Introducing Dynamic Pricing!

With 2021 on the horizon and more competition than ever in the global market, the “one size fits all” approach to online advertising and traffic sourcing just doesn’t cut it anymore. The last decade saw people paying insane costs for “cloaked” traffic that carries no guarantee of generating returns. 

Added to that, affiliate marketers and media buyers find themselves in an industry locked behind a “digital curtain” of sorts, where the quality of traffic they’re bidding on is not always visible, measurable, or capable of giving them the returns they’re looking for. 

What if there was a way to…

Spend less on high-quality traffic

Save a whole lot of time on campaign optimization

Run top CPM campaigns and never overpay again 

Well, we might just have the answer. 

Enter the Age of Dynamic Pricing!

As of November 2020, we’re launching the ultra-effective, oh so awesome Dynamic Pricing Model and Quality Tier bidding system. What is this Dynamic Pricing we speak of? Well, it’s pretty simple really. 

We’ve been hard at work breaking down different countries’ traffic sources into bitesize segments. Powered by cutting edge machine learning and prediction algorithms, the system is now able to analyze all the different variables that make for “high-quality traffic” and send them back to you in the form of three, easy to navigate Quality Tiers.

At the end of the day, not all traffic sources carry the same ROI and some perform better than others. For this reason, Quality Tiers have been developed to bring Competitive Bidding to the Adcash DSP platform.

What is competitive bidding? Well, say you were to run a fixed CPM campaign at $2 for every impression you stand to get. This would place you in Quality Tier 2 and would keep you from stepping into Quality Tier 1 (which costs around $3.5 CPM). On the same account, Quality Tier 3 traffic at $1 per impression wouldn’t match up to your budget and won’t interfere with your campaign. 

You would always be advertising in the price range that you originally budgeted for. To put it simply, gone are the days where an advertiser ends up paying $2 for 10c traffic (or vice versa).  

Welcome to the age of quality traffic sent straight to your digital door. Segmented, filtered, and ready to use at the drop of a hat. 🎩

Taking daily updates and data from the last 7 days, we analyze the performance of each traffic segment in real-time and bring them straight to your door, split up into 3x Quality Tiers, and optimized according to… 

📈 Performance
💰 Conversion Potential
⚖️ Volume
🧨 Efficiency

But, before we get into what each Tier entails, here’s a quick disclaimer.

Share your Results and Win with Dynamic Pricing 

Before we launched to the big wide world, we ran a closed beta test with a few of our affiliate marketers from different parts of the globe. They gave us some awesome insight into how Dynamic Pricing helped them boost their ROI, and the results are in! 🤩

We’ll be sharing a few of these with you throughout the post AND…

We’re actively looking out for more short case studies. Take a minute to fill out a quick survey at the end of the article and you could WIN some cool prizes to help us celebrate the future of online advertising.  

Keep reading to find out how. 📚

All said and done…  

What are the Dynamic Pricing Quality Tiers?

Powered by cutting edge machine learning and predictive algorithms, we’ve broken down global traffic into their tiniest variables and attached a quality tier label to them. 

We segment and cost bids according to the quality of the publishers and the caliber of traffic they generate to their site.

Dynamic Pricing Adcash Platform

Quality Tier 1

This tier consists of the absolute best-performing traffic segments that can be sourced. They are filtered and refined to produce consistently high conversion rates and ROI from campaign to campaign.  

Since this segment has been pre-filtered, you won’t find the same volumes of traffic that you’ll find in Quality Tier 2 or 3, and the prices are higher, but the ultimate upside is that this tier produces the richest traffic sources and puts you directly in line with your consumer base. 

Quality Tier 2

This is the middle ground and, arguably the best of both worlds. The traffic segments in this tier are still converting well, but a little less so than Quality Tier 1. However, you can still get really nice results and a good ROI at a competitive purchase price. The traffic volume will be higher than the top tier range, but on the same account, come in at a more than reasonable price.

Quality Tier 3

Welcome to Tier 3. The traffic volumes are high here and in turn, the conversion rates are lower BUT the bidding price is as low as it gets. Play your cards right, have a good idea of what you’re looking to get out, and this tier has the potential to convert just like the others. There may just be a little more guesswork involved but it’s well worth the extra research.  

Before we delve into the benefits of Dynamic Pricing, here’s a testimonial from the folks over at Eshkol.

