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Defeat Adblockers with the Adcash Anti-Adblock technology

Adblock browser extensions are a constant threat to Publishers’ monetization activities… We invested a lot in creating a high-performing ad-serving technology to provide Publishers with full audience coverage – Adcash Anti-Adblock Solution. 

Our Anti-AdBlock is the latest tool in our ad-serving lineup to get an update. It safeguards the revenue of our publishers by ensuring that their ads are constantly displayed.

By giving publishers the tools they need to fight ad blockers, we can ensure they can recapture some of that lost ad revenue. The solution has been in a long testing phase, providing plenty of time to tweak and optimize it. Consequently, it can bypass Adblock attempts with a 98% success rate.

The main benefits of our Anti-AdBlock Technology are:

🟡 Full audience monetization

🟡 Higher revenue

🟡 When used with Autotag – it works for all three ad formats (Pop-Under, Insterstitial, and In-Page Push)

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 14.28.11

Our technology is one of the most advanced in the market and allows Publishers to capitalize on revenue (usually lost by default) from users. 

Important to say – our Anti-Adblock tool works for all three formats in AutotagSo no worries – none of them will be left aside!

Emanuele Pezzulla

Head of Sales, Adcash

🟡 Can be integrated with all website programming languages, meaning it’s integrable with any website so that all Publishers can use it 

🟡 We updated, clarified, and simplified the integration process based on our customer’s feedback

🟡 We also created a WordPress plugin for WP-based websites for very smooth integration


You can check out our guide on how to integrate our Anti-Adblock plugin on a WordPress website right here: 

How to integrate Adcash Anti-Adblock tags with WordPress

Using cPanel? No worries! We got your back and created a guide for you too! 

See the video below to fully overview the steps needed to ingrate the plugin and install Anti-Adblock through cPanel! 

How to integrate Adcash Anti-Adblock tags with cPanel

Our solution helps to mitigate the impact of the current state of the digital economy by supporting our publishers to safeguard their ad revenue! 

If you’re not already an Adcash publisher, then let’s change that: 

There are a few essential things to note when getting started as a new Adcash Publisher, from registering your account and adding your website to verifying your domain, placing ads, and earning revenue from onsite conversions!

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