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Daily Budget Optimization: Your Savvy Campaign Spending Solution

Keeping on top of your budget allocation on a daily basis, all while managing multiple campaigns can be a major headache — we get it. Constantly having to track when’s the best time to pull back on unnecessary ad spend, as well as monitor the ideal windows of opportunity for releasing more budget isn’t just a time sink, but a serious stressor.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! With a case study at the ready, we’re here to show how our Daily Budget Optimization feature can supercharge your campaigns and extricate you from the prison of micro-managing your budgets!


What is the Daily Budget Optimization Feature?

A strategic budget management approach is key to maximizing your campaign’s impact without breaking the bank. That’s where our innovative Daily Budget Optimization feature comes into play. This intelligent strategy empowers you to make the most of days when traffic and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) are poised to peak. How? By dynamically adjusting your budget to ensure your campaigns shine when it matters most, all while staying within your monthly budget allocation.


How it Works

Instead of rigidly adhering to a fixed daily budget, Daily Budget Optimization empowers you to navigate your campaigns dynamically. On days when we anticipate higher traffic or a greater ROAS, your daily budget cap might be exceeded, but fear not — this is where the magic happens.

Let’s take a peek at a real-life example from one of the campaigns on our platform. By harnessing the power of Daily Budget Optimization, this campaign yielded unprecedented results:

Vertical: Gambling
OS: All iOS versions
Device: Mobile
Target Regions: Brazil
Bid Type: CPA Target
Ad format: Pop-under
Daily budget: 200 EUR
CPAT camp with a 200 Euro daily budget set and capping optimization enabled.
graph copy 2
July 2023 results. Daily budget was exceeded on days with high traffic, with the prediction model maximizing ROAS.
graph copy
Campaign performance overall for the month of July

With the feature in action, the campaign effortlessly capitalized on high-traffic days, channeling extra funds where they mattered most. The outcome? A campaign that didn’t just meet its objectives but exceeded them, all while adhering to a carefully managed budget.

Not convinced? Take a look at the cold, hard numbers:

Monthly limit: 31 days x €200 = €6200 – not reached
Total monthly spending: €4771.26 – with 10 days above the daily budget.
Target CPA (Lead): €30
“Spendings” at the provided Target CPA: 12754.25
Total savings for Advertiser with the given target cost: 7982.99

Some days, you might find your campaign’s daily expenditure below the allocated budget, while on other days, it might surpass it. This intelligent fluctuation guarantees that your advertising funds are channeled where they’ll yield the greatest impact. In essence, the Daily Budget Optimization feature ensures you’re getting the best bang for your buck, optimizing your campaigns for success.

You can set the Daily Budget Optimization on all your campaigns that you run on Adcash with your total monthly budget limit in mind. Still, we highly recommend using it for campaigns/offers with targeted traffic that could be quite volatile – like weekends or seasonal sports events.

Todor Todorov

Head of Innovation, Adcash

In conclusion

A one-size-fits-all approach to budget management is now a thing of the past. With the Daily Budget Optimization feature, you’re equipped to ride the waves of fluctuating supply, ensuring your campaigns thrive when opportunities are ripe. Say goodbye to rigid budgets and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of advertising.

Want to start experimenting with the Daily Budget Optimization feature and kick your budget efficiency into high gear? Just click down below!

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