We’ve been working with Adcash for about 5 years and we’ve been really happy with this partnership. I call it a partnership because I have always been close to my Account Manager and every time there was a new feature coming out, we were able to test it out together and generate a nice profit on both sides of the scale. A few months ago I saw an increase in my eCPA. I was trying to optimize my campaigns but still, I was far away from my KPI’s and I shared my concerns with my Account Manager who offered me a new solution. This was when we started to use the Quality Tiers traffic tool and placed different bids according to the quality of the publishers. In the short-term, I have been able to see the increase in the performance and we have been able to bid in a more direct and accurate way since then. I have tested this tool with many campaigns and the results have been really positive so far.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the…

Benefits of Dynamic Pricing 

One of the top benefits, off the bat, is that you can choose whether to set up 3 bids per country according to traffic performance (quality tier bids) or 1 bid per country

When choosing 3 bids per country you’ll be able to bid higher for top-performing traffic segments (ie. Quality Tier 1) and lower bids for the remaining ones. Get in touch with us here and we’ll gladly take you through this unique incentive in more detail. 

Some other benefits include…

  • Firstly, you’ll never overpay for CPM campaign traffic again. You’ll always know what you’re getting and where it will take you. No one wants to burn their budget and resources on ineffective traffic. That’s why Dynamic Pricing is fast, simple, and ultra-effective.
  • You’ll be saving a whole lot of time on campaign optimization, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other elements of the advertising journey. You’ll have more time to analyze the winners, generate stunning creatives, and experiment with different formats and Geos.
  • You’ll be able to run your campaigns successfully right from day 1. The Quality Tier model sees to it that you’re always focusing on the right traffic from the moment your campaign starts to run. In turn, you’ll see the results come in quicker, allowing you to capitalize on what works whilst giving you that much-needed insight to repeat your success story again and again. 

The above benefits come as a direct result of using Quality Tiers to separate the costs of traffic according to variables like volume, conversion rates, and efficiency. 

Before we jump into some campaign optimization tips from the Adcash team themselves, let’s break into a quick case study from Radovan S, from Slovakia

“I was reached out to by my advertising manager to take part in the Quality Tier Beta test. This offer was perfect for me as I am not able to track any performance nor source ID. The pricing on the actual value of the traffic helped me gain better ROI than I did before on one price for all CPM. It was good to see that I didn’t pay that much for traffic which was worth 20 cents CPM in Slovakia.
Radovan S, Slovakia

Remember, we’re always available to help you tailor and optimize your campaign for maximum results. Reach out to us here and we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of Dynamic Pricing and secure the best traffic sources for the right price. In the meantime, we’ve put together a few tips below to help you get the most from the road ahead.

Tips from the Adcash Team.

  • Always use the zone Sub ID capping. This is ultimately the deepest you can go in terms of splitting different traffic sources. Make sure the capping feature is activated so that you don’t spend your daily/weekly/monthly budget ineffectively.
  • This tip is for when you first start out with your campaign. When going into your first campaign setup, make sure to always spread your daily budget evenly over a 24 hour period. This is very important as you’ll be able to go back and analyze which hours of the day saw your campaign performing the best.
  • Using the Quality Tier macro will allow you to receive data straight to your tracker, speed up your optimization, and know where to focus your budget.

That’s Dynamic Pricing and Quality Tier bidding in a nutshell. Think you’ve got the grounding to start earning? Sign up with Adcash today and kick your online advertising into overdrive! We’ll end off with a testimonial from Gilad M, from Macedonia 

“I am a big fan of the CPA Target model, but sometimes it just doesn’t take off or it’s a little too slow for my liking. So I tried the Beta program for the Quality Tiers and it helped me to up my game in countries where I struggled with my brand’s campaigns. Finally, I was able to get a competitive edge, which I saw straight away from the performance generated on each Quality Tier. Quality Tier 3 for instance, had much higher volumes, but I didn’t overpay for it and still managed to get a good ROI. Quality Tier 1 though is pricey at first glance. I suggest you try it but keep a good eye on it. Also, use the macro to get the Quality Tier info to your tracker.”
By Gilad M. Macedonia.

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Win with Dynamic Pricing and Adcash

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Walk into the age of Dynamic Pricing confidently. Get the returns you deserve and eliminate the guesswork while you’re at it. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and ready to run. All the best in your online advertising and see you on the other side of awesome!!

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