creating their first website. While it doesnt hold the same processing/design capacity as its competitors, it is simple to navigate and a solid option for anyone looking to open their first eCommerce store. comes with a free hosting service where your site can be up and running within a few hours. 

Platform features include: 

  • A wide range of templates. 
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google My Business. 
  • No prior programming/site building knowledge is needed.
  • A built-in content delivery network (CDN). 
  • Decent site storage capacity.
  • Website domain and hosting included. Monthly Subscription

Pro Plan: $7.18 (monthly)

Premium Plan: $7.98 (monthly) 

eCommerce Plan: $11.18 (monthly)

Visit for more information

10. Jimdo – One of the Best Website Builders for Mobile 

Jimdo homepage

Jimdo is another top website-builder and all-in-one hosting solution that’s been gaining  popularity in the last few years. Jimdo gives publishers the ability to create their websites from scratch without any prior design or website building experience. Their range of features and templates are designed to get your website off the ground in the quickest possible time.

Platform features include: 

  • A variety of professional templates.
  • Built-in eCommerce hosting, optimization, and tracking tools. 
  • Mobile integration. 
  • 500MB, up to unlimited site storage
  • Onsite hosting (only possible with a Premium Plan). 
  • Full HTML 5 support. Monthly Subscription

Play Package: $0

Start Package: $9 (monthly)

Grow Package: $15 (monthly)

Unlimited Package: $39 (monthly) 

Visit Jimdo for more information

That’s it for this recap of 2022’s best website builders. Remember to do your own thorough research and check out all the best review sites to make sure you’re siding with the right one. 

Did we leave any out? Leave a comment in the box below and let us know. 

As always, please reach out to our dedicated sales team for more targeted website optimation tips and tactics, and all the best monetizing top-tier traffic on the Adcash Publisher Platform.

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