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Reach the Advertising End Zone this Super Bowl ’24

Make it to the advertising end zone this Super Bowl with Adcash!

We’re expecting high volumes of traffic and have a huge chunk of exclusive sports campaigns. So, advertisers and publishers, get your game face on! Make a note of our insider tips to get the most out of this epic sports event.

So, what’s even happening? It’s the Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers!

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl-bound once again after their roaring success in Super Bowl LVII!

As for the San Francisco 49ers, this will be their tenth shot at the Lombardi Trophy, with five historical wins under their belt.

Super Bowl Advertising Guide 📣

The Super Bowl weekend gives you a chance to boost your ROI. We’re expecting high volumes of traffic, so make sure to top up your budgets for this period.

🏈 Use sport thematics, relevant keywords (‘NFL’, ‘Super Bowl’, team & player names etc.), and sport & NFL-related landing pages.

🏈 With the event itself being only 4 hours, timing is critical. Be sure to launch campaigns at least an hour before the main event, but ideally a day before to build traction when running CPAT.

🏈 Make sure to increase bidding on sports campaigns beforehand in order to not miss out — remember, the competition will be as fierce in the affiliate arena as it will be in the stadium!

🏈 If you have an Adcash account manager, be sure to use them — they’re more than willing to provide input and help guide you with tweaking your campaigns and maximizing your earnings.

Examples of Super Bowl-themed sports ads:

Super Bowl Square Ad

Super Bowl Sidebar Ad

Make a Game-Winning Advertising Catch 💰

Monetizing your website during the Super Bowl is a gold mine when you have sports-related traffic. That’s why your tags should be live for the match and during the period right before it.

🏈 To make sure you’re getting exclusive high-budgeted campaigns, use event-related keywords in your content and page URL. That way, advertisers can target your content more accurately.

Super Bowl URL tagging

Time to Take Home the Trophy 🏆

So, now you should have all the necessary information to secure the winning catch during Super Bowl with Adcash. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and log in or sign up for our platform to start reaping your digital advertising or monetization benefits.

You’re in the end zone now, so make that advertising touchdown!

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