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Goodbye manual optimization, hello CPA Target machine learning

Every advertiser wants their campaigns to yield the best returns at every opportunity. Yet, keeping track of the performance of each and every ad is a monumental task. Our CPA Target feature automates ad optimization through Machine Learning. Taking the tiring leg work out of campaigns! Find out exactly how it works here. 

Digital ad campaigns are now more intricate than ever. Not only are advertisers dealing with a myriad of ads in different formats, but the publisher network is also constantly expanding. That makes it challenging for advertisers to assess whether each of their ads are performing as well as they should be. 

However, as with many other aspects of modern business, sophisticated machine learning is beginning to take away the ‘heavy lifting’ from advertisers to enable seamless, automated ad optimization. One particular tool driving this intelligent approach to performance marketing is Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) Target bidding. CPA Target is an emerging bid type that automatically optimizes the campaign’s bids based on its conversion rate.

CPA Target

An intelligently automated approach

Today, advanced machine learning algorithms power CPA Target tools to identify the best segments as well as the best bid for each impression. That’s achieved by intuitively adjusting to traffic performance changes on the fly. If a zone or a source meets the target set by the advertiser, bidding is continued automatically to achieve the maximum number of conversions with minimal effort from the campaign owner. 

This can also work in reverse. If the source doesn’t meet the goal, bids are automatically lowered. The zones turned off completely if the performance doesn’t improve. When compared to the more traditional CPM model, the dynamic nature of CPA Target can work to protect an advertiser’s budget which might have previously been lost. As well as eliminate all time spent on making manual bid adjustments. 

The potential for machine-led ad optimization to revolutionize the way advertisers enhance the performance of their campaigns is clear. Automatic adjustments aim to maximize conversions while minimizing cost. Adcash’s very own CPA Target bidding technology is successful in automatically removing manual work to help our customers optimize their ROI and unlock high-performance advertising at scale.

 There are some key considerations to be had before this technology can be utilized with the most effective return. There are two critical phases to a successful CPA Target campaign. First is the learning phase, which enables the essential optimization algorithm to find the best performing segments. This is followed by the exploitation phase. Which pinpoints the high performing segments to exploit the campaign and bring the highest number of conversions.

Optimize with industry partners

As its name suggests, the learning phase is very much a process of trial and error at the beginning of any campaign. Like any machine-based algorithm, CPA Target solutions are only as intelligent as the data with which they are fed. This process requires demand-side platforms (DSPs) to put their algorithms into action. That is giving them time to analyze their network traffic sources and make effective automated bids based on each campaign’s specific requirements before exploitation can begin. 

Once successfully optimized, this highly intuitive approach can maximize both efficiency and ROI for advertisers. However, the time spent on getting algorithms up to speed can be seen as a barrier to CPA Targeting’s effectiveness. Particularly so to advertisers that want instant profits gained from their ad investment. For brands wanting to navigate the world of programmatic with the most effective results, a certain degree of risk is ultimately required. Before unlocking the true value that machines can deliver for modern ad campaigns.


The responsibility, therefore, falls on DSPs to build a technology that both instills trust amongst advertisers from the outset. As well as leverage the power of machine-based learning in order to deliver strong ROI for customers as quickly as possible. Our team experts have built a CPA Target system, which achieves just that. Enabling our customers to fully automate the entire campaign optimization process! Anything from analyzing traffic sources, blacklisting and measuring performance. 

This technology is teamed with our vast networks, traffic sources and supply partners. So, advertisers simply set the value and our system will carry out the campaign exploration. This solution finds the best performing sources automatically. It also allows advertisers to scale their campaigns quickly and ensure the most effective conversions in less time.

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