Interstitial Ads. The Ultimate Cure for Banner Blindness!

Overlay Interstitials are setting the pace for mobile web, and desktop. 

How do marketers change the game in a world of info overload? How do they cut through the noise and produce effective ad campaigns that reach their audience every time?

One sure-fire tactic is to utilize top-performing ad formats that secure conversions, gain visibility, and limit interruptions on the end-users side.  

Enter the age of Interstitial Ads! They’ve been around the block a few times and they’re still as ultra-effective as ever. These full-screen formats are designed for dynamic audience interaction/engagement, and when used in line with the all-seeing eye of Google. (Hey Google! 😃), have the ability to produce strong results on both sides of the advertising spectrum. 

But now, the game just got better with Overlay Interstitials. Specifically geared to mobile web and desktop, this alternative to the full-screen interstitial will set you on the road to the ultimate online presence.

BUT… before we dive into it and, if you still have your doubts, here’s a small window into the attention span of the average consumer. (still here??) 

Filtering out the distractions. Meme

Advertising faster than it takes to scroll 

We’re all living in a frenzy of “Buy Now!” “Sign up!” and “Limited Offer!” overload!

According to a study done by Microsoft, a person’s average attention span clocks in at around 8 seconds. That puts us in third place behind chimpanzees (+/- 20 seconds) and dogs (+/- 35 seconds). If that’s true of where we’re going  (author briefly stops scrolling through cat memes🐈)  then it’s fair to say that today’s ads should be… 

📢  Clearly communicated,

📶 Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems,

🤷  Appropriate as well as interesting to the audience, 

👀  And ultimately? ATTENTION GRABBING! 💥💥💥

So, where does Interstitial take the fight for attention? 🥊

 Interstitial Ads. What are they? 

Adcash overlay format. Desktop view

Interstitial are interactive ads that appear while a particular web page or app is loading. Moreover, they act as the transition point between different types of content and different types of user activity

We offer two exciting Interstitial Ad formats. The first of which is Fullscreen. By design, these ads are highly noticeable to the user. The content appears during the natural breaks in the user experience, creating more organic visibility, and adding a more immersive digital experience

We’ve also got the Overlay Interstitial for mobile web and desktop. A smaller version of the traditional Interstitial, the Overlay is far less intrusive to site visibility. Furthermore,  a website owner can now opt to have the ad showing on their site instantly skipped or, to run it on a 5 second countdown period. additionally, this unique format is entirely compliant with Google’s latest ad policies. 

Adcash Interstitial Overlay ad format launch Mobile display version

Mobile web display

That’s all well and good, but how does optimizing for Interstitials improve your bottom line on both sides of the advertising spectrum? 

The benefits of Interstitial ads (for advertisers)

A higher click-through rate

Users can either click on the ad and see what lies on the other side, or they can choose to opt-out and skip. Either way, a resulting 50/50 click-through rate, makes for higher odds of visibility. 

Stronger messaging/visuals

Interstitials are the ultimate cure to Banner Blindness. The ad’s full-screen display results in a format that’s pretty hard to ignore. Added to that, the stronger creatives result in a high-quality user experience that grabs a consumer’s attention fast, resulting in the potential for higher conversions. 

A longer countdown window

Interstitials use a 5-second countdown window, ensuring your creatives will have time to load and likewise get seen by the end-user before the ad gets closed. 

Direct traffic sources

Interstitial ads allow you to target direct traffic sources from our wide publisher bank as well as achieve higher conversion opportunities and a stronger audience reach. 

So, if Interstitial is the Ferrari of ad formats, then the right vertical is the difference between a world-class highway or a dusty country road. 🏎️

Top verticals for the overlay ad format

What are the top market segments for Interstitial ads?

We’ve put together a list of top verticals showing strong traffic and a high-performance probability. They are…

🎥  VOD/streaming services

👾  Gaming

💻  Utilities (i.e.VPN/Antivirus)

🎰  Gambling (casino and sports betting)

💰 Finance (Crypto, Forex & trading)

⚡  Browser extensions

💔  Dating

🎫  Sweepstakes

📱  Mobile Apps

🚴  Fitness

🍔  Food and beverage

🚘  Transport/taxi services

Looking for more reasons to love Interstitial? Visit our Media Buying Guide!

How to monetize Interstitial ads!

Publishers! This one’s for you!

We have a lot of advertisers who are successfully using Interstitials and we know they’d love to test out your traffic. Best of all? This ultra engaging format carries high CTRs and even higher eCPMS, which in turn allows you to effectively monetize both desktop and mobile web traffic. 

An exciting full-screen interstitial ad (that’s totally skippable) overlays your website whilst keeping the overall user experience intact. The format stays compliant with Google and the “Better Ad Standards Coalition”. Added to this, cutting edge optimization technology ensures that only the most relevant ads are shown to your audience.  

Special features (for publishers)

Adcash Interstitial overlay launch 2020. Delay interval settings

In order to keep your experience super easy (and consistently profitable) our team has put a lot of time into creating an interstitial unlike any other. We’ve got special features that make the ads far less intrusive, whilst at the same time, improving the overall user experience for site visitors. 

Frequency Capping 

As with all of our ad formats you’re also able to fully customize your frequency capping and choose how many times your users will see ads in a chosen time frame. 

Delay Interval 

Here you can choose when and how you want to show onsite ads to your visitors, such as choosing a 5-second delay after they’ve landed on the site. Having now been able to scroll through your content, they’ll be more likely to keep engaging after an ad has appeared. This will come in especially handy if these visitors are new users and still getting to grips with your site and services. 

Interstitial as Overlay (NEW and ready to be explored!)

Our latest feature is the Interstitial Overlay. This ad will never cover your website entirely, therefore allowing your users to stay uninterrupted and fully engaged with your website’s content. Added to that, our interstitials can now be conveniently resized to 600 x 500 on desktop and 300×250 on mobile, resulting in increased user-friendliness and the same capacity for great monetization.

Monetization tips from the Adcash team

  • Combining Interstitials with Pop-Under ads is a strong tactic for most campaigns. In no time you’ll see an increase in both impressions and overall earnings. Boom! That being said though, an ad format should be used separately in different campaigns. Stick to one format per campaign so that your traffic will never be diluted and your user attention won’t get split. Combine them correctly onto different platforms, i.e Pop-under for a desktop campaign, or Interstitial for a mobile campaign, etc.
    Hint. We recommend using two full-screen ads at the same time. Want to know how?  Get in touch with our team and we’ll show you.
  • Choose one network and stick with it. Combining multiple networks runs the risk of affecting your user’s experience and can damage overall website performance and conversion ratios. Adcash will direct you to high quality, well-targeted ads and we’ll also handle the annoying legwork as well as freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.
  • Allow for multiple tests at the start of your campaign. In order to ensure you get the highest revenue from your website traffic, you may need to run different setup tests, depending on the nature of your website and its volumes. Our optimization feature needs at least 48 hours of constant traffic to collect the best results, however, once the formula is spot on, the sky’s the limit! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

For more tips and tricks, visit our Monetization Guide for Publishers

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 PLUS! We’re just getting started!

We’ve got a bunch of developments and exciting new features heading your way, designed to keep your audiences onsite experience crisp, clean, and ultra-engaging! Reach out to one of our team here and we’ll help you tailor your impressions to the tee! 

That’s it for now. Good luck on your journey into making the most of Interstitial, and remember…

“It’s the tactics that drive the strategy” 

Marc Benioff

Bye for now. 🙃



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Geoff Kukard on Jul 27, 2020 at 9:32 am

Hi Alvyan, Thanks for reaching out to us. So this could be happening for one of two reasons. Firstly this might have something to do with the Implementation type (ie. the wrong implementation might be in place) or perhaps it's something to do with the fill rates (meaning we currently don't have campaigns for this GEO) We'd love to help you look into this a little more. Please ping your account manager, or get in touch with us at [email protected] and provide us with your publisher ID.

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Alvyan on Jul 24, 2020 at 9:30 am

What if... The ads notif display? I see, many times on my blog always disappear (only "Skip Ad" and the Ads notif display) when I see my blog. What do you think for this problem??

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